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  1. Current page (06 Mar 2023): https://www.scouting.org/resources/los/# ENTRY: overnighter A Cub Scout Pack organized one night campout held at a Council designated location. Also see “Webelos Scout overnighter.” ENTRY: Webelos Scout overnighter A one night campout by Webelos Scouts and their parent or guardian. Cached on 23 Feb 2023 http://web.archive.org/web/20230221012845/https://www.scouting.org/resources/los/ ENTRY: overnighter See “Webelos Scout overnighter.” ENTRY: Webelos Scout overnighter A one- or two-night campout by Webelos Scouts and
  2. Here's a video explaining how to apply the Cub Scout camping rules from G2SS... https://youtu.be/pXw7LYWNi5E
  3. Yes, sounds like you have a Cub Scout camping club, not Scouting. Until the adults get on board, it's not gonna happen. And, unfortunately, it takes an adult driving the train initially to get the youth to do Scouting. Because, most kids are inherently lazy stemming from incompetence and fear of failure, they are unwilling to do the work. So they need to be led or pushed at the start. Adults also need to set expectations and task early on... "Want to go camping? Well, you need to make a menu... anyone??? No?? OK, then we aren't going camping." OR... "Yes, you Ji
  4. Golf, SCUBA, or, the most expensive... Citizenship in the Nation 😜 What's the national debt at now??
  5. Thank you guys for having this discussion. I hope @RichardB sees this and concludes we have another confusing policy in place that needs clarification, if National actually wishes thoughtful leaders to follow it.
  6. Just make sure they know that is the expectation!!
  7. @RichardB, any thoughts on Circle 10 questioning and clarifying this Cub Scout camping policy? You've gone silent on this... wink, wink, nudge, nudge
  8. To answer your question @Eagle94-A1, No, haven't heard of this. But, doing a fundraiser without your council's approval does put the unit's insurance coverage in jeopardy, potentially. Note the boldface at the bottom of the application that @RichardB linked to: "The local council is responsible for upholding the Charter and By-laws and the Rules and Regulations of the BSA. To ensure compliance, all unit fund-raisers MUST OBTAIN WRITTEN APPROVAL from the local council NO LESS THAN 14 DAYS before the fund-raising activity" Now, the primary reason for the council approval is
  9. No, there is no "Needs Approval" alert. This is a good thing. When a Scout enters something complete on Scoutbook, then the Scout needs to contact an adult to work on getting tested to have something approved. This keeps the monkey on the Scout's back. When a Scout marks something as complete, it is for their own tracking, and it should, in no way, create a "demand signal" for adult leaders.
  10. Just cut it in half/thirds/ etc, and try it at home first. Our family loves this soup!! Eat with a GIANT hunk of bread 😛
  11. And here is one of my favorites... Prep the veggies and pre-measure the ingredients at home. Substitute extra firm tofu chunks for chicken, and find some vegan noodles. Yummy!! Quick Patrol Chicken Noodle Soup.pdf
  12. Start easy, but expensive: Mountain and other vendors have dehydrated vegetarian/vegan offerings. https://mountainhouse.com/blogs/camping/15-delicious-vegetarian-camping-food-ideas https://www.amazon.com/Vegan-Camping-Food/s?k=Vegan+Camping+Food Find ones you like and try to recreate it at home to make it less expensive. Also, you can try the Humanitarian Daily Rations. They are MRE's for displaced populations. We airdrop millions of them around the world for crises. You can order some online. https://www.amazon.com/Wornick-Company-Military-Surplus-Humanitarian/dp/
  13. You can go to Reports and generate an Eagle app right now to give it a look-see.
  14. They only have to report if total comp is $100K+
  15. He is a "Unit Participant" because (most likely) he is "registered beyond the age of eligibility" This designation allows him to continue to participate in the Youth Program, and earn badges and ranks for as long as he wishes to. You should (should, that is) not have any difficulty entering Positions of Responsibility into Scoutbook while he is in this designation. If you do, please post here, and we will highlight this as an issue for the Scoutbook Development Team. Do not register him as an ASM. (Or any other adult position!!) This will remove the ability to work on badges and rank
  16. Hej! och välkomna ombord! Glad to have you with us. "I'm still not sure I understand what's going on there"... we don't understand it either. It's akin to the fact that we still don't use the metric system here in the States 😜 "There's no bad weather, only bad gear"... we say that here, too. (Wait, maybe I picked that up in Sweden...) I had a wonderful opportunity as a young man to work the summer on a Scout Camp staff in Sweden. It was an NSF camp (https://www.nsf.scout.se/), and the Scouts were also doing their confirmation into the Lutheran Church. We stayed in a w
  17. A little more info, please? 1. What is your relationship with the Institution Head, CC, and SM? Do you believe they value your opinions and observations? Does this ASM/MC/UAC have a good deal of influence with the three above? 2. What system do you use to track advancements, and who has unfettered access? Who visibility into the system? 3. Do you have another person who could easily step into the role, or will there be difficulties if/when a transition is made?
  18. Converted it to a pdf for you. I am looking for the three video modules. You have those?? ILST Overview.pdf
  19. Love this... I'm gonna use it. May I have permission to do so without citing the source or paying royalties? 😝
  20. @PACAN, thank you, but we have full access to the syllabus. That was not the point of my OP. More to the story... we have an in-person ILST coming up. There are a few Scouts who will not be able to make the training, but need it. I was looking for the on-line courses to provide them an alternate possibility for training. BSA took them down some time ago. (I did not mentor the youth last year during our early 2022 ILST, so was unaware the course had been removed.)
  21. The content was fine. Agree that Scouts would benefit from older Scouts presenting the material. Shoulda left it up to provide alternate avenue for training as @HashTagScouts points out.
  22. Ok, but this is something BSA paid money to develop. All sunk cost once deployed. Probably no cost to maintain. In fact, they probably had to pay to have it taken down. At least least leave it in place until syllabus changes made it obsolete. Again, the content was good. I went through the courses myself, to gauge the value before an in-person class. I'm really shaking my head on this one... less options for training really isn't a good solution.
  23. I had about 15 Scouts do it before an in-person ILST and the feedback was entirely positive.
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