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  1. And a month or so later, one of the first-year Scouts not allowed on the ballot was awarded Junior Scout of the Year.
  2. I can only speak for my son, but because he knew he was qualified and was never told that he wasn't approved by the SM, he fully (and rightfully so, imo) expected to see his name on the ballot.
  3. @TMSM, So, when were these five boys told that they weren't approved by the Scoutmaster? And when were they told why? Finding out on election night the way they did is unacceptable.
  4. Not all the parents had an issue with the decision. It's just that the boys weren't told of the policy. (it was pretty much a surprise to everyone other than the SM and Committee Chair) There were five boys expecting to see their names on the ballots and when they didn't see them, there was a good bit of disappointment and confusion. A blanket policy like this really needs to be common knowledge and probably in the by-laws.
  5. My son had 24 nights. Summer camp and camping most every month. (March '18 to February '19) One of our unofficial mottos is: We CAMP!
  6. Our Troop recently held our OA elections, and unbeknownst to any of the parents of 1st-yr Scouts, the SM had decided not to allow any of the qualified 1st-yr's to be placed on the ballot. I understand that SM approval is required, but I also know that part of the requirements can be interpreted several ways. I guess the issue is that it was a blanket decision, not one based on the individual Scout. Can the SM prevent a qualified Scout from being placed on the OA ballot simply because they're in their first year of Scouting?
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