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Neckerchief slides

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I can't find my copy of the uniform guide so couldn't answer this. I had a parent ask me if the homemade slides were official for Cub Scout neckerchief wear. I seem to remember that they are, but I can't find the reference. Does anyone know this? (not that it really matters in the end, but I wondered what the official word is)

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About a month before pinewood derby, I went to the dollar store and bought a jumbo pack of matchbox size cars. 6-10 cars for a buck. Took them to the next den meeting with some goopy craft glue and some 1/2 inch pvc pipe couplings. The lads choose the car and glued a pvc coupling on.


Now they had a theme based neckerchief slide to wear to the derby or next serval meetings. Years later, one the those cub scouts still wears his as a Star scout.


Went to the local Tandy Leather shop and bought a multipack of leather neckerchief slide blanks. Went to the scout shop and bought the various den logo stamps. The lads stamped the Bear logo in the middle, the word PACK across the top and the pack number across the bottom. Down the side they stamped their name and the other side the year. I purchased the 1/4 inch letter and number set for about $30. Lace them up with leather thong and they have a dated sovenier and practical neckercheif slide.


I carved about 2 dozen wooden slides while den leader. I wanted to change the discussion from: Do I have to wear my neckerchief? to Which slide I am going to wear? Almost worked. Still got grief from the boy but he has never worn the standard metal thing from the scout store in 7-8 years. We don't even own one.


I have carved over 4 dozen slides. His favorite is made from eastern red cedar. The core of the tree is red while the outer layer is white. I carved away the white leaving a fluer de lis in white over a red background. Coat or two of poly and is good to go.


For cubs, go to the local 1 hour photo mat can ask them to save film cannisters for you. They make great little kits. Cubs have fun filling with 1st aid, fire starter, wilderness survival, etc.

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Our troop has long used a bull or buffalo neckerchief slide (plastic, but nice) as a way of reqarding the Patrol cook who cooked the best dinner on a camp out. However, stock is running out. I have searched the net to find anyone who has any cool slides that are under $8 or less but have come up empty.


Does anyone have any links to sites that sell (preferably in bulk) any neckerchief slides?

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Why look for ready made necker slides when you can make your own?


Get a stamp of your favorite cow type, and use it on your preferred material to create your own slides.


You can get leather shapes online ( http://www.ssww.com/search/?v=leather%20shapes&ac_flag=1 ), a steer head leather stamp ( http://www.bonanza.com/listings/Leatherworking-Stamp-Handle8200-Steer-Stamp8226-Craftool-Co-/40698000 ). Punch a few holes, add some cording, and you have a real nifty slide.


If you want to go cheaper still - get a rubber stamp ( http://rubberhedgehog.com/Cattle-Rubber-Stamps.htm ), use a permanent ink pad, and a strip of felt, or cheap fabric, that you can tie in the back, or even a slice of a tree limb with a slice of plastic tubing, or a circle of speaker wire, hot glued to the back. Or, just use a slice of PVC and stamp one side.

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Dollar store Christmas ornaments, a glue gun and PVC pipe....


I love the boy made slides - especially when they wear more than one at a time!


We used to have the kids sand the edges of the PVC smooth while we read them something or held group discussion - it gave them something to do with their hands And they fidgeted less.

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I prefer the flexible clear hosing you can get at home depot. A roll lasts forever, sections store easier than stips of pvc, they are soft so when kids are playing and land on the neckerchief it doesn't hurt their neck. we have some sea shells from the dollar store we glued to the hose almost 8 years ago and I wish I could remember what kind of glue I used cause that has lasted forever.


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I wanted to circle cback to this thread to answer my own question. I appreciate the suggestions on making our own slides, but to make 12 slides by hand that would be of "interest" from boys 11 to 17 I wanted to go with something pre-made.


I did find these two companies who would custom make neckerchief slides for upwards of $3.50 each for an order of 50. The BSA website actually had a list of licensees who noted in their profile they do slides. Took a while to find but it was there.






Instead of spending $200 on slides for our "Cooking Award" I went DID go with the homemade approach which was cheaper and easier. But instead of doing a slide we are doing a temp award that can be worn on the right pocket. It's a leather BSA logo they sell at the Scout shop, stamped with the date of the camp out and the words "Troop Top Chef". I suddenedly recalled my Leatherworking MB skills and broke down and bought a stamp kit. Less than an hour (and less than $50 later) I have all 12 awards done and dusted. ;-)


Thanks for the ideas. Hopefully the links will help someone else looking for custom neckerchief slides.

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