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  1. Welcome to the forum, from one California Scouter to another! May I ask from what part of California you hail (it's a big place)?
  2. That sounds to me, if you'll forgive my bluntness, an incredibly short-sighted and narrow understanding of a human life. If you define a man simply by his tastes, preferences, orientation, religion, nationality, color, or any other outward marker, and claim that that is "who he was," then you are ignoring the most important indicator of a person's true self: what they choose to be, or in this case, chose. He never chose to define himself by those minor details of his life, thus neither should we. That is the central message of Scouting; it is our choices that define us. I have read almost ever
  3. Thank you all for the information! I am more than content to at least have the publishing information; it is now near the very top of my very long list of "Scouting Grails." Much appreciated! πŸ˜„
  5. And yet in the Cub Scout Leader Guide, it specifically states in the first paragraph of page 27, under Webelos Scouts: "If a child joins Cub Scouts as a fifth grader they may start working on Arrow of Light without earning the Webelos rank first."
  6. There are no apostates in Scouting. And there is no shunning; only loving, and teaching, and helping, and trusting. Those will always work better than "luck."
  7. This doesn't surprise me, seeing as it utterly opposes your views, and people don't like having their opinions dismantled so vehemently. It must be difficult for you to be countered so vociferously, and I am not by nature a contrary individual (quite the opposite in fact) but I opine that for the sake of the Scouts, for the sake of the institution of Scouting itself, it must be said. I will stand up for our youth and their program, regardless of how that advocacy is received or perceived. You are, of course, free to reject my analysis, but you are powerless to erase it, and will prove incapabl
  8. Perhaps the difference is that I simply don't approach Cub or their parents with the assumption that they are going to create problems. I always assume that in their hearts, people want to do the right thing - and I am rarely disappointed. I have found this to be true both as a Scout leader and as an educator. I never have to "go to war" with them, because I always treat them like beloved allies - and funny enough, that approach seems to make them feel like beloved allies. I have developed deep and meaningful relationships with not only my Scouts, but also their parents and siblings - because
  9. I think that if the youth are 'disappointed' because a leader isn't wearing his Eagle Mentor pins on his uniform, it's only because they needed to be taught better principles more clearly. First of all, if you were to change into a suit coat to receive the mentor pin and change back after, that would do the exact OPPOSITE of denigrate the significance of the uniform - rather, it would be a powerful demonstration of how much one honors the uniform and its proper wearing, and if anything, would only serve to increase its esteem and respect. I taught my Webelos Scouts about the importa
  10. So ... if we would just let Scouters wantonly ignore the Guide to Awards and Insignia ... there would be no war? 🀨 Hmm. This somewhat tortured appeal to pathos actually confirms to me the validity of all my previous comments, both in this thread and in all other threads like it (can you believe this thread is almost two years old???). Honestly, nothing seems to rile people up as much as telling them that there are guidelines to uniforming which they are not following - why do people take this so personally? It's such a small little thing to take off a few pins or to more a few patche
  11. Well, linguistically, the answer would be no - the Luddites followed in the example of Ludd, who was merely their exemplar but not a Luddite himself. And The Old Pretender was no mere Jacobin; he was James Francis Edward Stewart himself, the desired ruler of his Jacobin followers, certainly not one of them. So in that sense, no, Jesus would be The Christ Himself, who stands at the head of His people. However, considering the intimacy He preserves betwixt himself and His people, I am certain He doesn't mind being placed in that grouping. ☺️ True, Jesus was Jewish both by ethnicity and nat
  12. I actually would recommend against it. First and foremost, it states as much in the Guide to Awards and Insignia (which one would think would be enough to settle the discussion here and now, though some people would rather be permissive than be correct). Anyway, Den chiefs' places in their respective dens are symbolized by their den chief cords; the Wolf and Bear chiefs wear blue and gold cords, while the Webelos cords add a red braid. That should be enough of an identifier for them, though some Scouts (and leaders) have to be taught the concept of "less is more." The reasoning behind it
