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  1. I'm thinking this has something to do with FOS. Your going to make half mad no matter what, might as well get the money before they leave.
  2. only thing i'm doing is repeating what i learned at my open house. they asked us to come with 10 ideas, try to under stand smart, and tie a woggle. that is the way your suppose to think about your ticket, right? besides that, all i know about wood bage is that i need to be abel to carry my stuff in 1 trip to my camp site, i know not to bring a radio, or a fishin pole. I know i'm not cooking for my self this week end. i'm pretty sure my cell phone not going to work while i'm there. never has before. The 1 thing i do understand about is my tent , i won't be seeing much of it. So t
  3. I leave for wood badge in 4 days, and i have a list 10 things that i think will be a good ticket. Each ticket reflect your postion in scouting. I'm a cub master so my tickets needs to be above and beyond what i already do as a cub master. If your a CC then your tickets need to be geared towards that. If your the District QM then a ticket on learning new dishes would be right in line. Just remember to make all tickets S.M.A.R.T Specific - Describe this Ticket Goal in enough detail so that you and your ticket counselornow specifically what is to be done; how it is important, or how
  4. Some one said it earlier, i wasn't friends with these folks before scouts, and we only do scouting activities togather. it all starts with this parent having a bad camping trip at are council's camping site, they brought thier own bb gun to camp, wanted to leave camp to go swim in a river. they argueed with camp staff about why the pool wasn't open. he was real mad that he could only Fish on a certian dock. would it be fair to my own child to go camping with this family and keep having to tell him sorry we don't do those things cause of scout safety? i feel all it's going to do i
  5. Food: Was really hard for are pack camping, no one could agree. some kids didn't like beans, one kid didn't like pasta, one kid didn't like his food touching. We ended up having parents teaming up, or some went it alone.From here on out it's every family for themselves. Your camp fire should mimic your camp fire program. fire starts off bright and roaring, thats when you your songs or chants, and cheers. as the fire dies down you start to wined down your program. then once your done with your program kids can cook marshmellows. as far as BSA guidelines you need 1 baloo trained person
  6. I have my baloo and my Wolt (webelos) training, GSS, YP, only thing i dont have is pack trainer and Climb safely. I think it's cause of my training why i'm taking the stance i am. Before i had my training i didn't know that BB's were district and up, or the rules for pack camping. Knowing what i know now, as long as i follow the BSA rules. They'll back 100%. Im Not willing to this with out the backing of the BSA. Like one of my district committee members told me." you don't have to be the best CM, We just want you to follow the rules."
  7. I just became CM of a smaller pack in Florida. I have 1 year as tiger den leader, and no personal scouting exp. After finishing a week of day camp i really think i'm ready to be a CM. I have plenty of engery and can devote alot of time to scouting. Are current CM is moving over to are COR since her son crossed over into a troop. It's nice that it's not wholesale turn over of people, I'm lucky all but my tiger leaders are in place. I'm Baloo and Wolt(webelos) trained and i have woodbadge this fall. Thanks, ogre
  8. Thanks Shortridge for the link, being we're a wolf den , no matter what we're not camping as a den. So it's pack, district, or councial events only. I just can't in good faith go camping with my den and say it's a family event. the first thing i taught these kids as tiger scouts was honesty, am I being to stuck up and worrie-some? And what i mean by family camping, BSA rules don't apply at all.
  9. I turned down a fathers request to go camping as a family. With it only being people from are den going, I could only see it as cub scout event. I feel that I'm always a Cubmaster when scouts are around, and that i need to lead by example all the time in front of scouts. He wants to go family camping so we don't have to follow certian rules, mainly swimming and the BB gun rule. I just have a feeling that if Something went wrong, people would view it as a cub scout event anyways so i might as well treat it as one. I think of family camping as my wife, daughter, and my son, and any friends
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