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  1. AVTech

    New girls in Scouting

    The info I got was that internally, the linked Troops would have either BT or GT in front of the number.
  2. AVTech

    Two Deep - Married, Related ok?

    As the person that apparently has created so much controversy... My wife is my kids' stepmother, if that makes a difference... The other points I would like to make are 1. We will most likely NOT be the only 2 adults in the room, especially since our calendar and that of the boys' troop are pretty much running in parallel and 2. The reality of the situation is that the work is always done by those who show up. It is now November 18, which gives us 90 days to launch, provided we get 5 applications. I am also going to insist on maternal participation to build a team of fully-trained female leaders so I can step aside at some point, and see where I can be of he most help in my town/district going forward.
  3. AVTech

    New Scouts BSA marketing video

    Just FYI, on Tuesday evening, I stepped down as Scoutmaster of my son's Troop to become the Scoutmaster of my daughter's Troop. It is a linked Troop (well, it will be on 2/1/19), using the same chartering org and Troop Committee. My wife is the ASM. I will be posting the heck out of this video and the other info on the new BSA branding site on local social media and getting articles in the local papers and school communication portals to recruit. I am also getting a head count from my DE of the Webelos 2 girls in all teh surrounding towns that don't have a planned Scouts BSA program for them to cross into, so we can go talk to them. These girls should have a Troop to cross into, and we're just the people to offer it.
  4. AVTech

    broken lantern globes

    We have also retired our propane lanterns in favor of LED. A set of 4 AA batteries lasts forever, and they are very bright. We didn't have globe issues, but it seemed that every time we took them out of their storage bags, the mantles needed replacement.
  5. We have had similar issues with door to door donors cleaning out old food. We had a smaller but still significant amount of very expired canned goods. I don't understand what goes through people's heads. I think that cash donations would be good for us to add to our flyers as well.
  6. Most of the event patches I have seen in recent years have a button loop on them already. Just place them over the button on the pocket flap and then push the button through its hole on the pocket to secure it.
  7. AVTech

    Totin Chip

    Your Troop Instructors should be able to set up a proper ax yard during a Patrol Meeting or Troop Meeting and run Scouts thorough the required training in less than an hour.
  8. AVTech

    Youth Membership vs Adult Membership

    As far as I know, if this person, if they are 18-21, would still be eligible for OA as a youth if they are registered as a Unit College Reserve member of a Troop. They would need to have the requisite number of camping nights. I would ask your local Lodge, just to be sure, since they would likely not be able to be elected by the active members of the Troop. Interesting question...
  9. Participation is already a requirement for the lower ranks, and holding a POR for the upper ranks would by necessity require participation. This seems, to me anyway, either a way to increase participation in program that the Scouts aren't thrilled with, or a way for a SM to minimize the time he spends working with his Scouts. In either case, it is adding to the requirements for rank advancement, and a de facto denial of a SM conference. Both are putting roadblocks in place that ought not be there.
  10. Sorry to disagree with you on this Q. This SM is adding a hurdle. I am all for respecting people's time, and just as an aside I do NOT live in the same town as the Troop. I am 2 towns away, which adds some time to every appointment I make. In my mind, it is part of the servant leadership that I happily give to the Scouts in the Troop. It is much the same as your story about walking to the SM's house on a Saturday. If it works out that a Scout and I can sit in a campsite and have a chat, cool. But to insist that it can ONLY be done there is just wrong. This SM needs to ask his ASMs to help out if his schedule is that tight.
  11. Since our SPL runs the Troop meetings, I always have time to meet with Scouts before, during or after every meeting. I am also more than happy to go to their home or have them come to mine whenever is mutually convenient. My job is to make sure that Scouts who want to advance, have every opportunity to do so, without adding a single roadblock to the process. In my opinion, this Scoutmaster is adding hoops to jump through. Is attendance at camping trips an issue Troop-wide? If so, the answer is to figure out why, not force attendance by tying advancement to it.
  12. AVTech

    "Serve actively in your troop"

    Here is what we use as a guide: Den Chief duties: • Serve as the activities assistant at Den meetings • Communicate regularly with the Pack Leaders to review the Den and Pack meeting plans • If serving as a Webelos Den Chief, prepare boys to join Boy Scouting • Project a positive image of Boy Scouting • Know the purposes of Cub Scouting • Encourage Cub Scouts to join a Boy Scout Troop upon graduation • Help out at monthly Pack meetings • Attends at least 2/3 of the den meetings/events during his service period • Be a friend to the boys in the den • Participate in Troop outings. Attendance requirement 75% • Attend Troop meetings. Attendance requirement 75% • Set a good example • Wear the Class A uniform correctly to all regular Troop meetings and other events • Wear the Class B uniform to all outings and other Troop activities • Live by the Scout Oath and Law • Show Scout Spirit
  13. Family camping is part of the Cub Scout program, but nowhere in the new program have I seen that a Troop will offer that as a regular feature of its program. Just for the record, I will be stepping sideways from my current role as Scoutmaster of my son's Troop to be Scoutmaster of a linked girl's Troop (I have a 13 year old daughter who really wants to be an Eagle Scout like her brother, who just had his EBoR last week). I have absolutely no intention of presenting the girls with a program that is less than the Patrol Method program that the boys have been running. I have a couple of helicopter and bulldozer parents in the Troop right now. They hold no sway over how the Troop operates, despite the occasional barrage of whiny emails. They may be able to cow the staff and administration of our local schools, but I refuse to bend to their will. I know that as soon as I start making an exception for any Scout (unless there is a medical necessity), I will have to continue to make exceptions for everyone. Rank advancement happens in Patrols. Parents are NOT members of any Scout's Patrol, period.
  14. That is unfortunate. I have never caved to any of these odd requests. I simply tell the parents that we lose relatively few Scouts on camping trips, no matter what conditions might exist, and that the odds are good that their kid will return in one piece. We had 15 Scouts crossover to our Troop this spring. I have one who was on the fence about continuing, and he has vanished. I have another who looks like is getting a lot of pushback from his parents about doing anything. Of the 14 that remain, he was the only one who didn't go to camp this summer, so he is already falling behind his peers. I'm really annoyed with the dad, but trying to be diplomatic, when I really want to give him a good shake. The kids are easy comapred to some of the "adults"...
  15. How does a Scout advance without camping with his Patrol? In our Troop, this particular issue has never come up. We have parents who don't let their Scout go on very many trips, for a variety of whirlybird-related issues. These Scouts often (unfortunately) remove themselves from the program because they only get to come to meetings where they are planning all the really fun stuff that they won't get to do, and they also don't advance because they aren't fully participating in Scouting.