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  1. My father in law and brother in law went to Napowan for summer camp. Long troop road trip from Park Ridge, IL up there but my father in law always spoke fondly of it. Harrison Ford, or "Harry" as he signed the staff board was a merit badge counselor in the Nature area at Napowan. I'll have to see if my father in law ever went to Owasippe. He has dementia so he may not remember.
  2. I feel inclined to mention that I am in no way a legal expert, nor did I stay at a Holiday Inn Express last night. I very well could be wrong and welcome both dissenting and concurring opinions.
  3. I certainly feel for the victims who are sadly outside of the statute of limitations and I wish there was an avenue for them to get some relief. That being said, if the SOL has passed I don’t feel they should be permitted a vote or relief through this particular process. That’s what statutes of limitations are about. There is not an endless timeline for one to pursue righting most wrongs. I don’t say this because I am callous or to favor either side. I say it because that is the standard currently as I understand it and it should be that way in principle until such time as something change
  4. It seems to me from the outside looking in that it is largely "unworkable" and many of the problems BSA is up against is because they are trying to use the Bankruptcy Court in ways and for purposes it was never designed for. Color me unsympathetic to BSA's impatience to the daunting tasks of due diligence and taking care of the victims.
  5. The longer the bankruptcy drags on, and COVID drags on, as well as the other forces working against BSA the less I'm certain that BSA will be able to survive in any sort of long term. I don't know that any promised future funds will come to to fruition at all, or at least to the level they think it will. BSA is hemorrhaging and is using their rainy day funds. The problem is the storm doesn't seem to be ending soon.
  6. I'm guessing the meter will still be ticking as far as BSA burning through money on legal fees while all this unfolds? Perhaps they will run out of money before this is all said and done. That wouldn't make Mr. Kosnoff unhappy one bit if they have to convert to Chap. 7 and go under.
  7. I have direct first hand knowledge of an individual who received a letter (a certified letter was sent and a copy was hand delivered to the Scout and one of his parents) terminating the youth's membership in Scouting. The former Scout struck a teacher with a large, heavy object. The teacher was aware of the youth's involvement with Scouting and contacted National. The SE delivered the letter to them at school. I witnessed the letter being hand delivered. The letter mentioned no means of appealing the decision and it was effective immediately.
  8. Thank you. I will draft that email today. I expect it to be met with silence like my previous inquiries.
  9. Is there a recording or transcript of the presentation or a log of who participated? I would be interested to determine what my local Council's value is listed as and if they participated. Our Council has not provided any information beyond the company line quite some time ago that everyone else got... Counicls are separate, money stays local, etc....
  10. @MYCVAStory How long do these Town Hall Meetings generally last? I'm hoping to be able to listen in.
  11. In IL the foster care system has funds available to cover things like sports fees, summer camp fees, youth membership fees, etc.. and Scouting associated costs is something that they can try to pursue funds for.
  12. Our Lodge seemed to have a strong camp staff bias for nominations. While folks who were serving in a program like NYLT and are working all year to make that a success often didn't seem to get as much love. Also youth who staffed national events such as NAYLE went largely unrecognized. Being a member of the LEC, an Adult Advisor, a camp staff, etc are not the only things to be considered as evidenced by the information pasted below. The Vigil Honor is a high mark of distinction and recognition reserved for those Arrowmen who, by reason of exceptional service, personal effort, and unse
  13. I had a fellow or two in my Wood Badge Patrol that hailed from that Council. At least one of them came up in that Council and got his Eagle there. Let me see if I can find his contact information. If I can't dig that up, I'll reach out to some folks in our OA Section that hail from there and see what they can find out.
  14. I can only speak to the American Red Cross as that is who I have my instructor certification through. My employer is an authorized provider with the Red Cross and I teach BBP, First Aid, and CPR for my employer for our employees. I also teach my Scouts these skills and am a WFA Instructor. Wilderness First Aid is $23 as far as the Red Cross fee for the course in 2020. The instructor may have you purchase materials as well, but they can actually be printed from the ARC website by the participants. There are supplies the instructor may need to get for the course that can't easily be reused
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