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  1. To Bob White... I did read your question and decided to ponder it rather than just answer. I still don't have a solid answer all I have is this... I am not sure I am fit for any position. I am afraid the reason the Pack hasn't worked is because of me. I am full of doubt about my leadership qualities. But, more than that I am filled with turmoil and guilt that this Pack is not going to survive. I have implied several times to my other 2 active committee members that I will be stepping down.(health and financial concerns) If I had to pick 1 job, I don't think I could. I know that wasn't ex
  2. Of Course I would!! Problem is... no one wants to help. I beg for help. I even asked for someone to just be my assistant. I tried to explain that someday my boys will no longer be with the pack ( hopefully moving on to a Troop ) I don't think they understand the serious problem of only 1 person knowing and doing everything. I am simply sick and tired of the free babysitting service I seem to be offering.That along with the administrative part of it is just burning me out. Keep in mind I have 1 fulltime job, 1 part time job, and hubby and I coach all our kids sports teams. Volunteering isn't wh
  3. Hello All! I am new to this forum but have read alot of great advice. Hope you can help me now! Problem: August 2003 we went to roundup with our son who was interested in scouting. Come to find out they were forming a Pack, not recruiting to an existing one. My hubby got recruited as CM. I was recruited as DL. No problem yet. Lots of other people were recruited also. Went home and didn't hear anything for 2 weeks. The DE called to speak to hubby, he wasn't home. She told me that all recruited leaders had changed their minds and would I mind being CC if only on paper.( terrible trick)I
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