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    Neckerchief slides

    I can't find my copy of the uniform guide so couldn't answer this. I had a parent ask me if the homemade slides were official for Cub Scout neckerchief wear. I seem to remember that they are, but I can't find the reference. Does anyone know this? (not that it really matters in the end, but I wondered what the official word is)
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    Philmont Arrow as Adult

    It's allowed....You paid for it with dollars....You paid for it with sweat and maybe blood...You earned it...It promotes Philmont High Adventure....Wear it with pride!
  3. Pack212Scouter

    Who decides equipment to buy?

    My view is a little different than the others here. First of all, I see a lot of "it's their money." Well, true, they may have worked to earn it, but by the book, at that point it belongs to the charter organization. Anyway, continueing on...When your talking about major purchases, this isn't something that you give to the youth and let them go. How many youth really make good, thought out decisions about things that may not involve them in a few years without outside input. The PLC should definitely be involved, but the SM should be guiding this discussion if it goes awry. In some cases, the funds may be the result of a major fundraiser, and the Troop may not get such community support for a few years. Now the purchase is affecting Scouts who are not even members of the Troop yet. Additionally, the Committee has final say on what funds are spent on.
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    Northern Tier Brand

    When we were at Atikokan, this summer theirs was broken. It is a serifed capital X, but I am thinking that there was something else with it. I may be mistaken.
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    Not sure if you meant to imply that neckers are restricted to BSA neckers, they are not. I think you meant that neckers are allowed to be troop chosen and epaulettes are not, which is correct.
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    Is the uniform optional?

    Well, alot of people will answer this different ways. Many will say that a uniform is not required to participate in Scouting, and this is true. The uniform however is one of the methods of Scouting and as such should be encouraged and used when appropriate. I will refer you to the BSA page on Cub Scout uniforming. You will notice that nowhere does it say that the uniform is required, but it does say that proper uniform wear should be encouraged and the uniform should be worn when appropriate. Although the economy has caused some cut backs, many councils, as well as many units will offer either financial assistance for someone to buy one or provide a uniform. http://www.scouting.org/scoutsource/CubScouts/Parents/Awards/Parents.aspx
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    BWCAW group size

    We just returned from the NT Atikokan base. We took two crews of 8 plus interpreter. Two different entry points, the same exit. Only saw each other at the last portage out. I'll have to say I think it was a better experience for the youth than two groups travelling more or less together and even swaping out people. Each crew got to enjoy more solitude. Each crew got to truely integrate and become a single team. I'm not saying that the other doesn't work, but after experiencing larger groups, I liked seeing the results of a small group size.
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    Northern Tier T-4 Days

    Got back a week ago. What a great trip. The girls totally amaized me with their ability, determination, willingness to do what needed to be done, and great attitude. We had two crews that each did 65+ miles with 15 portages over six days on water. Some very hard portage trails, but they single portaged every time until three minor injuries halfway through the fifth day (a strained back, a pulled shoulder, and a spraigned ankle). Even with the injuries they stepped up and did what had to be done without complaining and with a upbeat attitude, even the injured ones. Definitely worth the journey. Our Interpreter had been disapointed with her previous Boy Scout crews and their unwillingness to do camp duties, to sump meals, etc. I can say that every person on our crew did not slack and took their turn in every duty. Northern Tier is definitely hard core with 90 pound packs and unless an injury is life threatening, your crew just sucks it up and continues on with the injured party. There is no drop off for a ride back to base. My advice to anyone going...go to Don Rogert base in Atikokan, ONT, and go south into Quetico. Every crew I talk to from the Boundry Waters says they run into people all the time. The crews that came back in from Crown Lands said that there were power boats and houses everywhere. Quetico is more rugged and we only saw eight people total (two groups) the enitire time we were there!
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    Northern Tier T-4 Days

    My daughter's Venturing Crew departs for Northern Tier in four days! She and I are both looking forward to it. We're sending two full all girl crews to Atikokan for a 7 day trip.
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    Swim Test & Merit Badges

    According to G2SS, Swim tests must be administered annually do do either swimming or boating. As far as the merit badge requirements go, proof of completing said swim test, either by demonstration or by certification by a SM or certified lifeguard is sufficient for the requirement. This being said, it is up to the merit badge counselor if he/she feels comfortable with this Scout in the water. The MB Counselor is responsible for the Scout's safety and therefor if they feel that they should do a swim test on every applicant prior to instruction, that is up to them. It is not adding to the requirements.
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    Online tour plans

    There is an issue with the current online tour plan and this. Current requirements remain the same. Swimming and Boating - safe swim or safty afloat, CPR/AED is required for boating Climbing/Rappelling - Climb on Safely, CPR/AED All Tours - Weather Hazards required. Trek Safely, First Aid recommended Backcountry - Wilderness First Aid recommended Shooting Sports - NRA Range Safty Officer AND NRA/USA Shoting/CMP instructor or coach. Youth Protection is a requirement for all registered leaders now anyway, so it should not be an issue.
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    Online tour plans

