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  1. I'm a Tiger Den Leader (and soon to be Cubmaster) in my son's Pack, and I'm also back after 30 years. I did re-activate my membership, and I also went to the Fall Fellowship this year, partly to see what's going on, and partly because that was the only place I knew where I could buy a new lodge flap. I doubt if I'll be very active in the lodge until my son becomes a Boy Scout, but for now, I think it's a good way to keep in touch and find out which Troops are the best, when it's time for my son to become a Boy Scout. And if I'm able to help out, I certainly will. For the time being
  2. >>>>>>Hasn't there been folks who did not attend law school and pass the bar? Thought I read a book and saw a movie about one such guy?
  3. Oops--replied to the wrong thread. As Emily Litella would say, "never mind".(This message has been edited by clemlaw)
  4. >>>>>>When I saw the new JTE requirements state a minimum of 4 campouts a year, I was shocked.
  5. >>>>>when 100 yards away from camp were three black vans with security equipment
  6. >>>>he has called council, got a call from the DE, and the minister at the church and is generally raising a ruckus. I have a meeting with the COR and IH after work....
  7. >>>One way to teach to a test - remember the following: 1) a 2) c 3) d 4) b 5) a etc.
  8. >>>>As an OA member who is a member of the 'blue terror" I have mixed emotions on getting adults active again.
  9. I'm probably about the last Scout who joined Scouts without being a "Scout", and I've also never quite figured out what it is. As we have been reminded repeatedly, it's not a "rank". But I'm not sure exactly what it is. Of course, I never was one, so I wouldn't know. Prior to earning Tenderfoot, there was simply an empty spot on my pocket where my rank insignia was supposed to be. This was remedied in a month or so when I earned the right to wear the Tenderfoot badge. The "Scout" badge was first introduced shortly after I joined, and I don't recall whether there were any requir
  10. I recently came across the following piece of paper when I was digging through some old Scouting stuff, from the 1973 Jamboree: http://www.w0is.com/miscpages/1973JamboreeWideGame.pdf (I am "red O", by the way.) I'm able to share it with all of you because I scanned it, and now it's just a click away. But I doubt if it would have still existed today if we had been walking around with I-phones recording each other's names and addresses. I actually tracked down one of the names on that list, and we exchanged messages on Facebook. It turns out he now lives in my area. So a 3
  11. Oops--double post.(This message has been edited by clemlaw)
  12. >>>>>SM: The Spirit of Scouting is like that candle that lead you into this room. It provided a limited amount of light, but darkness is still all around. But when you combine the Spirit of Scouting with the three points of the Scout Oath: Duty to God and Country, Duty to Others, and Duty to Self, with the 12 points of the Scout Law, it becomes a blaze that lights the entire room allowing all to see and be seen.
  13. Here's a small hint as to why you are doing so well: >>>>>>a strong Troop down the road
  14. Yes, while I was busy nitpicking about things that they did wrong, I neglected to mention all of the things they did right. I got a paper copy of that flyer at roundtable, which, of course, I promptly lost. But I did e-mail the link to the PDF to everyone in the den, and apparently most of them managed to find the place without getting lost like I did.
  15. Well, my own Eagle COH was 30+ years ago, so maybe I'm hopelessly out of date. I might have gotten a few small gifts from close friends or family, but I don't recall it being a major gift giving occasion. But perhaps things have changed. I believe the DE was there, but I don't think there were any other representatives from other units. It's a nice touch that you were invited, and your presence will certainly be apprciated. But I don't think any gift is expected. I guess the only exception would be is if he is a former member of your Pack. (And that might require some detective
  16. I hate to nitpick, because it was a great event, thanks to the scouters who helped organize it, and the staff and volunteers from the Sheriff's department who put it on. Obviously a lot of work went into this event, but you wouldn't tell it from the "marketing". I respectfully submit the following example of a poor flyer: http://northwest.nsbsa.org/ramsey-co-safety-day-2011.pdf First of all, it doesn't say exactly what the event was. I assumed (correctly) that this would qualify for the Tiger Cub police station visit. In fact, it was perfect for that. I saw a few other Tiger den
  17. >>>>You guys talk about troop wide vs Council wide. We don't have council wide.. We only have troop wide vs district wide.
  18. Hi, Carlos, and welcome to the forum! Page 78 of the Tiger book states, "a Tiger Cub may complete electives while working on achievements, but he can't receive a Tiger Track bead until he has earned his Tiger Cub badge." So in my opinion, once he has finished the 15 required achievements, he can get the beads retroactively for any elective he has done ever since he became a Tiger Cub, which would be the day that he signed up. In fact, if he signed up in the middle of the year, I would probably stretch the rules and say that it goes back to the date the rest of the den started.
  19. >>>>Then, report back here: what badge(s) did you sign up to counsel?
  20. >>>>>YP is about covering someone's butt not protecting children.
  21. >>>>>I tried to recruit a MBC from outside of scouting not too long ago. Great guy, good with kids, would be a real asset. Til he heard about all the stuff scouting expects him to do, just so kids can earn a badge. Turned him off.
  22. >>>>>>I was an active Certified Firefighter/ Emergency Medical Technition/
  23. >>>>>Training isn't required, and yeh can point 'em to the online module.
  24. The original poster doesn't say where he's located. If he's in the South, then I would agree with the others and come up with ways to get the camping going again as soon as possible. On the other hand, if he's here in the frozen North, then I'm not sure if it's a good idea to take the troop winter camping if they haven't done any camping at all for 7 months. If they have realized the error of their ways, and they're getting to ready to start camping again in the spring, then I wouldn't worry too much about this one cancellation. But I agree that seven months is too long. At a very
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