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  1. Well, a bunch of anonymous strangers on the internet won't be able to tell you exactly what happened, since we don't know what happened. But that won't stop this anonymous stranger from offering an opinion, anyway. First of all, it's not common, but there's really nothing wrong with awarding the Arrow of Light at a Boy Scout COH or Troop meeting. It's a Cub Scout award, it was ordered by the Cub Scout Pack, and it can't be earned after the boy is officially registered as a Boy Scout. But if a Pack and Troop work closely together, there's really nothing wrong with handing it out a tro
  2. Just for the record, I have no doubt that he is what he purports to be. It's understandable that he's not going to use his real name. I kind of doubt that he was a member of this forum before posting this, but if he was, it's understandable that he would sign up under a new identity. I'm glad he's sticking around, but since he is, I would appreciate if he would answer my question, as many of us answered his questions. And that question is: What exactly were you thinking for the five years between ages 13 and 18 when you held up your right hand and promised to do your "duty to God"
  3. Based upon the information provided: Answer 1: Yes. Answer 2: No. Since you are an Eagle Scout, I assume that you are Reverent. IMHO, it is possible for someone to be an atheist and still be reverent. I am reverent toward beliefs that I do not hold myself, and I assume you are the same. I am curious, though, as to how you reconcile it when you raise your right hand and say that you'll do your duty to God and country. I actually have an open mind on that subject, and that is a serious question. I do have an objection to an 18 year old leader being "openly gay". I would h
  4. >>>>does BSA have a similar program in place with awards that can be worn on their uniform?
  5. Thanks. The information I got today showed the time and location of the course, but the link showing the price was broken. So that will probably be the deciding factor.
  6. The actual memorandum, signed by Robert Mazuca, can be found at page 3 of this link: http://docs.google.com/viewer?a=v&q=cache:WoUKJJyGH38J:www.ahgonline.org/uploads/NewsletterAugust2009(1).pdf+%22memorandum+of+mutual+support%22+%22boy+scouts+of+america%22+%22american+heritage+girls%22&hl=en&gl=us&pid=bl&srcid=ADGEESg4zXvvHN1fD8A7vokqGKzz8cNSJr-bmaLPTo6G3FRRNliRxXx5NARF_fXp1IrM-ewh0FNauTo9zSnvwTYaa3F0Mv1-AoCk6d_ivMXmlIq_Gcz1NbitC4jOm9kZnKqfOo2jdxVm&sig=AHIEtbRZYY7eX8hvxKBEISfJQXv5FV8OJg After various "whereas" clauses (such as AHG being "desirous of encouragin
  7. >>>>>Basementdweller - Not a single person that I could find suggested that the Cubmaster take WFA.
  8. I'm not advocating going back to this--I'm just pointing it out as a historical curiosity. But back in my day, as far as I know, there was no requirement that the BSA couldn't be the beneficiary of an Eagle project. Quite a few projects were improvements at camp facilities, and I'm pretty sure that some of them were council camps. The new rule makes sense--it should be _public_ service, and service to other Boy Scouts isn't really public service. But I was kind of surprised when I saw that rule, because it hasn't always been that way.
  9. I looked at the link above, and I'm a little bit underwhelmed. It looks like this is the website of some entrepeneurially spirited individual(s) who had some medals manufactured, and is willing to sell them to anyone who asserts that they have met certain requirements. I have nothing against entrepenuerially spirited persons, but I'm not sure I see the point. They have nothing to do with the BSA, so the resulting medal really shouldn't be worn on the uniform. I suspect that equally handsome medals can be purchased at local trophy shops, hobby stores, etc. I really don't see ho
  10. Well, I don't know what is contained in the "memorandum of mutual support", so I'm not sure how the BSA is failing in its obligation to let people know about them. But according to the document linked above, they have "over 10,000 members". I don't know for sure whether that's adult or youth, but I suspect that's the combined number. The last I checked, the BSA membership was over 4 million, or about 400 times larger. I'm sure AHG is a fine organization, but I'm not sure exactly how BSA dropped the ball in failing to promote this tiny organization.
  11. >>>> If swimming isn't important enough to be Eagle required, no, ifs, ands, or buts about it, then why the insistence at 2nd class?
  12. >>>>get them some supplies (either new or pot/pans you are not using).. But they need to hold off until they have some place to stay..
  13. >>>>You might just need the basic First Aid course, without CPR/AED.
  14. I'm currently Tiger Leader, and it looks like I'll be Cubmaster next year. Our Pack is in a typical suburban area, and we do an average amount of outdoor activities, usually at Council facilities. Obviously, I'm in a Cub Scout pack right now, so I'm not too concerned about wilderness first aid. We also camp as a family, in established campgrounds, but in some cases the closest law enforcement or ambulance might be many minutes away. I'm not particularly concerned about what the BSA requires (although obviously, I plan to meet any minimum requirements). After all of the various threads
  15. >>>>>If you take the other scout's pen and the boy in anaphylaxis dies because he was allergic to epinepherine, "you" are the one who will be responsible for his death because you were not authorized to give the scout this prescription medication.
  16. >>>>Honestly, I almost walked out of the new scout orientation meeting given at my current pack because of fee after fee after fee being talked about.
  17. >>>would you take the pen from Tom and use it on Bill who was going into shock?
  18. >>>>Would be nice clemlaw, but their is no place for Dr to indicate Pass/fail height/weight..
  19. OK, I'm going to sound like an old crumudgeon here, but I do just want to point out that all of the hoopla surrounding Arrow of Light, "Crossing Over", etc., is a fairly recent development. I know that I received Arrow of Light in 1972, because I still have the patch. (I wore it on my Boy Scout uniform, although I don't recall if it ever actually got sewn on to my Cub Scout uniform.) But I have absolutely no recollection of the ceremony at which it was awarded. I do recall being handed a BSA membership form. But I don't remember any arrows, plaques, bridges, etc. I do distinctly
  20. >>>>>It's almost as if there are two different people who have never spoken to one another writing these documents.
  21. >>>>> I wear my old OA patch on that pocket (the unit has been merged and its an out of commission unit now anyways
  22. I found this report on the incident from the National Park Service: http://media.naplesnews.com/media/static/Park_Service_Report.pdf It's hard to read, and I think it's safe to say that some mistakes were made. It sounds like they were short on water. When other Scouts arrived at the end of the trail, they were very thirsty. (Of course, they had probably been moving pretty fast, since they were sent to get help and/or water, it looks like). Also, the Scoutmaster was reported as being very hot, thirsty, out of breath, etc., but he had been doing CPR. The hike began at "Oasis
  23. >>>>>>One of you fellow scouters might sue me if yeh dump your coffee down your pants because you're laughin' so hard around da campfire
  24. Thanks for the heads up. My son will be a Wolf next year, so I'll make sure they take care of that one early in the year. You can send the Tigers out the day before and ask them to spread litter on top of the snow. Yes, that was a joke. If you don't have any other opportunity, then I would probably send them around a semi-sheltered area, such as near a park building, a parking lot, etc., and pick up any exposed litter. If you have a park with a picnic shelter (roof, but no walls), there's probably some trash in there that's accumulated over the winter. I suspect that if you
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