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    Online tour plans

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    Domestic problems

    He is what I gathered from it. - Gear not accounted for has been a continuing problem in the Troop - Outside of gear confiscation, nothing much else has been done? I assume your the SM? What I think needs to happen is the SM and the SPL need to sit down and discuss the issue. The SPL & Quartermaster need to come up with a solution to the problem and implement it with the SM's support. This solution should include methods for prevention (ie, a regular after meeting/outing cleanup or an assigned service patrol that is responsible for the end of the outting/meeting cleanup); established expectations (ie, don't get in other patrol boxes, cleanup and replace what you use, etc); established concequences (ie, loss of item for an outing, service patrol duty, or some other). From the sounds of it, nothing specific has been established, as a result, noone feels responsibility. It also sounds as if the offending Scout was notified and chose not to follow directions from the SPL. This should be dealt with. Additionally, it doesn't sound like either of the other two patrols had responsibility in this situation, unless they left knowing that the gear would not be cleaned and returned.
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    Online tour plans

    Yea, it does! It just takes 30 seconds to load!
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    Online tour plans

    That's what I've been doing as well. With the new online permit though, that is not an option. It requires you to designate drivers and key in vehicle info for each permit.
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    Troup Guide

    Troop Guide is and isn't the same as an Instructor. It encompases the same things as Instructor, but is more. From the BSA Troop Leadership Training... TROOP GUIDE Introduces new Scouts to troop operations. Guides new Scouts from harassment by older Scouts. Helps new Scouts earn First Class rank in their first year. Teaches basic Scout skills. Coaches the patrol leader of the new-Scout patrol on his duties. Works with the patrol leader at patrol leaders council meetings. Attends patrol leaders council meetings with the patrol leader of the new-Scout patrol. Assists the assistant Scoutmaster with training. Counsels individuals Scouts on Scouting challenges. Sets a good example. Enthusiastically and correctly wears the Scout uniform (all four parts). Lives by the Scout Oath and Law. Shows Scout spirit INSTRUCTOR Teaches basic Scouting skills in a troop/team and patrols/squads. Schedule/Coordinate Merit Badge Counselor(s) for troop/scout instruction. Sets a good example. Enthusiastically and correctly wears the Scout uniform (all four parts). Lives by the Scout Oath and Law. Shows Scout spirit Also worth noting is that according to the training, a Troop Guide is selected by the SM and reports to either the SM or the ASM in charge of new Scouts. The Instructor is selected by the SPL and reports to the SPL/ASPL.
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    Online tour plans

    I wish it would remember car make/model/year associated with each leader!
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    When is last date to work on Wolf electives?

    This is one of those grey areas since it is a grade based advancement. Our Pack, and most other Packs advance the boys to the next rank at the end of the school year (actually at the awards banquet in April. After this they can work on the next rank as out grade year is complete). Some Packs advance at the beginning of the school year. Nationals advances all boys on June 1, although council will usually accept advancement items after that. As far as Resident Camp is concerned, they are the next rank before they go to camp. What I did as Cubmaster is on the rare instances that the boy had just a few items left, I let them finish them over the summer. It's all a judgement call...do what's best for the boy!
  20. Pack212Scouter

    Troup Guide

    Our Troop has a Troop Guide for each incoming patrol of new Scouts. He serves as PL for the fist two months until elections and then as a patrol advisor and trainer for the rest of the first year. This Scout is Star or above.
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    iPods and the "Real" Patrol Method

    My 2 cents..... Electronic entertainment reduces the Patrol experience. Rather than relating to each other verbally, or interacting with each other, it put's the Scout (or Scouter) into their own little world. Scouting is meant to be a group experience. Electronic entertainment, especially earbuds, reduces the nature experience. You lose the ability to become one with nature. To experience it. Noise in the ears means that you are ignorant of noise in the environment. Electronic entertainment, especially earbuds, reduces the safety of the group. It reduces the ability, usually drastically, to hear warnings about trail hazards, wildlife, etc. Scouting is about managed risk. This reduces risk management. When in small groups, electronic entertainment, especially earbuds, tend to make one not take advantage of opportunities of silence and communing with nature and God. Finally, it is good for our youth to learn (at least once a month) that they can live without electronics and an iPod. To practice interpersonal skills and self-reflection.(This message has been edited by pack212scouter)(This message has been edited by pack212scouter)
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    Where can I buy khaki velcro?

    I just got some from Wal-Mart in their sewing section a few months ago.
  23. Pack212Scouter

    Troop Attendance

    Hi, and welcome to Troop life! To answer your question, I've heard Troops reporting anywhere from 10%-100%. Our Troop averages 30%-60% depending on the outing and the time of year. The reasons for the variation are manyfold. Low attendance can be the result of sports (ie, football season in a community that really loves football), lack of youth interest in the Troop (usually a result of poor youth leader training or maybe an adult run Troop with adults that don't have a clue), poor communication (are the youth getting the outing info to the parents), lack of interest in the outing (are the youth the ones planning the outings?), and cost of the outing (ie, a weekend skiing out of state). There are of course other reasons, but those are often the culperates.
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    Patrol Cooking VS Buddy Cooking

    When we backpack, we still patrol cook. A patrol takes out two backpacking stoves and two fuel bottles (one primary, one backup) and a 4 quart pot with a lid. Split it up between 5 Scouts in the patrol. If they are doing dehydrated meals, each Scout packs his own. If they are one pot cooking, the remaining patrol members split the food load.
  25. Someone else bringing up the shelters reminded me. It is courtesy for groups to leave the shelters to though and section hikers. Bring your own tents, most shelter areas have room for tents. The other hikers will appreciate it and most of the shelters are mouse infested anyway!