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  1. >>>>>.I have heard these types of topics from people in our area who are scared to death of either doing something or not doing something for fear of being sued. And to be quite honest, it rattles their cages so bad that they would rather stand in the middle of the road and get run over by a semi than make a decision one way or the other.
  2. >>>>>>Closing Scenario Three: One leader rushes injured scout to ER, and returns to camp 4 hours later. Remaining leader stays with the campers and avoids 1 to 1 contact during that time.
  3. There once was a Cub in our Pack, Who saw that enough Cubs we did lack. So he helped out to sign up a friend, And got this Recruiter patch in the end. Actually, John-in-KC's idea is better, but you asked for a poem. (This message has been edited by clemlaw)
  4. >>>>Just use some common sense
  5. >>>>>The CM/SM soon demands that we not communicate with any one individually in the Cub Program and all correspondence be handled by himself only
  6. >>>>>(Based on a true event) For easy removal of carbon, apply a thin layer of liquid soap to the outside of a pot used before putting it over a wood fire. Liquid soap applied as a thin layer to the inside of the pot before cooking the meal makes the patrol angry during dinner.
  7. >>.Is there a published list of names all Eagles? It would be interesting to see if some infamous names are still on there.
  8. >>>>Perhaps we'll suggest that the parents of those crossing over to our troop leave at the time of the actual crossover and take part in our ceremony???
  9. There's an Eagle Scout by that name listed in the NESA directory. It shows a Board of Review date of 1/30/1995, from a troop on Lonoke, AR. His current address is listed as a PO Box in Arkadelphia, AR. I googled that address to see if it is the address of a prison, and as far as I can tell, it is not. So it appears that he's still an Eagle.
  10. >>>.Tigers is an issue. The shared leadership program never works quite as intended ..... I'd like to see a modification of the tigers must have a parent present requirement.
  11. Well, there are usually two sides to every story. But even if we go on the assumption that the other CM/SM is the world's most un-scoutlike person, the answers to the questions are as follows: 1. Yes, the B&G is a private event run by that pack, and they can invite or exclude anyone they want. 2. Yes, if you just show up, you can be kicked out. If you're asked to leave and refuse to do so, this is called trespassing, and they can call the cops. 3. The "crossing over" ceremony is a fairly recent innovation, and it's not required. As another poster pointed out, there is
  12. >>>>>If the Web program was only 1 year long, would the boys on average have the maturity to move into Boy Scouts? Now we are talking about boys who might not yet be 10.
  13. >>>>>Oh I dont know, the program was Lions and Webelos before it was changed to two years of Webelos, what is the difference?
  14. Well, it's good news and bad news. My son will be 15, so I assume this is the only World Jamboree he'll be eligible to participate in as a youth. It's nice that it will be right next door (although I wonder if the BSA will keep prices reasonable for the US contingent). But on the other hand, he'll miss out on the opportunity to travel abroad to attend it, which, IMHO, would make it an even greater experience.
  15. >>>>>perhaps there is a creative way to get him in a tent by himself -- like trying out a new, small backpacking tent, for example.
  16. Also, Google Books ( http://books.google.com ) has Boys Life magazine going back to the beginning of time. (They also have Scouting magazine, but I don't know how far back that goes.) I believe they're also linked from the Boys Life site. Browsing a few issues from the era in question will probably give you lots of ideas.
  17. >>>>>And add a mini pencil sharpener -- twig in, tinder out. I'll have to try this one!
  18. >>>>Those appetizing zip-lock omelets are without doubt extremely toxic. >The Ziploc Company, S.C Johnson and son, voluntarily affirms that their brand of plastic bags should not be employed for boiling food. They have disclosed that they do not under any circumstances advocate using the bag in boiling water.
  19. Yes, it would be unlikely. But it would be extremely embarassing to be found dead near a telephone in the middle of the woods that you were unable to use merely because you didn't have a dime. It's kind of like having an electrical outlet in the fallout shelter. Yes, it's unlikely that you'll need it. But it would be really embarrasing to be sitting there in the dark and hear the TV blaring in the other room, but you can't go turn it off because of the radiation levels.
  20. Maybe I just got lucky, but all of my Tiger parents completed it shortly after the first meeting. It might have helped that I assigned additional "homework". We did most of the requirements at the meeting, but didn't quite finish. So the parent was responsible for going over the additional requirements as well. I handed out a newsletter showing what they had to do, but it probably looked less overwhelming, because it wasn't just "talk about child abuse". I forget exactly how I worded it, but it was something like this: Before the next meeting, please complete the Bobcat requireme
  21. Now, I'm not sure if you want to do this with Cub Scouts, and give them the temptation to sit around listening to the radio. But I like to have some kind of cheap radio with me to listen to weather reports, emergency information, and presumably news reports that "they" are out searching for me while I'm lost in the wilderness. I've seen cheap ones at the dollar store that seem to get most of the local FM stations pretty well. It's an added bonus if it uses the same batteries as the flashlight. Again, it might not be appropriate for what you have in mind, but if I had to spend a
  22. >>>>>I bought a 12' X 12' blue plastic tarp for $4.00 and it leaves about a 1 foot air gap around the bottom while still totally covering the tent from a horizontal stand point.
  23. I was overjoyed to see that my son's Cub Scout shirt was made in Bangladesh, because as far as I know, unlike another major American trade partner, the Bangladesh economy is not propped up by slave labor, and I'm reasonably certain that the guy who made it needed the job. When I went to get my adult shirt, I was so lulled into warm fuzzy feelings that I didn't bother looking at the country of origin until I got home. Sure enough, it came from that major Asian trade partner whose economy is propped up by slave labor. By the way, where I live, you don't want too much of your out
  24. I'm still not sure which one you're talking about. If you're referring to the $100 per Cub Scout weekend program, then I agree that it's not a very good bargain. If you're talking about the family camp at the council summer camp, then it certainly appears to be a very nice, very cheap, campground that happens to be located on council property (a few miles from where the troops are staying). You're right, it's probably not a great spot for the SM's wife if she would rather be staying at the Hilton.
  25. >>>Since you are posting from St. Paul I assume you are talking about Many Points.some camp's "program" for kids in an open field just off of the summer camp site facility. Eating institutional food from a mess hall or sleeping in a wall tent with cot.
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