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  1. I have CSPs, activity patches from various different events to trade. They are from numerous districts. I will trade 2 different of mine for 2 of the same of yours, as I am collecting for a friend also. My email is tjo@potlatch.com.
  2. I have Inland Northwest Council, 1 Grand Columbia, 1 Philadephia, 1 Blackhawk, and a few Cascade Pacific for trade.
  3. I am very interested in trading with anyone. I am from Inland Northwest Council. I have some OA flaps, and CSPs from other councils to trade.
  4. Just to let you know that when the boys are in the activity or class B as we call it, they do use the hand over heart.
  5. What confuses me is that some say that the activity shirt could be considered a uniform, and others say it is not. So what do I tell the boys?
  6. This was a sreious question, and this is not a post where people should make rude comments about others. The subject of the flag should not be taken lightly. I would appreciate it if you would use another topic to post on a subject other than this one. And I am still confused.
  7. This ? came up, and I was not sure of the answer. If you are wearing a class B shirt, do use hand over heart or scout salute?
  8. I trade all patches-activity, OA, CSPs, camp, anything scoting. I started because there are some great ones out there. I get a lot of them off ebay, and go to patch trading sites.
  9. I am very interested in trading. Since the private messages don't seem to be going through, you can email me at tjo@potlatch.com. I have CSPs, OA flaps, and lots of activity patches to trade.
  10. Has anyone heard when private messages will be up and in use again? And the email notifications?
  11. HawaiiMom, i have sent you some private messages, have you recieved them?
  12. I have CSPs from Inland Northwest Council, also many activity patches to trade.I would trade 2 different ones of mine for 2 of the same of yours.
  13. I like to trade patches, anything from OA, CSPs, and activity patches. I have some extra CSPs from different councils to trade.
  14. I get my beads on the 27th. Had my ticket finished in January. There will be 4 of us getting them. WE-611-03 A fox for always
  15. Our troop goes out of council every other year. A lot of the boys enjoy going to different camps. It kind of breaks the same old routine. They also get to travel to some of the surrounding states, which is something some of them have not done before. Some of the other camps offer merit badges that would be hard to do here at our "home" camp. One of the reasons we go elsewhere is the camp is only 20 miles away, and the boys spend quite a bit of time here. One of the camps that we are looking at to go next year offers oceanography. That would be harder to earn here in landlocked Idaho.
  16. Happy eating to all. As we all sit and tell our selves tomorrow(once again) I shouldn't have had that 5th piece of pie, we can say Thank you to God for all that we have, and that the scouting program is such a good one for the boys. God Bless everyone here and their familys. May you carry on in the best of health and happiness.
  17. You bring up an excellent point Gidget.That is something that I had not thought of. I will get together with the DE and District Commissioner and discuss it with them. I know that the pack my son was in has 2 leaders, the CM, ACM, and the CC. Even if all of them came to r/t, it would not count in the #s as much as a pack with the 5 leaders that a pack needs. Thanks for bringing it to my attention.
  18. I thought about posting this in the cub scout category, but would like to get as many suggestions as possible. I am the Cub Roundtable commissioner. I am planning on giving the pack that has had the best attendence at r/t a gift next May. I am keeping track of those who attend and what unit they are from. My question is what would be a good gift to give to the pack that was best represented at r/t?
  19. Our council serves over 13,600 youth. It has 12 districts in it, 3 scout camps,and 3 scout shops.Our district has 64 units in it. Our SE is available for any questions that may arise. The council covers a large geographical area. Our district covers 2 counties and a couple of small towns(pop. about 100-150)in a third county.
  20. I am interested in trading with you. I have Inland Northwest Council from Wa/Id and also have Northwest Suburban Council from Ill.
  21. The school night for my pack was disappointing. Mostly thanks to the CC. She did not get the flyers sent home with the boys,(she has had them for 2 weeks), so we only had 3 new boys sign up. I talked to our DE and he said that for the pack meeting in Oct. he will take care of the promotion, so hopefully we will get more next month.I wish we could get a new CC, but do not see that happening. She just doesn't really want the job, but doesn't want anyone else to have it either.It frustrates me to no end.
  22. Our troop does 2 merit badges a year during meetings. One is the first aid, as our district has a first aid meet every March. So this one is pretty much for the new scouts to earn. All the boys do a review on it in preparation for the meet. They do one of the citizenship ones in the fall.All other merit badges are to be be earned either at camp or at the pace the boys want to earn them. At camp we only encourage the boys to take 2 or 3.
  23. for Dutch Oven cooking. I am fairly new to DO cooking and would like some good recipes. If you have any, I would appreciate it if you would share.
  24. I am registered as a committee member with the troop. I am also on the district training staff, the roundtable staff(although they are trying to get me to be Cub Roundtable Commissioner), the District committee, am a unit commissioner. My main title is UC. I like being at the district level. They appreciate me and what I do. You can go to the unit meetings, and all the events that come under scouting. I encourage you to stay with your unit, but also get involved at the district level. You can learn more,and will have more friends that can help in whatever you have a need for. Being at a district level does generally involve more meetings to attend, but it is well worth it. I enjoy the whole experience.
  25. I have OA flaps from #311 ESKAIELGU to trade. If you are interested, let me know.
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