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  1. I see a chance to get 67% Only positive statements about the plan are included in the voting package More claims than we thought are either fraudulent or submitted with minimal care ... claims just looking to get a quick payout of anything. All claims get the same vote. I actually think those most impacted will be the non time barred claims that are looking to pursue the issue in state court. If they get a bigger vote, I see this deal dying. Coalition lawyers have letters allowing them to vote for their claimants So, I think it is a done deal yet. It is definite
  2. Perhaps I am confused, but BSA isn't offering $1.3B for time barred claims. They are offering ~$2B for ALL claims. Given that the non time barred claims are going to be given a much higher payout than time barred claims, I believe the BSA offer for time barred claims will end up being <<<$1.3B. I think it is too early to really see where this is headed as there are complexities with LDS & LC payouts, but I expect all claims will get much less than any average settlement they would have seen in state court.
  3. I dropped off the call and was primarily focused on work today, but a few things points I took away: The delays are done. We are now at the start of the beginning of the end. Current focus is the disclosure. Expect this to take most of the week. The judge has been clear that disclosure is separate from discovery which is separate from plan confirmation. There are some pretty big questions. Does the LC, LDS & Hartford money go to all (an LDS attorney wasn't sure and it could impact the vote)? What amount of detail is required in the disclosure ... sounds like more
  4. What you are missing is: SOL ... many of these claims are probably really $0 since they are outside SOL False claims ... BSA must be assuming some are false That said ... even then I expect the math doesn't add up.
  5. One debate right now... insurance company is stating that they have a big deductible per claim. Given that BSA is saying average claims are $6K or something, then insurance should have to pay NOTHING. The insurance companies are saying the disclosure is not clear as claimants may think there is substantial insurance when there will be none. Now, if you believe the other numbers ($600K - $2M) then there could be insurance coverage; however, BSA is not being consistent in disclosure.
  6. Even the LDS issue is going to be debated. I don't think we know for sure. Right now, it is all 1 big pot per the plan ... unless CynicalScouter found something different in the plan.
  7. One very interesting point that may have been missed. The FCR stated that with the LDS contribution, there is now a "framework" for CO contributions. I wonder if the FCR is agreeing to the plan as they think eventually many COs will come in with offers at similar multipliers as the LDS. Shortly after this, the lawyer for the Catholic/Methodist committee denied there is a framework or even a CO agreement. Them emphasized that there is an LDS agreement and no other CO has agreed. They lawyer was asking to delay the hearing to buy more time (but as you know that was denied). The Coalit
  8. For everyone ... sorry for so many posts today but for once we are starting to see more movement in this case (vs talking mostly theory).
  9. I think the judge should tell everyone to spend the next few days, ready our 6 threads on the bankruptcy and only then can they talk in court. I'm serious ... some of these people are either intentionally lost OR they have no clue what is going on. For example, the Guam lawyer was surprised to hear that if this deal goes through no one can sue their local council for CSA prior to Feb 2020 (she may not even know that date). She had no clue about the first Hartford settlement. Come on people ... at least get up to speed.
  10. BSA is very concerned here. Why? Because both they and Stang knows that when a claimant sees a valuation of their claim being $1.5M and if they vote yes on this deal, they can expect $15,000 ... guess how they will vote?
  11. This is going to take FOREVER. This is herding cats. The Guam lawyer is all over the place. She should have read our threads on scouter.com ... I think she would know more than she appears to know in court.
  12. Discovery must start and that can only start if she starts hearing on the plan. She doesn't see a benefit in a delay. More info isn't always better. She has some questions about the plan that she hopes to get answered this week. Another couple of weeks simply push this off, discussions must start now.
  13. Judge denying request, but will start on the 4th amended plan objections which will give time to object to the 5th amended plan.
  14. It sounds like that will be a upcoming focus of discussion by the TCC.
  15. What if the LDS settlement goes ONLY to LDS victims (and their lawyers). What if the Hartford settlement only go to the 40,000 Hartford victims (and their lawyers). Same question came up about Local Councils (will each Local Council settlement only go to their own victims). That is a major question not answered. National BSA is clear ... $250M for all ... but the rest?
  16. Yes ... AND ... does that prevent them from suing the LDS if the CSA occurred during a non scouting activity.
  17. For those not on the call, as expected, the debate over delaying the disclosure review by 2 weeks is underway. Stang kicked it off and now supporting lawyers are joining in.
  18. Stang is saying ... be careful rushing this through. BSA attnys are saying 81% will approve. However, when someone who was raped as a child sees that their payment will be very low with this deal, will they really vote for the plan? There is a big difference from some attorneys saying they are good (as they are going to get $400M+ and actually getting the votes of the claimants. Stang also said they are the only group with actual victims in the discussions and they are not on board.
  19. Nothing coming from the Methodist, Catholic, etc. ... only LDS per Stang.
  20. Stang said real number may be closer to 18,000 ... what was that about?
  21. Reading these filings, it really looks like the claim is: National BSA is running out of time. If they don't have a plan approved with a vote soon, they will likely liquidate. If they liquidate, the pension board will take most of their money, leaving little to claimants. Claimants will have to pursue LCs & COs in state court and they will start declaring bankruptcy
  22. Ad Hoc Committee objecting to the TCC's request to delay: https://casedocs.omniagentsolutions.com/cmsvol2/pub_47373/18922731-7312-4a0e-b52b-68cb33ecfe65_6307.pdf
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