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  1. It's really about time. It's not as if this potential change will be the ruin of BSA. There is no changing Girl Scouts, all it ever will be is gluing popsicle sticks and cookie selling. I find it odd that only the United States and Iran can't handle co-ed scouting programs. I don't see how this shift can kill the BSA, yes things would be different but in a good way. The majority of Boy Scouts now have no motivation to lead or go on high adventures. The boys that do go to Venturing. Boy Scouts also have no idea how to act around girls. This would be an opportunity for them to finally le
  2. Yes some girls are like that and show more than they should. However inside of Venture scouts, this type of girl is rare. My crew mates and I wore normal clothing the entire time. Scout pants, T shirt, hiking boots, and a hat.
  3. I totally agree. It's an organization that offers adventure and opportunities to do great things. Few Venture scouts make advancements because to most of us we just love the camaraderie and chances to do things that we wouldn't be able to do on our own.
  4. The standards of becoming a member should be high. Camping and leadership experience such as NYLT, Kodiak, NAYLE, and many high adventure experiences under their belts. People that work hard and show common courtesy to all people.
  5. Just curious, what makes you dislike the Venturing program?
  6. That is great, I wish I had a go pro to do that. Props to her for not only calling them out but making sure their behaviors would be dealt with later.
  7. While I see both sides, I would prefer a new Venturing honors program. It seems as though any boy can get into the OA without any outdoor or leadership skills whatsoever. Some members that I see in it would've never in a million years qualified thirty years ago. As an outsider looking in, the Order of the Arrow looks like a hollow shell of a former great organization. Why? Because standards dropped and everything was dumbed down. An exclusive Venturing honors society would be much more high speed and something I would be interested in joining.
  8. I strongly can attest to your son's assessment of unscoutlike behavior at the 2017 Jamboree. So many of my fellow crew members were stolen from. Entire backpacks, chargers, patches, phones, shoes, anything. My biggest problem was catcalling. As a female venture scout, me and other females were constantly being catcalled and made uncomfortable. A boy said he would enter the youth female changing tent while I was in there. I yelled at him (not a nice thing at all) from inside the tent and he ran away. My friend was patch trading down in Charlie and decided not to make a trade. Because of
  9. The vibe of the meeting was tense and frustrated overall. Many wanted the OA to integrate. I wasn't at the meeting but I did camp in foxtrot and was informed of how it all went. Some did bring up "The Silver Circle," a possible new honors society exclusive to venturing. Despite the proposition many venture and boy scouts still supported integration.
  10. Well the main reason the venture crew and troop are one is because venturing is not as nearly supported or known as boy scouts. This gives us venturers a chance to do the activities we really want to do, but cannot do alone due to lack of support by the community or numbers. There's no tension between crew and troop, and the troop still learns leadership in our present. Last year I attended boy scout camp as a venturer and attended a high adventure out of bound program. This didn't take anything away from the boy scouts and I got to learn and grow as well. With anything new, problems aris
  11. I think that it's healthy for young people to discuss politics in an appropriate environment. Because in school and anywhere else, any interest in politics is looked down upon or silenced. This raises a generation that doesn't even know what Democrats and Republicans are (not kidding. An 18 year old asked me what a Republican was). If the scouts bring up politics around a late campfire, I think it's ok under the right circumstances. If a scout is being too aggressive, or is plain out lying, then the situation should be diffused. Now since you're the adult, your position is a bit more com
  12. Well first things first, this troop and crew operates from a smaller town. So there's just one patrol. On campouts a lot of the surrounding troops get together at a campsite and have a weekend to camp. The troop and crew share the same campsite but with both genders having a separate area. So those that are solely boy scouts and those that are boy scouts and venturers are mixed together. So even though there are two separate programs we operate as one, sharing the same duties and camp responsibilities. The troop however still manages under the Senior patrol leader and Scout Master, and s
  13. I applied to attend 2017 National Jamboree. Have yet for a response even though I was told the process could take a while. Not sure what to think since I've had people tell me different views on what Jambo is really like.
  14. My Venture Crew is lead by the same man that is the local troop's scout master. The venture crew is usually part of boy scout troop activities and vise versa. This is mainly because many of the boy scouts in the troop are part of the venture crew. This doesn't cause any trouble and has little to no issues.
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