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  1. http://www.ammoland.com/2012/06/26/is-obama-creating-a-pro-gay-boy-scouts-of-america/#axzz1yvkPR7h2 Interesting vocal article from Mr. Norris.
  2. Did anyone notice on the scoutstuff.org site that the Blazers (and matching pants/skirts) are back? Im sure the professionals are rejoicing
  3. I would take your son and run from this troop. The compass is definitely not pointing North in this troop and it sounds like its more than just the Scoutmaster. Have your son invite his friends to come with him.
  4. Our pack does the local community parade each year. We have a banner which the Webelos holding the banner. The kids love it. Some other cities do this as well they tend to put the Scouts at the front of the parade. Our parade tends to put us fairly far back in the parade.
  5. I've seen both ends of this from the District/council end and the unit end. Why is it the district councils responsibility to spoon feed information to people. I think Unit leaders need to be a bit more plugged in and seek out information (ex through forums like these) Rather than depending on a beauracracy that is often 10 years behind the curve on technology. I think alot of unit leaders just tend to stick their heads in the sand, do not Participate in discourse Untill it directly impacts them then complain about the change before It's fully understood what it's about.
  6. Don't get used to them. I hear they are going away.
  7. Advancement is like a suntan - something you get naturally whilst having fun in the outdoors." - Lord Baden-Powell
  8. We have co-oped the Spruce green shirts for our Campmaster program and I'll definitely be eyeballing this shirt as an alternative especially with summer just around the corner.
  9. Nooooooooooooooooo!!!!! *runs off to his local scout shop to stock up*
  10. Bylaws are unesessary. Just follow the policies and guidelines of the BSA.
  11. I am sort of scratching my head on this one, but with the celebration of the 100th year of Scouting in America and all the print on the various key players in the early founding of Scouting including Boyce. Why is Frederick Burnham hardly ever mentioned? Hardly anyone seems to know about him but he had a fair hand in what Scouting became. Fascinating individual from what I've read. For those who have no clue who I'm talking about you can read about him at http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Frederick_Russell_Burnham
  12. Well after tonights pack meeting it was Discovered that our packs Flagpoles are pretty much shot. IE the brass joiner of the two sections are stripped and pretty much useless. I was just wondering if people out there knew of a better solution than perhaps the poles that BSA supply have? From what I have heard the stripping and seperation of the hardware is a common problem. We are a fairly mobile pack so we are constantly taking our poles apart and stowing them. Thank you
  13. Slightly on topic but curious for my own edification. Can an Atheist who recognizes a duty to God be a Scout/Scouter?
  14. Umm Who actually maintains the server, and uhh is scouter.com going to go poof one day?
  15. Mark ""Again, I do not want to rush it as I want it to be for the benefit of the scouts, not me."" If you learn and become a better leader for it, then the scouts benefit because of it. The program has pretty much all levels of scouting and there is something that can be learned and garnered on all levels, whether your a den leader, District leader, Professional whatever. The concepts translate across the board.
  16. The sooner the better. Woodbadge gives you an overall view of the entire process of scouting and where the progression will lead you. Sometimes when we are at a single level of scouting say tigers we get a bit focused on our level without taking in the bigger picture. Highly recommend. MJ I uses to be a Bear
  17. BklynEagle I am very much sure that this is indeed the Campaign Hat. I have the Expedition hat as well so I know the difference. On the leather sweat band it Says John B. Stetson Company and came in the very big Stetson box that they ship all their hats in. (Cowboy ect) It's weird there was the other one which I looked at first which did not fit (wrong size) my supply friend brought them down in the box individually as they only have the tiny size 7 one on display., It came in a different plain non Stetson box and seemed just well different, dare I say not as nice. Though admittedl
  18. I haven't forgotten the rain cover, though it does not rain much here in California. So It can wait a little while. The thought of shrink wrapping it had crossed my mind. (This message has been edited by Dimemaker)
  19. I was just thinking when I posted prior "Now the circle is complete.". >
  20. (Sorry for resurrecting a dead thread) Relevant yes. I just purchased my first! I remember fondly my Scoutmaster wearing one many years ago along with the Red Jacket. Even though not many wore these even back then it just fit somehow. At the scout shop last week on a lark I inquired if my possible size was in stock and I found out it was. First hat was in a plain white box which did not fit. Second box was the *Stetson* box and as soon as I tried it I knew i was walking out with it. Fit like a glove. Now it's sitting in the box awaiting the arrival of a hat press
  21. I'm having a devil of a time finding a counselor for BSA lifeguard (Wood Badge Ticket) the guide to safe scouting recommends that each unit have someone trained in BSA lifeguard. Is this new certification meant to replace the recommendation for BSA Lifeguard at the Unit level? I'd like to be able to read up on some of these changes as I have not seen it published yet. People are quoting stuff which is all fine and good but it does me little good if there is no accompanying documentation to back it up. Thank you.
  22. Have these changes been published anywhere?
  23. Has anyone heard of BSA lifeguard being replaced with Swimming and Water Rescue Course (Formerly BSA Lifeguard)? This is the first time I had heard of this. Info I found on this course BSA Aquatics Supervison: Swimming and Water Rescue Course: New for 2010. This course replaces BSA Lifeguard for Unit swimming activities. This is NOT a Merit Badge, it is intended to train lifeguards for individual Unit swimming activities. 8 hours of course work, double session afternoon, Periods 3 and 4, Monday through Thursday. Valid for 3 years from date of completion. Limited to
  24. Our district in the process of reorganizing and revitalizing our Round Table. (Ineffective Round Tables are a common thread I have been reading on here so sorry if I'm beating a dead horse) Since I'm not able to attend 20 different round tables in the area, I thought I would turn to you all and get an idea of a typical night in the life of a Round Table goes. Schedule and timing wise from start to finish. What works, what does not. Ill give our current iteration as an example (which I do not think is effective.) We have had usually an pre-opening period where attendees can
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