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  1. Thought I would give a quick update on the camping situation. Since my last post (in February) the troop has gone camping one time and attended summer camp. A second scheduled camping trip was cancelled. Summer camp was very successful with a large number of boys attending. The Scoutmaster did not attend summer camp but we had more than enough leaders/adults for the number of scouts who went. I'm not sure why the other regular trips are cancelled for wet weather when it appears we have enough leaders to function on a camping trip without the SM having to attend. I did come across
  2. Thanks for all the responses everyone. Some very good questions and suggestions. I did a bit of asking around and, unfortunately, it looks like the reason for the day trips may be the weather. Specifically he does not like camping in the rain. There is rain in the forecast for our Klondike this weekend (raining now actually) so that fits. best I can remember there was in rain during previous outing weekends. Again, this isn't the official answer from leadership (no real answer is given when they are asked) but it fits. I can say with confidence that the problem does not lie in t
  3. Is there any 'formal' requirement in Boy Scouts on the minimum number of overnight camping trips per year? Our troop used to have a very active outdoor program (~9-10 overnights per year). In the past year we've had a leadership change. After that change the boys haven't had a single overnight trip in the past 7 months. Several have been scheduled but a reason has always been found to turn them into 'day trips' instead of camping trips. A couple of these have been council events where our boys get to see other troops breaking out their gear and setting up camp while they are getting i
  4. Thanks for the welcome and the quick replies. Just to clarify my post: I'm not saying they're sent home to get the item they forgot and then return. I'm saying they're sent home. Goodbye. Try again next week. I'm not debating the uniform. I'm debating sending a 12 year old home crying because his socks are not BSA issue.
  5. When is too much emphasis placed on uniforms? How about this excerpt from a email my sons troop recently sent out: "Next, at this coming meeting we are going to be doing uniform inspections. If you do not have the proper uniform (this includes socks, pants, shirt, neckercheif, and slide) on you will be sent home. A Boyscout rule is being at the meeting in complete uniform." This policy has been implemented for ALL meetings. Full uniform or you go home. To me, that's too far. Sending a boy home when his is missing an element of the uniform? That is denying a boy access to sco
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