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  1. And the second pic above is a special forces unit...SEAL, Delta, Green Beret???...average age for those groups is in the 30's
  2. Eagle94, I agree that our young military personnel are having experiences which make them grow up much faster. However, after 26 years on active duty, I can tell you the 18-25 year olds do need "adult" supervision. As a squadron commander (normal first level in Air Force that has UCMJ authority) I spent a great deal of time handling legal and readiness issues for this age cohort. Drugs/DUI/crimes/security violations/domestic issues/financial problems/mental health, etc. Most "kids" entering the military are quite unprepared for the military culture. Something that would be a mino
  3. How much would any of you think this is worth?? My guess...starting bid $5 million https://trademarkangel.com/can-i-buy-someone-elses-trademark/ https://trademarkangel.com/why-is-a-trademark-watch-important/ http://licensingbsa.org/trademarks/
  4. Hmmmm... https://nycscouting.org/townhall/ https://www.syracuse.com/state/2020/05/sex-abuse-lawsuits-filed-against-3-boy-scouts-of-america-councils-in-upstate-ny.html
  5. Our Troop was just cutting the apron strings from a Family model when I joined (my son crossed over). The Scoutmaster who was leading that effort at the time recruited me... After about a year of transition from Advanced Cub Scouts to youth led/patrol method, the old guard of the committee stopped supporting his efforts and he left. One of the old guard stepped in to be SM, and tried to return to the old ways. It was a disaster. I appealed to our Commissioner and DE. The Commissioner tried to help educate the parents and Committee on what Scouting is, but it fell on deaf ears. We lost a
  6. I got the survey. But I remember nothing about Family camping...my responses were primarily in favor of opening the program to girls, and to keep it separate-gendered so as not to be a distraction for youth. I have participated in co-ed Scouting in Sweden, and boy-girl issues were always at the forefront. I have friends in Scouting organizations in Germany, Luxembourg, Canada, and Namibia...same story...intermingling the genders has some advantages for "socialization" and learning to interact, but relationships/love spats/breakups tend to be always rearing their ugly heads. I have seen the
  7. Thunderbird, I have it on good non-arrogant authority from Eagledad that "They are doing it wrong." Would you be so kind as to relay?...lol
  8. Not really... "Published" is the key word here. When councils or national "publish" more stringent rules, we are bound to follow them, and do. (helmets, life jackets, Safe Swim Defense, etc.) Our council has not published anything for units...only district and council events. If you read the FAQ, the inference is that councils must give you a green light before you meet again. And I do not go around enforcing our council's interpretations on other councils' programs...I only speak up when that council might be going against "published" National prescriptions.
  9. Not so fast!! https://www.cbsnews.com/video/hats-off-to-the-beret/
  10. Agreed. But we should all be careful to differentiate between what is printed in "official" publications (G2SS, Scouter Code of Conduct, Safe Swim Defense, Safety Afloat, Climb on Safely, etc.) versus a posting to an FAQ on their website. I, for one, do not take website postings as official policy or procedure. My adult application says "I have read and affirm that I accept the Declaration of Religious Principle. I agree to comply with the rules and regulations of the BSA and the local council, including the Scouter Code of Conduct." Nothing mentioned there about BSA website FAQ's.
  11. You are making many conclusions from such a short post. And please notice, I didn't say "our unit." Yes, "babysitting." 14-17 year olds want to hang out with their buddies, not teach the basics to 10.5 to 12 year olds. The Scouts who enjoy this part of leading are few. "The unit leaders are doing it wrong." Maybe...but I think it is more the parents who are pushing their girls to earn Eagle for the college resume. Where the rest of your rant is going, it's hard to see...maybe your horse is a bit too high?
  12. And also... "When units with different chartered organizations do activities together, this becomes a district or council event and requires council approval." Our DE is going to get tired my future requests for approval. We occasionally do co-unit camping together. Last summer, we did a co-unit canoe trek...guess that was then a district/council event....should I ask for forgiveness?? We do inter-unit campfires, when possible, on trips to non-Scout properties...this is an "activity"...do we have to get approval? On our Pioneering camping trip, when we build a Mon
  13. From the BSA's COVID-19 FAQ "Councils make the determination, working closely with their council health supervisor and local health department, about when units can conduct in-person meetings and activities again. If the unit’s local council is allowing in-person activities but has restrictions in place (e.g., no more than 10, social distancing of 6 ft. etc.), the unit must meet and abide by those restrictions – even if the unit is traveling out of council/state." I was gonna ignore this one, but now that it has been emailed out to our council, I will engage. Unless your council
  14. My daughter and her friends were in Venturing primarily for the outdoor program. They have that now in Troops. Most young men I have spoken with were in Venturing for the outdoor program, to get away from "babysitting" in Troops, to leave the advancement program behind, and for girls 😜 With the young women leaving for Troops, many young men are bailing out.
  15. Oh, Lord, no! Not the berets 😰 Campaign or Expedition Hats!!
  16. "Unexplained extreme fatigue or muscle aches" Wouldn't being a unit leader and an old fart always explain extreme fatigue and muscle aches??
  17. In case you haven't seen this...National Model Pre-Event Medical Screening Checklist https://filestore.scouting.org/filestore/HealthSafety/pdf/680-057.pdf
  18. Yeah, 7+30 drive time from Philly area, plus stops for meals/restrooms and gas? 35 Scouts? No, thanks 😵
  19. +1 How many times have we done this over the years?
  20. mashmaster, you missed my intent. I was answering the OP. At the end, I quoted you to agree that these situations are a fact of life...
  21. Gradually, our culture has begun to value Eagle Scout (or just "Scout" in general) less and less. Someone previously mentioned, a Scout's rank was supposed to reflect what he can DO. Those days seem gone. I absolutely hate this "one and done" program. It fosters an extremely poor attitude towards learning and retaining skills, and encourages taking "the path of least resistance". They follow the lead of adults, because that is what their parents and our current culture have conditioned them to do. They (and parents) just want to have you teach the skill, let the Scout demo it once, get t
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