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  1. I got the e-mail this morning. My son applied for the BSA contingent for the 24th World Scout Jamboree in 2019. I of course approved. What I don't know is how applicants are selected. It doesn't seem to be a first come first serve thing like the NSJ.
  2. JosephMD

    WSJ 2019 Application

    I never really found out how the process worked, but he was selected to attend!
  3. JosephMD

    Do Your Scouts Use The Handbook Logs?

    It was never really a troop thing, but my older son used to keep track of it, but he soon ran out of room in the camping log. When he got his new book, he didn't really update it. The troop now keeps track of it in Scoutbook.com - attached is part of my son's log.
  4. Actively participate in a communications-related club or organization for at least three months. Participate in at least three activities of the organization where you practice or improve your communications skills. Examples include Toastmasters, debate clubs, or drama clubs. Would you consider a good OA ceremonies team a drama club that would satisfy this requirement for an active member of the team? Active meaning, the do 4-5 Arrow of Light ceremonies per year, call out, ordeal, brotherhood, the occasional lodge competition.
  5. Our team handled two Arrow of Light Blue & Gold Banquets on the same day, one early in the afternoon, and one later. The later one was a little bit of a scheduling mess as they were told they were needed at four o’clock pm. The team feels like an hour to prepare is necessary so they arrived at 3, only to find out that they aren’t really needed until five thirty, which really turned out to be more like quarter to six. We know how these things happen, but they can be quite irksome, but the team kept a cheerful attitude and killed some time while waiting for the cubs to be ready for them. There was no complaining, not even from our ceremonies adviser who took a blow to the head from a falling flag (he reads this board). When I see the arrowmen living the obligation, it reminds me that it works, and that OA a worthwhile thing to be a part of. The pack made sure the arrowmen ate well, and forced us adults who were advising to do so as well. The ceremony was great. The team is so flexible with how they do it, adjusting for the number of guys they can get together, to each pack’s unique way of handling the awards. As a chapter adviser, I really like to see the arrowmen engage with the Cub Scout aged youth, especially the Webelos, it won’t be too long before they’ll be eligible to become arrowmen themselves.
  6. I just finished running my first merit badge class. It started last Saturday at our district camporee. I had 45 minutes to work with groups of about 25 on a couple of requirements for the radio merit badge and ended yesterday with Jamboree on the Air activities which included covering more requirements and those who addended both and did requirement 8 as homework (research a career) the would leave with a signed blue card. 1. Blue cards: Why does the concept of the blue card seem so difficult for scouts? I ran into this at the National Jamboree too, so many scouts really did not know how to fill them out. Also, one troop had their own blue card form, that was weird. I learned why many counselors at merit badge classes clearly state that the cards should be filled out completely and numbered, because when you have a large stack of cards, it starts to chew up real time filling out cards for scouts. 2. Big event classes. At the National Jamboree, scouts knew they were giving up 1/2 of their program day to take the merit badge, so they were generally interested in at least earning the badge, if not the subject matter too. At our camporee, over 200 scouts rotated through the station. Most of them were not interested and didn't want to be there, and that was not helpful to anybody. 3. I'm getting a reputation, good or bad, as someone who won't let you attend the class and not participate and still get a sign off. If the requirement says discuss or explain, each scout will discuss or explain. Many of the scouts seemed perplexed by actually being expected to discuss or explain, as if it is the first time they have had to do this for a merit badge before, even some of the older ones that I know to be star and life scouts! 4. I really enjoyed helping 13 scouts earn the radio merit badge though, and getting them on the air communicating.
  7. JosephMD

    Citizenship in the Nation Resources

    Being in the National Capital Area Council - there is no shortage of historic sites & government offices! I think our scouts have an unfair advantage on that one.
  8. JosephMD

    Would you wear unique council patches?

    I have a couple of uniforms. 1. My standard troop uniform. Has the standard CSP & Lodge Flap 2. My OA Adviser Uniform. Has the OA Centennial CSP & Lodge Flap set 3. My new Jamboree uniform - that one has the 2017 Jamboree CSP & Lodge Flap 4. My Venturing uniform - also has the 2017 Jamboree CSP & Lodge Flap Obviously, I had the last two put together for the Jamboree (I was staff), but now, they are just in the rotation. #1 is getting a little worn and will probably be replaced next year. I will probably maintain the standard look. Maybe, if I go to NOAC in 2020, I'll replace #2
  9. JosephMD

    Rejected Adult Application

    You would be surprised how many people will think along the lines of "This is Scouts, what does the church have to do with it?"
  10. JosephMD

