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  1. I really think it's comical when someone talks about firing a Scouter. I know of an employee suggested that a District Commissioner be fired. At the time the Commissioner made up the "District Key 1" and had the support of the Council Executive. This simple suggestion caused that employee to loose the trust and confidence of the other volunteers and caused him more problems then he could even imagine. The political parties could learn something about politics by looking at the Boy Scouts 🤔🤫😉
  2. Many years ago part of the Wood Badge curriculum included defining leadership and the various leadership styles that are used in Scouting and everywhere else. Leadership and management both involve getting people to do what you want them to do, period. (This is simply a bare bones definition and not intended to create a huge discussion.) I had the opportunity to converse with some important national level Scouters and was introduced to an incoming Grand Poo-Ba of something or other. Someone made the comment that this in-comer had been in charge of a large company and certenly could manage
  3. I think we're all on the same page. If a kid doesn't have any Scout skills they should never be permitted to advance to first class. I also don't think that sewing a troop librarian patch on the sleeve doesn't meet the leadership requirement. That's not saying that if a kid becomes the librarian, jumps on it, takes charge of the troop library and does a good job, he or she deserves the credit. If they don't they don't and this can be evaluated at the board.
  4. I'm just not a fan of the idea that everybody gets credit for everything and everybody succeeds. I believe that jf a candidate for anything is allowed to progress no matter how hard or little they work, or claim completion for tasks that were compled by someone else (ie. mom or dad) they don't deserve to progress. If they are allowed they lessen the value of the accomplishment for everyone else.
  5. OK......so it's not acceptable for someone to be turned down for advancement at the BOR. Then why have one in the first place. We're not talking about a child were talking about someone who aspires to be a Life Scout. But, if everybody gets a trophy and a first place ribbon for showing up, so be it, but I don't like it. This is the very reason there are Eagle Scouts who can't light a lantern, or heaven forbid they had to change a mantle. This is also how so many Scouts strut around with every merit badge and earned them in two years. Its OK for a kid to be stressed at a BOR........thats h
  6. In my understanding you are correct and the CC is not putting the kids first. I think some volunteers are in their position because they believe they are in charge and can boss people about. They focus on authority rather then their responsibility to every kid in the unit.
  7. That is probably the best solution. Scouting is a great thing in a lot of ways, but some folks are full of self importance and ego. If you keep the kids first I think you'll be just fine. Best wishes and God bless.
  8. Keep in mind that the Pack exists for the kids. But, the grown folk need to have fun too, because negativity spreads like cancer. If your boy is enjoying it and likes the other guys you may consider stepping back and let him enjoy the pack.
  9. Making sure that someone doesn't hit their head on a pipe, slip on a wet floor or has an eyewash handy isn't close to being responsible for a group of people on a firing line or during dynamic firearms training. I agree that there is always an identifiable abuse but unless an act was intentional, its an accident.
  10. You asked, or at least enquired so I provided! Safety, responsibility, duties and specific roles and duties? Yea, I do have a clue, and it was still an accidental discharge.
  11. If you read carefully I said that I wasn't going to state my creds . 14 years Marine Corps, primary marksmanship instructor, coach, rso and rangemaster, instructed m-16, shotgun and pistol, expert rifle and pistol and hand grenade. 14 years in law enforcement, master marksman pistol,, state certified firearms instructor for pistol, rifle,, shotgun and automatic weapons, rangemaster, instructor, coach, safety officer. Boy Scouts, shotgun, rifle, and handgun instructor. Range Master, RSO, coach, instructor. But hey, you are correct🤪
  12. I'm not sure if the duties and responsibilities of individuals administering any range are clear. You keep adding to what I said. Never said good enough, the Range Safety Officer has one job and one job only, and I would encourage you to research that, and it's not management. I believe that until someone has the chance to function as a real range master and experiences all of the moving parts, they really dont......
  13. I'm not sure if the duties and responsibilities of individuals administering any range are clear. You keep adding to what I said. Never said good enough, the Range Safety Officer has one job and one job only, and I would encourage you to research that, and it's not management. I believe that until someone has the chance to function as a real range master and experiences all of the moving parts, they really dont......
  14. Ok, so answer the questions with definitive answers. No one said there was no RSO, but one RSO can't do everything.
  15. Ok, let's keep guessing. Why was someone down range when the range was hot; was the range hot; what does "unsupervised" mean; why didn't someone or anyone shout "cease fire"; were there any coaches there; was there a range master there; was there a designated RSO; were the participants Boy Scouts, Venture Scouts or Explorers; who, when, and how was the rifle loaded; were safety blocks available and in use; did the RSO have any additional responsibilities? Just looking at these details, any of which COULD have prevented this tragedy, clearly demonstrates that due to the imperfections of t
  16. Yes we will. I guess when someone crashes their car or cuts their hand, or even stubbs their toe its a negligent and not an accident. There is always someone to blame for everything, I guess?
  17. Well if it wasn't an accident was it intentional? This was an accidental discharge, short and simple. Again, I am not going to compare credentials, but I have been around the shooten game.
  18. My Heavens! This was a tragic accident, thats all. No one took a rifle and deliberately gunned down a young man. This activity was conducted for the enjoyment of the members of a Scout Troop. I would think that everyone out there feels terrible about the incident and their lives will never be the same. Charges, responsibility, fault, who was wrong, what could have been done? These make fine discussion points but I would encourage everyone to remember that the players are part of the Scouting family, and a fatal accident could happen at any time. Very sad, very tragic, closely examined..
  19. I guess we will just have to disagree because the president can not arbitrarily emote anyone from anything.
  20. Sometimes I think that candidates for the Scout Executive position are done to bring about the demise of a council. A lot of things depend on how cohesive the volunteers are and their relationship with the Council Executive. If the Council Executive is that bad the volunteers do have recourse to send them packing. But that's for another discussion. Like I said earlier, put the well being of the kids first, support them and give them what they want and you'll have such a following that your opinions are gold.
  21. Didn't say Council Executive. They are the CEO of the council and does have that responsibility and authority but the council president does not.
  22. Um.....no they can't............check the by-laws and operational procedures. Anyway, do as you see fit.
  23. Well, I have always said that the Republicans and Democrats could learn a few things about politics, from the Boy Scouts. The difference is that since I work for free, the whole idea of getting fired is quite laughable. On the other hand the paid folks have a lot more to loose. The Council president can't just remove somebody so that sounds like intimidation to me. Its hard to ignore or dismiss someone who is really looking out for the best interest of the real stakeholders, the kids. There are a lot of swollen egos around and people will get "but hurt" however if you can get over the hur
  24. Wow, the Council Executive Board members don't wear long trench coats and carry classified documents in briefcases as they slip through thick fog covered streets on their way to mysterious gatherings. I would suggest finding a board member and voicing your concerns. Just talk to them, you won't be tried for Boy Scout Treason and you may find the answers to your questions.
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