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    Wrong Rank and Wrong Advancement

    There are very few Cub Packs or Boy Scout Troops where I live. My troop is the best, the other options are not a possibility. One Troop is mostly kids from a private School, and I don't want my kid to be THE PUBLIC SCHOOL KID. I remain loyal. I have learned that we are unconventional in our dress and have a Court of Honor that includes Cub awards. We let our Cubs wear green/tan instead of blue. It seems the ASM or team of Eagle Scouts most likely made a mistake in advancing my son's friend to Tenderfoot. I've learned it is none of my business. Just for fun, I'll ask Johnny when he is going to be 11, I'll let you know but I'll keep it to myself. According to his mother, he was going to be ten last summer. Thanks for all the comments. I appreciate your time.
  2. lovethescouts

    Wrong Rank and Wrong Advancement

    Thank you Clemlaw! I am now happy to sit back. I won't see the other scout for ten days or so but will just for fun now, ask him when his birthday is. Living in an inner city, scouts are practically non-existent. Our leaders might be a tad unusual but believe me they play by the books. In the meantime, I'll focus on ways to bring in funds so our kids can all participate. If anyone has any great ideas please let me know. oh, and many of our small cubs are indeed swimming in their green pants and tan shirts. lovethescouts!
  3. lovethescouts

    Wrong Rank and Wrong Advancement

    FYI, Our cubs have the option of wearing blue or green. Most choose green, not just the Webelos, it's economical. Our Webelos program was incorporated into our Scout Troop for ease. They did have different goals. Our ten year old Webelos earned AOL, except this one kid. He earned Tenderfoot and I was told he was a Boy Scout. I am wondering how he became a Scout. Either his mother lied to me about his age, she told me he would be 11 in July 2011. Or, the Troop Master, ASM or our advancement team made a mistake on his age and for some reason did not realize he was only ten. But, there is no need for me to police it. For my own edification I might recheck his age with him or his mother if I see her. Otherwise, I am just going to let it go. I had been somewhat active in the Troop but not just for my son, I hope to be a good scout parent and am learning protocol. But, I do know squeaky wheel often works, I have seen it here. My energies are better spent fund raising for our troop. I have been somewhat successful. Thanks for all the comments and direction.
  4. lovethescouts

    Wrong Rank and Wrong Advancement

    My son joined Cubs as a Webelos when he was nine. Sometimes we had a leader sometimes we did not. Like I have said, we meet in the same church basement. The little boys, Tiger and bears or whatever, meet on one side the Webelos and Big Scouts, Life's and Eagles, meet on the other. It is an open room. Our cubs do not wear blue. I know I paid the dues for Boy Scouts because I wrote my own check, I know the friend's parent paid the Cub dues because they told me. Our form says if you are a Boy Scout you pay this, if you are a Cub Scout you pay that. I did not know Webelos were Cub's why would I? I am mother, I was Girl Scout not a Boy Scout, I have a business,an elderly mother, etc. I thought the leaders lead and we would follow, so much for that. I am very happy to have found this board. Since we all meet together in one large space and the 5th grade Webelos were absorbed into the Scout Troop's meeting, I wasn't really concerned about whether my son was a Cub or a Scout just that I could not spend another year doing Arts and Crafts with 7 year olds. I do sense you think I am ignorant for not knowing what a Webelos is, sorry, I know now. I do know that it means We be Loyal Scouts. It does not mean We Be Loyal Cub Scouts. It should, now that you bring it up. On the one hand I am being told to mind my own business and on the other you are incredulous that I don't know simple scout ranks. I am learning, thank you. I am enlightened. My son has got his eyes wide open and so do I. Also, I am well aware that height has nothing to do with rank, but it might explain that someone screwed up and the kid looked the part. His parents showed up and filled out a form. When I recruited him I did not say, Hey come to the Webelos with us. I said, my son is a boy scout come to our Troop, all the way across town. We took in many cubs, webelos at once. Someone balled it up, but they are the best Troop we have here and I am committed as is my son. You have explained some of the ground rules. I am not the rank police nor do I want my son to have anything he did not earn. It has just been confusing.
  5. lovethescouts

    Wrong Rank and Wrong Advancement

    This is all helpful information. The other boy did not crossover at the Court of Honor. My son did and that was one of the indications that something was not right. I simply think no one was aware that the new Scout was only ten and not 11. He is over 5 feet tall. I could see someone asking him if he was a Scout and would he would just say yes, how would he know he was a Webelos. Clearly, I am just learning that a Webelos is a cub and not a junior scout. Too bad, I paid the scout dues, and the other kid paid the cub dues. Needless to say, my son is drive to earn Tenderfoot asap. I will happily take a step back and read my paper at the Scout Meetings but I do need to pay some attention.
  6. I could use some help here. My son is a ten year old Webelos. We recruited one of his ten year old friends also a fifth grader. At our court of honor, my son received his Arrow of Light and Advancement to Boy Scouts. His friend, however, was awarded Tenderfoot. The friend by the way is really tall over 5 feet. I am really confused. I asked why my son did not receive Tenderfoot and it was explained to me that he could not since he was a Webelos. The scoutmaster read me a list of those scouts that received Tenderfoot and my son's friend was on it. I think the Scoutmaster and others are under the impression that this friend is older. He is only ten, has been in the Troop since September and is still in fifth grade. What should I do? Is is ok to have a ten year old, fifth grader that did not receive AOL earn Tenderfoot? I believe they made a legitimate mistake?