    Fulfilling Merit Badge Requirments

    The merit badge counselor signs off on the requirements, not the scoutmaster. That being said, does the MBC think that he has completed all of requirement 8 as written, because there is a lot more to it than serving as the master of ceremonies for a coh. Did he plan the COH? did the PLC approve it? Did he write the script and prepare the program? And then serve as the MC? Still, the MBC signs off, not the SM, but in this case could the SM be signaling that the requirement isn't actually completed and it wouldn't be trustworthy to accept it as so? or, the SM just might not know what he is talking about.
  11. JosephMD

    WSJ 2019 selection

    My best trade at the 2017 NSJ was my silky blue Jamboree neckerchief and big shiny slide for a Madagascar Scout's neckerchief and woggle. I traded a lot of patches, gave most of them to my son but this was one for my collection. I would imagine, from the USA something like an Eagle Scout neckerchief would trade a little better than many of the other things. I've also been told that entire uniforms get traded. There are still many NSOs with uniforms. My son really wants to make this kind of trade.
  12. Where are all the @DCPoliceDept vehicles speeding off too, they are in a bigger hurry than normal, flooring right in front of their HQ.

  13. RT @CommerceGov: U.S. Economy Grew At 3% Pace For 2nd Straight Quarter https://t.co/GobjzRGTLt #GDP

  14. JosephMD

    Can non-Webelos Cub Scouts wear a den patch?

    When I was a cub scout my den had a cheer. It varied over the years. My favorite was Den 3 Den 3 we drank too much and have to pee!
  15. RT @RichardOnTwitch: That's it for #TwitchCon 2017! It was a really rad time and it was great seeing everyone. Next stop is Austin, TX for…

  16. JosephMD

    Can non-Webelos Cub Scouts wear a den patch?

    No, non webelos cubs can't wear the patrol patch on their sleeve as the guide to awards and insignia specifically limits the use of the patrol patch to "Webelos Scout only" http://www.scouting.org/filestore/pdf/CubScout_Insignia.pdf
  17. JosephMD

    Integration and Ceremonies

    I don't think we required boys to wear shirts at the waterfront do we? I don't think it will be a problem. They will wear what they like.
  18. JosephMD

    Integration and Ceremonies

    That was a rule in the 80's? Wow. I feel like 90% of the things I did in my late 80's / 90's era scouting were against the rules.
  19. I'm assuming that these adults are not paying their own registration fees. This isn't a practice I agree with and what I would work to change. A scout pays his own way, the scouters should be setting that example. I wouldn't take on this role as the scoutmaster though, this is more of a committee chair job. Refer the parent's to the committee so you can focus on your SPL's program.
  20. JosephMD

    Proud of our ceremonies team

    @@sst3rd I think that would literally break our lodge. We are very large and the only way it works is for chapters to handle ceremonies in their districts. We do our own chapter ordeals, call outs, brotherhoods, Arrow of Lights, Eagle ceremonies, and so on. Our lodge is so large we also have areas (groups of adjacent districts) complete with their own chiefs and advisers. The areas usutally run their own fall Ordeals and a leadership development conference. Your lodge's ceremony committee won't get very far if they are trying to force members to do anything. They will need a compelling reason to join the committee and participate. There is nothing wrong with a lodge running the show, the lodge is the basic entity of the OA, many don't even have separate chapters. That being said, I think they will have to wait a while for some new youth who haven't experienced the turmoil of this change for them to begin to recruit from chapters that had active teams disbanded. Maybe the next election for lodge chief will go to the arrowman who promises to return the chapter's ceremonies teams!
  21. Our new chapter chief loves to have activities at chapter meetings. While our ability to get some of the business done that needs to be done, attendance is up, and that is winning in my book. This month the carved pumpkins and had a bit of a bragging rights contest. It was kind of crazy (especially since we had a smaller room than normal and it was kind of packed). After the carving they had pumpkin pie! I think though we will have to hold a few more chapter officers' meetings to get some of the work done that needs to be done!
  22. JosephMD

    Proud of our ceremonies team

    I haven't heard anything about it. Our chapter just got our budget amendment approved to spend $750 on ceremonies gear and patches. It would be a shame if that was money wasted.
  23. JosephMD

    Boy Dens - Girl Dens

    Since next year packs will be able to have both boy and girl dens, but not mixed gender. I'm wondering what kind of pressure that will put on the volunteers. If this goes as intended, it should double the number of dens in each pack - siblings will likely dominate, and their active volunteer parents are already doing it. Expanding to non legacy scouts with no boys in the family isn't likely to yield additional den leaders for some time. I'm afraid it will be hard to implement.
  24. JosephMD

    Best way to replace SPL mid-term?

    Scouts, no matter how much trouble I got in to in school or wherever else, it is the one thing my mother would never punish me from.