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  1. I agree with GB I spend much more time reading here than posting and have learned a great deal. Rooster your input to the discussions on Scouting will be missed and are a loss to this group. But I undertand that it can be come an obsession. God Bless and Keep, and Happy Trails, ronvo
  2. That it is your choice and what you prefer makes sense and is a plausible answer. ( I know my wife at time- especially allergy season - would prefer her own room everynight!) But I still don't think that it "doesn't look right" should be a reason. I always prefer to tent alone and my wife enjoys the bed to herself when I am away with the Scouts! YIS, ronvo
  3. GWD If you are married why would it "not look right?" I think we are trying to overprotect the boys from non-existent problems. Your children know you sleep in the same bed. Do you sleep in another room when your children have friends over to spend the night? Maybe it would be good for some of the boys to see a helathy relationship. We all know how many kids today are the creation of unhealthy relationships. I think it is silly that we as a society don't even know who we are and engage in such conversations. JMO, ronvo
  4. Interesting - I have never used a sewing machine, but there is an old treadle machine my wife has sitting in our bedroom! I wonder if it works? Hmmm!? ronvo
  5. Alas Frostline is no more. Here is interesting link to history of Frostline and other outdoor gear. http://www.oregonphotos.com/Frostline1.html ronvo
  6. PS, Thanks for the reply! What material are you using for the pack? Is it coated? Where do you get the materials. I like the idea of making my own - but I would sure change some things on the pack. I think I will give it a try. Frostline- haven't heard that name in years and in fact was trying to think of it just a couple of days ago. Are they still around? I use to get their catlog years ago but never made anything. ronvo
  7. ronvo

    Uniform Vouchers

    Anarchist Now that's what I'm talking about! You guys seem to have your stuff together. Do you have troop web site? Our troop's families really don't have many money issues either. It's more a matter of what is seemd correct. When the SM has only a shirt on with jeans - it is no surprise uniforming is a problem. Thanks for the reply andideas. ronvo
  8. Roger, We cleaned out my son's room to paint and update and so have a box of books I will be sending you. Glad to hear your mother is getting to go home. Have dealt with similar issues with my mom past couple of years. Unfortunatly I am 600 miles from her and my brother has the burden. Will let others know of your book needs. YIS ronvo
  9. Thanks Oren - any recommendations? But before your CT pack what did you have? I had a hand-me down OFFICIAL BSA Canvas Yucca Pack. Not sure which number. Used it for a year till the troop went backpacking. My son who just crossed over is enamored with a Made In China cheapo Yucca pack we got at a garage sale for $2. I want to get him a good pack too for his birthday so any suggestions for a Youth size pack (he his a small fellow) are appreciated too. YIS ronvo
  10. ronvo

    Uniform Vouchers

    Thanks for the input. My thinking for doing it on the council level ( and Anarchist (I always have to be careful- I keep seeing Antichrist No Offense - just my presbyterioptia sp? kicking in)I agree - HA!) Anyway my thinking was the discount the council could offer. How many of th units that do this use it to promote Uniform over cool camp gear? But I agree it will have to happen at the unit level and I hope to use it to promote uniforming. Maybe the troop can kick in the extra so the boy gets a discount. Anyways - any details you have on how you do it in your unit would b
  11. I am sure this is not an original idea and maybe it was discussed before. Why not have the councils that sell Popcorn issue vouchers for uniform parts (mainly pants and shorts) at discounted price to promote proper and complete uniforming. For example if Scout sells amount of popcorn that earns him $100 he can get voucher for pants (value $35) but also receives $70 cash (discounting th pants $5 for the Scout ) plus he has earned his uniform himself. I am sure there are flaws that I haven't thought of but do believe a plan something like this could help with uniforming ronvo
  12. 1. My first Boy Scout campout, Catholic Scout Retreat Oct 3-5, 1973. I had joined the Monday before. 2. Taking my son on his first Cub Scout overnight (and now staying home this weekend while he goes off on his on to his first Boy Scout weekend camp) 3. Philmont - In the Winter - Our Explorer Post in Houston would drive to NM and stay at Philmont (A number of years in the Hunting Lodge!) and ski at Angel Fire 4. Being Patrol Leader and our Patrol winning a Blue Ribbon at Camporee. 5. BWCA trips - all 4 of them. 6. Being on Staff at Cub Day Camp (@ Camp Strake '76 and
  13. Trev - I think you are right about an online edition. BUT I also think they could improve the print edition by putting Scouting Skills back in. The reason BL no longer publishes the BL Reprint series is there is nothing worth reprinting. It seems run by a bunch of J-School types and not Old Scouts like Green Bar Bill. Some would obiviously say the Scouting Skills wouldn't Go over. But then why are boys in Scouting and where sels can they get the info. I think the whole of BSA needs to look at settling for quality (better program) over quanity (be satisfied with smal
  14. From the two accounts I have read it is not clear whether the Eagle candidate is one of the boys or not. Boy Scout, friend, both 16, arrested in theft case The Salt Lake Tribune Logan police arrested a Boy Scout and his friend, saying the pair ran a theft ring and stole from a Logan drug-abuse-prevention center where they had volunteered. Police say the Cache County 16-year-olds were tried to redeem stolen gift cards at a Logan entertainment store. The boys served at the Community Abuse Prevention Services Agency for an Eagle Scout service project, said Logan police Detective Scott
  15. Does anyone know what happen to Camp Trails? Seems maybe Eureka bought them but isn't marketing the packs. I have an 30 year old CT that is dry rotted but the frame is good and was wanting to replace the bag. Does anyone know what other bags might fit the frame? thanks ronvo
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