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  1. If coming into NJ/PA on Delaware river, you have a variety of options. There are boy scout camps (Kittattiny and Yard's Creek of the Central NJ council) along the route. The distance tween the two is about 20 - 21 miles. For trips on the delaware river, contact Kittattiny Canoe, who help out with scout groups sojourning down the river. Further trips: Camping is relatively easy above the water gap, gets scarce below the gap, non existant through central nj part of the river... except for treasure island (Philadephia Council) located about 3 miles south of the Frenchtown Bridge. Treasure Island
  2. Cave wrote: "We are trying to encourage our scouts to earn the money to pay there own way through fund raisers. Doesn't it seem contradictory for adults to have there fees covered by the troop." Do you not think that it would be an important development in character for a scout to understand that not only is he helping his own effort, but also helping the adults who give so much time to allow them to have these opportunities What about adding to the job description of the SM. No where does it state that the SM biggest requirement should be his wallet and is that the main basis of a w
  3. I had an interesting bit of conversation directed at me from a committee member after i suggested that the troop help offset attendance and/or travel costs for troop outings. The committee member told me that scouting was my hobby and as such, that I should shoulder all costs involved, much the way a race fan supports his passion by buying all that stuff like shirts, decals, fan entry fees to racing (I am guessing this is a bit of money, but I have no idea as I do not know anything about car racing) Now I have never view scouting as a hobby. rather i have viewed as a program that hel
  4. I will (hopefully) have a 13 year old eagle scout. My role as SM is to help him develop and demonstrate his character to himself, the patrol, the troop and most importantly the adults. History. this boy, after attending his first tiger meeting stated he wanted to become an eagle scout immediately. His determination is awe inspiring, but leads to many learning opportunities as a boy scout, especially his temper. He is not the best communicator. I believe his brain works faster than everything else. So instead of the SPL "testing" him as a Patrol Leader, where he would be destined to fail
  5. As for what a picture is worth... in my son's scoutbook, the lashing picture shows the impossible, there is no hitch to hold the lashing together on the shear lashing picture. If it is true that the book is designed for mostly up to first class, then we are cheating the kids and this will cause me to come up with another reason for emphasizing the book. I used to tell the scouts that this is the book with all the info to become an eagle scout. Infact, I would not only add back in the pages, but would include the PL book section also to serve as a goal/reminder to all scouts the respo
  6. Guess I should at least make the appearance of reading the post. I apologize for the confusion. Concerning Advanced Leadership techniques, mostly for Round table, but applicable to commissioners. What trait/technique would you recommend to share with leaders. (Looking for specific examples, not the four different styles of leadership here)
  7. I have an older syllabus covering this topic, which I am presenting at an upcoming Univ. of Scouting but I would welcome your thoughts on this. What things would you suggest as being "Advanced" leadership. I only have 40 minutes, so on paper goes the many different ways of: recruiting staff, organization, jobs and communication, as well as quality displays, varying presentation techniques.etc. What aspects/traits of a good leader, either yourself or one you admire, are things to be emulated. Tx in Advance J Used to be an owl
  8. Rooster I feel a kindred spirit on this issue. Too often, I have seen good intentions implemeted wrongly. I.E. an adult patrol, set up for a good example, telling the young scout, almost with glee, no you cannot share, this is the adult patrol's meal. Instead of taking the time to develop a working relationship, an opportunity to teach, the effort has been sidetracked into a wrongheaded display. As for religion, and the diversity of religion, I agree that it is insulting to tuck away the way I pray so as not insult someone. To resolve this dilema, I encourage and promote different pra
  9. Its on the front page, on the left hand side, right below mission statement of the BSA and above FACTs and Statements. Click on the button and and follow the bouncing ball...
  10. In Jersey here (with a little part of this whiny state below the Mason Dixon Line) Coffee, either light and sweet(kids), regular(young adults) or black (adults) and coffee is not just a breakfast drink, its an all day thing and it comes in 16 oz or 20 oz. Oh, and it comes with milk not cream (Never can get my coffee right below the mason dixon line, its always with cream, ugh) Pork Roll, also called Jersey's finest Taylor Ham, with and egg and cheese on a hard roll with salt, pepper and ketchup (DS, if you thought you had fumigation problems with your menu, look out) Breakfast most opted
  11. Money is the root of all evil... so I always included a break down of money in (reg. fees) and money out (awards, Blue and Gold, trips, pack expenses) and emphasized the need to sell popcorn so that we only needed on fundraiser. Include explanations of Nat. membership & boys life costs.
  12. KISMIF - Keep it simple, make it fun! A 20-30 page document will only serve to keep folks away. At www.usscouts.org there is a page with hints and tips for new leaders, that essentially is what BW and the rest are saying. Send home the tip sheet, set up a time to watch Fast Start (available from District Training Chair or D.E. ) with your new leaders. Get them to RT and to Training. Most folks will read the boys handbook to devise meetings. Suggestions for them, local trips. I point out that den trips are a great chance for us adults to go places we always wondered about (Inside of the
  13. Tackle it head on. Recognize the importance of the other activities then spring it this way. With sports, you're on the sidelines, Music, you're writing a check and listening to practice, BUT with Scouts You are involved with your son. Your participation is up to you, but you will be involved, your entire family can be involved. What may seem like regimented chaos is in fact a busy, hands on fun activity that will leave more of a mark on your son than all the other. Don't you want your son to be able to make moral and ethical decisions? Don't you want your son to learn team work, leadership?
