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  1. Thank you all for your advice. My son is currently transcribing the calls lower for the clarinet and practicing them in turn. He also has located an adult who is willing to give him some lessons on the bugle. The current troop merit badge counselor cannot actually play the instrument as far as I know. Great idea on the clarinet because it is giving him some confidence! I think he will persevere a while longer now. He was only practicing every couple of days because barely making a note was so discouraging. Now he can flip between learning the music and trying to get the notes going
  2. My son is a First Class scout working on Star. He took the position of responsibility of Bugler and has been practicing for a couple of months once every few days. As of this point, he can play one (maybe two) notes only. So my questions: 1) Any advice on getting him to the point of being able to play? He has looked at Youtube videos and online advice. His father, a brass player, has tried to help as well. My son does play the clarinet quite competently but this seems to be a whole other animal... 2) At what point should he say to the Scoutmaster that this isn't working out?
  3. Thank you both! The troop he is entering does a fair bit of camping, including at least one backpacking and one wilderness trip each year. We are in the South so it does not get as cold as some northern places. You guys had some great ideas - a headlamp seems very Hanukkah and scout-like at the same time! Thanks.
  4. Hanukkah will be upon us soon and I want to get my son something that he will need for Boy Scouts. He is an AOL who will cross to the Troop in March. Last year, we gave him a pocket knife. Any ideas on what would be best? I looked at possibly a mess kit, but I wasn't even sure what kind would be best for that.
  5. I am about to order some stuff for my son online and I am wondering if the uniforms run true to their regular size. In particular, I am about to buy my son the switchback pants for Boy Scouts.
  6. There also are these for the woodworking adverse - http://pinterest.com/pin/398216792021348964/ Our Wal-Mart had the wooden rulers for 25 cents a piece and I think you could do this with $1 worth of rulers for each boy.
  7. When we did Craftsman, we did "non-traditional" picture frames (http://pinterest.com/pin/398216792021774701/) with cardboard, fabric, pushpins, a stapler and string. Using a sheet for the fabric and cardboard from Costco, I think the whole project cost about $10 total. The kids gave them as holiday presents and really enjoyed it. I have also seen nice, non-traditional frames made from things like rocks and wire http://pinterest.com/pin/398216792021426149/ and cardboard and clothespins http://pinterest.com/pin/398216792021574146/ For the wood objects, 1) we made "tikis" for Blue a
  8. We definitely go for a finished product by meeting's end. We also tried to scatter the craftsman requirements throughout the year so they did them in the middle of other badges. Some examples- 1) a beaded red/white/blue kerchief slide during citizenship 2) a wooden tiki cut from branches and decorate with nailed on things and paint for the luau theme B&G 3) duct tape wallet (just because but it could go with family member and the money tracking) 4) polymer clay Christmas ornaments and key chains None of these took more than an hour.
  9. Forgive me if this is a duplicate thread, but I cannot get the search to work... What was your best pack meeting? We are looking for ideas for next year. Thanks!
  10. Just by way of FYI... I grew up in the North where there were lots of synagogues, temples, shuls, etc. from which to choose. I now live in the South where there is only one Reform and one Conservative choice within driving distance. I would love to do a religious emblems class for both GSUSA and BSA. I know they would never go for it at my synagogue and I don't think the Conservative one would, but I have never asked. I also would love to get a Scout Shabbat going for both scouts. I did lead my son through the Macabee emblem and he is working on Aleph. My daughter just started Lehavah
  11. You can peruse all the senior badges and requirements here: http://scruggseasthigh.wikispaces.com/Senior+Journey+badges and here: http://scruggseasthigh.wikispaces.com/Girl+Scout+Legacy+Badges The Legacy Badges and Skills Badges do not have to be tied to a Journey specifically.
  12. Here is a link that does a pretty good job explaining the position of the Reform movement on BSA: http://rac.org/Articles/index.cfm?id=3231 This is an excerpt from the letter that was sent out by the Commission on Social Action of the Union of American Hebrew Congregations in 2000 after the Supreme Court ruling on inclusion of Gay Scouts and leaders: "In its new policy, which was mailed out to congregations this week, the CSA reached the painful decision to recommend that congregations sponsoring or housing troops/packs withdraw sponsorship and/or stop housing those troops/pack s effectiv
  13. This may not be the right place for this question, but I am a Cub Scout parent so this is where I look for posts... I notice there are some Jewish scouters on this forum. Have you ever experienced issues with scouts who are Reform Jews and their congregations not supporting BSA? Where I am, the Reform synagogue will have nothing to do with BSA - no Scout Shabbat, no presentation of religious emblems, no Eagle Scout projects can be done, etc. Has that been an issue where you are? Do you have any Reform scouts in your pack?
  14. Thanks all! That is the direction I was leaning...
  15. Can Kickball Belt Loop count as a team sport for the Webelos Sportsman requirements? Here is what it says: While you are a Webelos Scout, earn Cub Scouting Sports belt loops for two team sports (baseball, basketball, soccer, softball, volleyball, flag football, or ultimate). Thanks!
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