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  1. The Tiger Cub handbook contains a footnote with a stern admonition saying that it's a violation of BSA policy to physically turn kids upside down while awarding their Bobcat badge. It doesn't state what the penalty is for doing so. But even so, I have thus far refrained from physically turning Cub Scouts upside down while awarding their Bobcat badge. It never would have occurred to me to do so in the first place, although I think when I was a Cub Scout, the _badge_ was pinned onto me upside down, even though I remained right side up. If someone else suggested that it would be a g
  2. >>>>He will then definitely need to be able to pitch a tent as he becomes one of the homeless.
  3. >>>>1. i do hate to wear my uniform in public because it places me in a group with all of the other disrespectfull twerps in my troop. >>>3. i am getting something that looks realy good in resumes.
  4. I missed the original posts before they got deleted, but I am intrigued by the following comment, and if he's still around, I have some advice for our young friend. >>>>the scout oath and law are to simplistic and idealistic. sometimes you have to violate theses ideas to get to your goals
  5. Same. (And I decided that before reading the other answers.)
  6. >>>>He opened up the blade, put it in his right hand then suddenly swung his arm, fully extended, in a semi-circle.
  7. >>>>this boy maybe has never been separated from his overly-protective family. Trying to reason with him may not work because the conceptual model of "apartness" may not even exist in his mind. Setting up a tent in the rain with no complaint?
  8. That's what I would do as well. But the tendency amongst people in corporate America is to err on the side of (perceived) caution.
  9. >>which federal law prohibits using an Eagle rank as a consideration to favor one candidate over another
  10. I wouldn't know where to start with building an oven, but one thing you might want to try is baking bread in a Dutch oven. I've only done it once myself, but it came out pretty well, if I do say so myself. We have a bread machine at home, which I used to make the dough. I made the dough at home, and then froze it. I forget the exact procedure, but IIRC, I stored the frozen dough in the cooler for a couple of days, and it seemed to be thawed. I let it rise first in a separate container, and then in the Dutch oven. I used (mumble) charcoal briquettes, and let it cook for (mumble) minut
  11. Thanks for the reminder. I need to go visit my old scoutmaster, who also happens to be "Mr. S." I recently found his son on Facebook, and (sooner rather than later), I ought to go say hello, and maybe introduce my Tiger Cub. So thanks for the reminder.
  12. >>>>>Wow. I did not even realize that they will be Wolves on June 1. I had made plans to keep working on just badges and belt loops over the summer! I'm the Den leader.oops. How come we would start working on Wolf requirements now when there is a good chance we will get more scouts after recruitment in Sept.?
  13. Oh, like I say, I wear mine with pride, since it shows that I climbed to the top of the Cub Scout ladder. But I'm still a little amused that I'm wearing something to show off my accomplishments as an 11 year old.
  14. I'm still a little bit amused that the Arrow of Light knot exists, but I proudly wear it anyway. I figure National Supply probably needed the $1.49, and perhaps it might serve as a miniscule incentive to my Tiger Cubs. But still, it amounts to something I did when I was 10 years old, and truth be told, I only have it because my parents decided 40 years ago that Cub Scouts was a good thing for me to be doing. So if anyone really wants a First Class knot, I would be willing to share some of my glory. There could be three slightly different versions of the Arrow of Light knot (just like t
  15. John in KC, I'm not sure if you were responding to me, but if you were, you might have misunderstood the question. I realize the value of Eagle, and that professor was obviously not too impressed by the fact that your son had a particular badge in his collection, but by the fact that your son had earned that particular badge. I bet the prof's reaction would have been different if your son had said, "and I got this Eagle thingie because my parents made me go to Merit Badge classes every weekend." I guess my question was in response to the comment that some parents thought that there
  16. My son is wearing a patch which says, among other things, "100% Boys' Life". Ironically, he's the only one in the unit who didn't get Boys' Life at the time the award was earned*. We're in a different Pack this year, and the current Pack doesn't seem to have an interest in that particular patch. So I'll probably recommend that he takes it off next year. But for the time being, I guess I'm teaching him some of my contrarian skills. (*-Before anyone complains, yes, a Scout is Trustworthy, but this was a very unusual situation and was 100% proper.)
  17. >>>>>and come to see that anywhere between $500 and $5,000 is lying on the table for their Scout but it's just out of reach w/o that silly Scoutmaster signing over the award.
  18. And yet another discovery. I also did a search for my area code and phone number. For example, for 651-555-1212, I did a search for 651555*. I got a list of myself and 59 other Eagle Scouts, most of whom appear to live or work in my general neighborhood. Then, I did a search for my street name and zip code. Turns out there's another Eagle Scout just a couple of doors down. Hmmmm.... I could use an extra den leader. Maybe I'll need to go knock on his door. I'd say my $25 was a pretty good investment, strictly from the selfish point of view of what's in it for me.(This messa
  19. Oops--I gave some bad advice above, based upon not reading the directions (that even BSA is able to provide). It turns out I didn't find 20 Eagle Scouts in my zip code, after all. I actually found 195 of them. You need to put an asterisk after the zip code, and not an exclamation mark. So 54321* will give you every Eagle Scout with a zip code of 54321 or 54321-1234. It will also include listings with phone numbers such as 543-213-1234, but those will be very rare.
  20. >>>>Clemlaw's post is the first I have ever heard of anyone having access to the data.
  21. Thanks for the link! At first, I could have sworn that those were BSA shirts, but upon closer inspection, it looks like the pocket shape isn't quite right. And it looks like they figured out a useful purpose for the epaulets, namey, as a place to store your hat.
  22. Well, I recently joined. There's probably not a whole lot in it for me, but I really wish I had joined 30 years ago. I'm now old enough that, actuarially, I'm probably better off just sending them a check once every five years. Twocub, they do send out a quarterly magazine, so you should be getting that if you're a member. So I suspect that there's a clerical error somewhere. As shocking as this might sound, the BSA is sometimes prone to making clerical errors. The reason why I would encourage new Eagles to sign up is so that they will get that magazine about four times per yea
  23. Well, I think it's the _parents_ who need to be sold on the idea of camping. I'm sure that if you ask Cub Scouts if they want to spend the night in a tent, then about 99% of them will say yes. But if you ask the parents, then the percentage is probably a lot smaller. IMHO, one night is much better than two nights. Again, the parents need to be sold on the idea, and in many cases, this might be their first camping experience. Setting up a tent after dark is _not_ a good way to start your first camping trip. In fact, if possible, I would make sure that you have a few experienced camper
  24. As a den leader, I would be horrified if the parents had chipped in to get me a $600 gift, especially if they essentially wasted their money on something (such as a visit to a "spa") that was of absolutely no interest to me. Just out of curiosity, I wouldn't be too surprised to learn that one of the parents who is promoting this gift (or a close friend or relative) is perhaps a commissioned salesperson for said spa. If the families in my den chipped in to buy a McDonald's gift card, I would be very happy. If they chipped in a similar amount to buy something that I particularly wante
  25. I'm not a card-carrying member of the Uniform Police, so I'm not sure exactly what "the book" has to say. When I was a Scout in about the same era, we only wore our sashes at OA events, although I don't really see anything wrong with wearing it at a COH. In fact, I think in my troop, where OA elections were held at summer camp, the arrowmen put on their sashes a few hours before the actual election. (As far as I remember, the election was conducted completely by arrowmen in the troop, and I don't think there was anyone who came specially from the lodge or chapter.) But I think a CO
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