  14. I think everyone missed an obvious training for youth, council JLT we also participate in a a six council commissioner college, pow wow, as well as powder horn. There is also outdoor webelos leader training. I'd like to take this change topromote Round Table...where the serious stuff takes place (Like Fun , development of group resource, etc)
  15. So how about I refer to the troop as.... my neighbors aunt daugters son whose dog runs in my cousins yard with my kid belongs to a troop.... Seriously, I can see BW point, but disagree that saying "my troop" denotes so negative or causal relations. If you truly try to live up the oath and law, the possessiveness tendancies should not be tied into your venacular nor your behavior. I always tell the trainees at training Try not to be subjugated to ubiquitious displays of esoteric parlance And splitting hairs on semantics, though some say a waste of time, have been humorously full fill
  16. It really is hard to judge a book by its cover. I once heard a fellow scouter describe his son's eagle project. He simply stated that he ran a variety show for seniors at large senior home in his town. My first impression was... a campfire???? Turns out he involved not just scouts from his troop, but the thespian group from H.S., got a couple of costume and set designers from NYC to contribute as well a an audio system so the seniors could hear what was going on. He also spent time finding out the likes dislikes of thegroup (seniors) to provide a fitting program. So How did I find that out
  17. What seems like many years ago to me, I too was in your situation. I just announced that this is what we would be doing at pack night. The biggest hurdle is the parents, but they too will come around. I would suggest you and a couple of adults doing a skit at the first meeting. I would further suggest that this is the last skit you do for the year. Why, so the boys can go and do their thing and not be in competition w/adults. Need skits, go to www.macscouter.com and follow skit links. check out baloo at usscouts.org As for songs, i couldn't carry a tune in a bucket, but that hasn't stopped
  18. Laurie identifying the untrained is the first step. Your district has a training chair, ask your D.E. for their name and see if you can set up a "pack" training event. I also suggest round table, where you are given the will to do and the skill to do, plus loads of information on district/council events like camporees, cub o ramas, etc. I also would council you to get some more help on board, in addition to you and the CC, to help implement the program. (An advancement person, a treasurer and a secretary would be a nice start). The information of registered scouts can be gotten from yo
  19. Rudd Baron - forgive the non horse folks, as they might not quite get it when it comes to horsemanship.... As for a patch or an award, I would suggest reaching out to the United States Pony Club and see if they would sponsor a cross program patch. This org. empasizes many of the same principles as scouting, but it is applied to horsemanship. It is a global enterprise and quite large in the U.S. They emphasize: Horsemanagement, riding ability, competition in: Dressage, show jumping, combined training, games, polocross. They also run a program, tetrathalon, which is composed of horsemanagement
  20. Forget the money. I have done this in the past for thanks at cub resident camps> Once, staff was having a b-day party for camp director, Myself and about 8 other leaders picked up the tab for the pizza. Every year, I make dinner and dessert on the fire and invite those folks who are helping the boys. (Tends to be the Counselors who run the Dan Beard or Brown sea island program) This also allows the new scouts to "thank the counsler. At day Camp: Though I have never had a den chief at resident camp so the thought never arouse. If you feel that you should give something, how about
  21. Can't believe Chinatown and whats left of Little Italy where not mentioned. Also: South St. Sea port (I think very touristy, but it is right near the Staten island ferry debarkment center). Check with someone who knows, or consult "fodors' etc for places to eat. If you wait until you are hungry you will pay. If a place is highly recommended, don't be put of by appearances. Some of the best meals I have had are in places I would have walked by if not recommended and some of theworst meals I have had are ones at the "glitzy or stylish" restaurants. (Unless you like paying $12 for a burger fo
  22. Actually, starting now, Webelos are not to camp with a troop at CAMPOREES, rather they are only invited to visit for the day. http://www.scouting.org/boyscouts/resources/18-260/index.html click on the html or the pdf version and you will see it clearly stated. I was told at Philmont that the reason for this was to spur councils to develop a cub scout camping program, that there where too many instances of relying on camporees for the cub scouting program. Webelos are encouraged to go camping with a troop still, just not at a camporee. I am sure this just will stir up the issue, but I am
  23. i'm surprised no one has mentioned their valet...
  24. Eammon At PTC, the national staff while presenting the promotion part of cub scout round table, had as there number three point: Go out and visit the units that are not coming to RT! It was in black and white and the idea is to bring RT on the road to a troubled unit or a unit that has a gate keeper. There might not be a reason for a boy scout round table commissioner to visit, but National has said it is entirely appropriate for a CSRTC to go out and meet and greet and bring the program.
  25. Just got back from Philmont and I just gotta say....Go if you can!!! It was a truly outstanding week, from the first view of the tooth of time to the closing campfire, the program was outstanding. I met and made friends with fellow scouters from coast to coast and even Hawaii. It will take me a month to go over and process all the great information and program ideas that I am taking back with me. My son and daughter who accompanied me both said this week was better than the vacation at disneyworld. One thing that is momentous for the kids is the environment where they can be as free as the a
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