  13. There are the generic contest/award medals; leaders are free to use them to honor whatever meritorious or noteworthy action they like. Sure, they are usually used for contests, but I believe acting especially Scout-like can certainly be included under that umbrella of honors. I used them for long-term uniform competitions and they were worn with pride by Scouts even at their Eagle Courts of honor. They have Cub Scout-colored versions as well, which I would often use for special Webelos events. One of the things I appreciate about them is that they come in gold, silver and bronze, so you c
  14. Ah, the good ol' Mormon Battalion awards! That particular award has always meant a lot to me; I have a few ancestors who were part of the battalion. There's actually a marker at the park across the road from me where they made one of their very few stops on their way up the coast from the San Diego area. My stake helped create and dedicate it too, with all its Scout troop present as well in full uniform to commemorate the event. Such lovely memories. πŸ˜‡
  15. And because I am a teacher and there's no such thing as too much information, here is an ENTIRE THREAD full of information about the song! So, as you had supposed, this was indeed a good place to ask: https://www.mamalisa.com/blog/can-someone-help-with-a-norwegian-song-about-a-horse/
  16. I found two different versions of the lyrics translated from Czech to English. Here is the first: Here is the second:
  17. Are you referring to Stodola Pumpa (also spelled Stodle Pumpa), the Czech folk song? I don't know if it's the same thing you are looking for, but it's an old tune that basically means "barn pump."
  18. So, what do you propose to do about it? And what would you recommend regular, committed Scouters, such as those here, do about it, within the parameters of feasible and attainable action? You have very strong opinions, and you are welcome to them, but it would be helpful if you made it clear what you intend to do with those sentiments so that we have some idea of how you would like for us to respond. Otherwise, such dynamic comments could spark both controversy and discord, which would be unfortunate and counterproductive. I for one would love to hear more about what your intentions for starti
  19. Well, I think we are lucky to live in a region with great programs and properties that have helped keep Scouting (compared to many other areas) relatively robust despite the rather calamitous national goings-on. And I have always been impressed with a lot of the great things I hear about your council; we are blessed to be where we are! πŸ˜„
  20. Wait ... high adventure awards aren't a standard council offering? Huh. I assumed every council offered an award of this kind. I know there are the Historic Trails awards, and I have seen patches on various collecting sites that appear to be of the same ilk ... an interesting query indeed! Also: greetings from your neighbor council up north in Orange County! πŸ™‹πŸΌβ€β™‚οΈ
  21. Poor kid! Hope he has a swift and full recovery. I have to say though, it's remarkable how rare such incidents are when you consider how many Scouts attend summer camp at the two facilities on Catalina each year. I would say Camps Emerald Bay and Cherry Valley are some of the nicest camps in the country (I went to Cherry Valley when I was a kid; had an AMAZING time), and being a SoCal local, I rarely, if ever, hear about incidents like this. In fact, while I'm sure there have likely been previous shark attacks over the years, this is actually the first one I have ever heard about from eit
  22. My pleasure; that's what good Scouts do! πŸ˜„
  23. Ha! When I was getting my brotherhood honor, I was the only Scouter wearing blue loops at the entire two-day event (which was council wide). And thus my nickname to a great many OA members, to this day, is "Blue Loops." πŸ’™ I wear silver loops on my epaulets now since I am on the district committee, but I still miss my blue loops. If you ask me, Blue Loops have the most fun. πŸ˜„
  24. I have never had a job where I wasn't a mandated reporter - do such careers exist? Isn't being a mandated reporter a standard requirement of almost any job? Either way, now I'm a bit confused , mostly because much of the content of this thread is, frankly, veering off-topic. Ironic, as so much of what has been posted has been part of an effort to legitimize this discussion about the Church as being "about Scouting," though now it seems to be about YPT, or mandated reporting ... just what exactly is this discussion supposed to be about? and how much of it has strayed from that topic?
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