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  1. @MYCVAStory How long do these Town Hall Meetings generally last? I'm hoping to be able to listen in.
  2. In IL the foster care system has funds available to cover things like sports fees, summer camp fees, youth membership fees, etc.. and Scouting associated costs is something that they can try to pursue funds for.
  3. Our Lodge seemed to have a strong camp staff bias for nominations. While folks who were serving in a program like NYLT and are working all year to make that a success often didn't seem to get as much love. Also youth who staffed national events such as NAYLE went largely unrecognized. Being a member of the LEC, an Adult Advisor, a camp staff, etc are not the only things to be considered as evidenced by the information pasted below. The Vigil Honor is a high mark of distinction and recognition reserved for those Arrowmen who, by reason of exceptional service, personal effort, and unse
  4. I had a fellow or two in my Wood Badge Patrol that hailed from that Council. At least one of them came up in that Council and got his Eagle there. Let me see if I can find his contact information. If I can't dig that up, I'll reach out to some folks in our OA Section that hail from there and see what they can find out.
  5. I can only speak to the American Red Cross as that is who I have my instructor certification through. My employer is an authorized provider with the Red Cross and I teach BBP, First Aid, and CPR for my employer for our employees. I also teach my Scouts these skills and am a WFA Instructor. Wilderness First Aid is $23 as far as the Red Cross fee for the course in 2020. The instructor may have you purchase materials as well, but they can actually be printed from the ARC website by the participants. There are supplies the instructor may need to get for the course that can't easily be reused
  6. Chartered Organizations feeling additionally vulnerable right before the recharter season is yet another strong surge in the perfect storm of issues working against BSA at present.
  7. Just making sure folks go the email from BSA regarding the National Scouts BSA Committee Zoom Meeting on August 6. I received it this morning. They are inviting all adult leaders and SPL's to participate. You have to preregister and submit questions by August 4th. Topics include COVID-19 Eagle Extension request, Diversity and Inclusion Advancement changes, Virtual Recruiting ideas, and Female Troops support.
  8. Our crew received our Philmont refund check in the mail today. A bit earlier than they predicted and much appreciated. Mine is going towards a climb of Mt. Rainier next year.
  9. Council's and Districts get graded with the mighty ruler of JTE but my guess is that it won't be used to measure the standard for being and remaining a Council. Our unit has never gotten less than Gold, but I don't consider it the Gold Standard or all that important of a set of metrics. Feedback I get in SM Conferences and in eavesdropping around the campfire is how I measure the success of our unit. That being said Professional Scouters seem to think it is the way to determine quality of a unit, but I'm guessing they won't use their JTE Scores solely to determine viability of a Council.
  10. Anyone else concerned about the potential affect of COVID on both number of folks signing up for the National Jamboree and threatening the event from taking place? There is a decent amount of time between now and then but the thought has crossed my mind. It would be another huge blow to an already injured BSA.
  11. Which would be further proof that Councils don’t have the autonomy and self-rule that BSA is trying to portray to the Bankruptcy Court.
  12. Does anyone know if Council’s decision on participation in the bankruptcy will be posted as part of the on-line record and be readily accessible? I asked our SE what the Council’s decision was going to be and he sort of stumbled and said he didn’t know that the information and Juiy 6 were public knowledge. I asked him to publish the Council Executive Committee’s decision when it was reached but I don’t know that he will or is required to.
  13. My Council, using state Executive Order as guide, dictates what we can and can’t do. Presently PLC’s and Committee meetings can take place fave to face as the current order allows groups of 10 or less. If we move as scheduled to the next phase late June can have face time face meetings and groups up to 50. All while practicing social distancing. Still no overnight unit camping at that point, but families will he allowed to camp together. Units physical location doesn’t dictate what we can do here (our Council contains parts of 3 states.). Activities are determined by Council.
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