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  1. I want to thank you all for your 2-cents (opinions)...BUT...I did not ask for your opinions (we all have them), but just asked for those who do have by-laws, that I might be able to review them/get a copy of them. Thank you again for those who helped me in this area.
  2. As a fairly new Cub Scout Pack (Unit), I am seeking copies of various Cub Scout Pack By-laws in which to give ideas to be able to produce for our unit. Any help it truly appreciated.
  3. I've noticed on Scoutstuff.org the Boy Scout/Leader Polyester-Wool Leader's Shirt ($39.99 for short-sleave & $49.99 for long-sleeve), as well as the Polyester-Wool Uniform Pants ($54.99). The shirts somewhat resemble the pre-centennial uniform shirts and the pants resemble my old military serive pants. and DRY CLEAN ONLY!!! Is this a new uniform after the 100 yr celebration (the centennial uniforms going away)? Or what? Thanks and look forward to all the comments.
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