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  1. "I keep thinking neckers are girls you parked with." Ha!
  2. yikes... I'll say no more (other than I LOVE real neckers - - properly worn!)(This message has been edited by mr.jimi)
  3. I'm going with this... "We are anxious to have the co-operation of every Scout and Scout Official in making effective the regulations covering the Official Uniform, Insignia and Badges. To tolerate a conscious disregard for requirements, even in simple matters, breeds disrespect for law and order. "When I have found boys wearing the neckerchief, under instead of over the shirt collar, it developed that invariably the Scouts, and indeed their own Scoutmaster, did not understand the correct way of wearing the neckerchief. I am anxious that every Scout and Scout Official study the diag
  4. "In 1972, someone who didn't read James E. West's memo on how to wear the Scout neckerchief decided to give folks the option of wearing a necker under an open collar..." A-ha, 1972! That explains it... remember what was "In" in 1972? Hint: Leisure suits, platform shoes, white belts! Guess I'm just an old-school throw-back, but I'll just stick to wearing my necker over my turned-under collar. The under collar thing just doesn't look right to me. Now if I can just find some knee-socks, garters and a garrison cap, I'll be all set! ;-)(This message has been edited by mr.jimi)
  5. Another thing... I've been away for a few years, but back in the day we ALWAYS wore our neckerchiefs on top of our collars (well actually with the collar turned under on long sleeve shirts - - the sumeer shirts were collarless). I just went to a big event and everybody that wore neckerchiefs had them on UNDER their collars. What's the deal?(This message has been edited by mr.jimi)
  6. Thanks!(This message has been edited by mr.jimi)
  7. Is it appropriate for an adult scouter to wear an Eagle Bolo tie on a uniform?
  8. Thanks! I think I'm a little past the point where I'd have the energy to deal with Pack or Troop responsibilty directly but I'm thinking I can contribute at District level. We'll see.
  9. Just re-joined the fold. I'll be in the Nothern Star Council, Lake Minnetonka District, District Committee Member. I have a special interest in Eagle Advancement. Eagle Scout 1962, three palms, God & Country, OA (Ordeal-Mitigwa Lodge), Troop 26, Des Moines Iowa. Attended 1960 50th Anniversary Jubilee Camporee (50 years ago... holy smokes!!!) Glad to be back!
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