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  1. why so many drop-outs? what reasons are they giving?
  2. not really about outfitters, but go to http://www.quietjourney.com Moose Lake is so built up (cottages), it's like Grand Central Station. Plus, all the speed boats don't help. Pop for the tow up Moose if you are starting from there
  3. I saw this article in the current issue of Scouting
  4. good article in the current Scouting Magazine on a troop trip to the Virgin Islands. The criteria for the trip may help you
  5. we flat out tell them No Families-that this isn't summer vacation. only one parent may come, has to go thru some yp training, and we make them sign a statement that they cannot be in the same sub-group as their son in any activity, nor as an activity judge, that they are there as Troop Adult Volunteer. most of the "volunteers" have sons in the New Scout Patrol (and that is probably why they worry-Jr. away from home for the first time), for which we do a couple of cabin camps first. We tell the volunteer we could really use them as kitchen help and clean-up. Most then change their minds. T
  6. after one or two treks at Philmont, you might suggest they consider Trail Crew or Rayado. are they interested in field biology? tell them about the Hornaday medal. a patrol week out west at Boulder Outdoor Survival School may interest them. It's hard. They are about 16, and the rest of the troop is about 12. this is too wide an age spread for one troop fits all
  7. don't the Seals themselves investigate imposters? I believe they do. This maybe should be the first step
  8. snacks--money for lots of snacks: snacks during the travel, snacks while at Jambo, snacks during side trips. also pack some stamps for picture postcards. may need some contingency money to replace broken or lost gear
  9. car wash works better if you combine it with a bake sale. keep the baked goods well away from the hoses in case (I mean when) the water fight starts. Bake sale portion does better if you can also offer cold soda pop, iced tea, water or even hot coffee. Has anyone made money with a free car wash?
  10. we've been pushing the gardening mb like mad, but no-one wants to pull weeds. we've suggested our rent-a-scouts cut their prices for those down on their luck--some will, some won't. we sometimes help other non-profits with volunteer help
  11. it is almost impossible for small town merchants to compete with the Big Box because they can't put in the hours necessary (9 to 9 everyday). Has the town contacted mainstreet.org? if the town can't do manufacturing, that leaves farming, tourism or bedroom community. can the old railroad bed be turned into a bike trail? anything historic happen in town where you can have a yearly festival?
  12. nolesrule: we do the giftcards for two area groceries. first we took a survey to see where the Scout parents actually shopped, and approached those specific stores. one gives us 3%. we still need to call the parents from time to time to refill the card, or even do they need a new card. receipts from renewals go into a hopper for prize drawings at the Families of Troop # Christmas potluck (where we discuss the troop's past year) do the math: $100 a week for groceries is $150 into the troop ea year
  13. newbies can't organize an entire outing first time right out of the chute. we have them organize part of the outing. when they get that right, we give them an additional part. drivers - for the drive home - ask their carful how everything went. this is a much more relaxed setting, but with a captive audience
  14. John-in-KC: From having lived in the area, I can tell you that not many in South Florida buy Christmas wreaths
  15. Not everyone likes to sell. Your three (?) fundraisers: pizza cards, spaghetti dinner, popcorn all involve sales. You might consider a change of pace -- a non-selling findraiser. who set up the troop's accounting-bookkeeping system in the first place? the way troop expenses are jumbled with personal expenses makes us wonder. Please don't be offended by us. Some of us who have been in Scouting a long time -- from Cub Sprouts to Scouter have been there, done that. We sometimes see consequences where newbies may not even see causes. Sometimes we are even correct.
  16. >>Just a note - You are the Advancement Chair. How a Troop puts it's finances together is NOT YOUR JOB. Your CC is in charge of the Troop Committee. This includes running the Committee meetings and shutting down discussions that get out of hand or go on to long. The CC is also in charge of all of the Troop Committee members, including the Advancement Chair and the Treasurer. Any discussions about how the Troop finances are run should be starting with the CC, the Treasurer, and the SM, NOT the Advancement Chair -- Scoutnut
  17. pass out pledge cards they listen real good after that
  18. we were adult led our first two years, while we worked on a transitioning program, and we remain adult led for the new scouts patrol. We show plenty of scouting type movies to "suggest" things. we also have brochures for high adventure & similar in the literature rack. the plc has its own subscription to Scouting. we do a lot more than 90 minutes a week. add in the patrol meeting, which is usually some kind of field trip (they take public trans) or outing, our monthly backpacking hike to camp, quarterly fund raisers, community service projects, summer camp, high adventure, merit badge
  19. we love going to camporees--our district, out of district,,,when our Scouts visit others & come back to us with "their troop does such & such, how come we don't?" We'll tell them "you want it , you can have it. just submit a budget & Gantt chart to the troop." we also like the inter-troop patrol competitions; tells us if we're effective or not. If not, we discuss it with the PLC & the SPLs; their decision. some camporees have a skills award camporee patch instead. those who earned them, wear 'em. those who haven't seem to get peer review. during patrol cooking, we m
  20. I had to double-check with our treasureer, but yes, using a tax exempt account for personal use items is quite frowned upon. If Johnny wanted to lend the troop $10 for mb manuals, that would be OK as long as they go into the troop library after he's done with them. (I know, another loan to make good on) Buying a pack or other personal equipment would be OK if they're going to be used as awards, but not if an individual just wants to get out of paying sales tax. We can use our troop funds to buy tee-shirts (a previous example you mentioned), but only if everyone participating in a troo
  21. by letting them fail more instead of rushing in to fix things. By not signing off on things when they almost have it instead of being accomplished at it. we volunteer at the soup kitchen--mostly on holidays I admit. It gives a chance for some of the Scouts to talk with those who gave up too soon. we push the personal merit badges (budgeting, etc). the counselor we send them too is a stickler for getting it done right if our t'feet are having trouble starting a fire, we show them how it's done, but then put it out & make them start their own fire we they hand in their year
  22. "I could honestly give a rats bum what happens as long as the boys have what they need to succeed." Good for you! Absolutely!
  23. This is considered troop supplied gear. The reason is that it's too expensive for the typical 11 year old to buy, it lasts for years as Scouts come & go, it may be used by several people at the same time 1 nylon dining fly 12'x12', weight about 4 pounds 2 collapsible poles for dining fly, weight about 1 pound I BSA Philmont backpacker nylon tent with poles (per each 2 persons), weight about 5!4 pounds 1 trail chef kit: 6 pounds or: 4 pounds 8-quart pot 6-quart pot with lid 4-quart pot with lid 4-quart pot with lid I fry pan with handle 1 fry pan with handle 1 chef cutl
  24. I'm not understanding what you mean when you say you give your Scouts items to purchase? Also, could you go into more detail on your expenses for advancements? I'm really confused! We take a Scout is thrifty to mean each Scout must earn the money to pay his yearly dues. Also, that he needs to keep his individual account up to pay for campouts. His personal equipment he buys or makes himself--not counting birthday, Christmas and other gifts, but not handouts. This is the troop's first year? It will be easier next year as you will then know what has worked, or not, and how much it cost
  25. not sure how I got stuck under Unit Fundraising. Oh, well!
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