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  1. Sorry, Wolfie, I should have included the little sarcasm emoticon on my post. That is exactly what we have, but there is not dollar amount limit. The treasure sees everything I charge to the troop credit card in real time. If there is a question, he calls me. Which is what happened in this instance and how my error was caught. I don't believe "no harm, no foul" is a legal principle, but I believe "criminal intent" is. Perhaps JoiseyScouter can enlighten us.
  2. It's too bad we can't have someone in the troop receive instantaneous email notifications of all transactions. That would probably catch errors too. You can tell I'm overwrought with ambivalence, eh Pack?
  3. Dang, Pack, you cut me off. And sometimes stuff happens. About two weeks ago I was trying to buy something on eBay (which I do maybe once every two or three years). I knew the credit card attached to my PayPal account had expired, so I was in my PP account trying to add a new card. Huge PIA. Spent a half-hour digging around trying to figure it out. All of the sudden, a "Thank You For Your Payment" window pops up. Somehow I must have clicked something which authorized payment on one of the expired cards. So I send an email to the seller warning them that my charge will probably bounce, tha
  4. The main thing we don't know, Imachristian, is the troop leaders side of they story. I know you feel you have presented their point of view fairly, but I rather think they would disagree. No matter how thin a pancake, it always has two sides. All due respect, I don't believe you are in a position to objectively say what THEIR expectations may have been or whether or not THEY felt fully trained to deal with you son. I tend to agree with GSdad on this. God bless those leaders who can and will deal with special needs Scouts. But we are still volunteers and should have the latitude to decide
  5. That doesn't make sense. Districts are only administrative subdivisions of councils. Our council doesn't conduct any Cub activities -- everything is run through the districts. Ask the mom to cite the document which outlines the changes.
  6. For cubs and even younger Boy Scouts, I've found that a hand-drawn map of their immediate surroundings is very helpful. Being able to say, "here's the picnic table we're sitting at, there's the fire ring, here's your tent and here's my tent," makes it real -- the kids see the relationship between the map and the physical geography. Next step is to show them what it is to orient a map. You say, "we're at the picnic tables and the fire ring is off to the left" but the fire ring is to the right. You then show them how to orient the map so now the fire right to the right both in reality and on the
  7. Well, yeah, Pack, something like that last part. I was hoping someone would figure out the issue here is not who he asks or what he asks, or even the answer he receives, but who is doing the asking.
  8. So if his patrol leader says, "Heck if I know, I don't even own a uniform" is there something particularly bad that happens?
  9. Andy's mom hit on this awhile back and everyone sorta blew past her. But I think it goes to the heart of the issue: Why the hell are you doing a day hike in avalanche country? When did that become the expectation of the program? When did the "Promise of Scout" become that our outings would look like a Mountain Dew commercial? Back in the day, we were perfectly happy to hike a mile or so into the woods, set up camp and spend the weekend hanging around the fire with our mates tending a big stew or chili over a day or two. No more. And we have raised those expectations ourselves. W
  10. YOUR SON should be asking his patrol leader.
  11. We've used Advantage Emblem (www.advantageemblem.com) for our neckers for years and have been very please with both the quality and service. Their art department is great. We send sketches on paper towels and get great-looking designs back. And their BSA registered suppliers so you don't have to worry about all the copyright mumbo-jumbo.
  12. #1. In theory, the sponsor of a race is receiving something of value for its sponsorship fee -- visibility, good will and an opportunity for promotion. #2. I think you're confusing the rules for an Eagle Project. Say your gas station owner is an elderly person who has done much for the community over the years. There is nothing which says a unit can't do their good turn for the day for anyone they wish.(That would not be the case for an Eagle project, however.) Similarly, if funds are raised for such a project, I know of no rule stating any extra funds have to go to the gas station. In th
  13. What other merit badges are you working on, Christine?
  14. DON'T MAKE ME WATCH GLUE DRY. Seriously, for years, CSRT was craft night. The little granny lady who ran it always had a craft for us to make. And we, in fact, made the craft. I usually played the jackass and took the same pieces and made something different -- like taking the Styrofoam balls destined to become a snowman and making them into a family of Jack In The Box characters. She got PO'd at that. Seriously, keep in mind you're dealing with adults. As for crafts, show me the finished product, give me the printed instructions and materials list. If you really must, make one yours
  15. Over the past few years our brother pack has started assigning planning and execution of pack activities (PWD, Scouting for Food, Blue & Gold, etc.) to the dens. While the den leaders are free to delegate the responsibility to a parent in the den or for the den to run it as a group effort, it is ultimately the responsibility of the DL. So after 5+ years of this, the DLs cross over into the troop and retirement. Used to be the DLs were my best troop volunteers -- they generally understood the program and what it involved. Now, the better volunteers are those who sat out Cub Scouts and
  16. We don't manage PORs to accommodate advancement. My official position is you should elect or select the best person for the job. But where the rubber meets the road I know the Scouts do a little horse trading to make sure they get a shot at the PORs they need. And that's as it should be. It's part of taking care of the Scouts below you so that everyone gets a shot -- even if you know a particular Scout is not the best qualified and may create more work for your. Frankly, BW, if Tommy is almost 17, likely a rising senior, probably driving and still doesn't have the initiative, drive and
  17. In all the years I followed these forums, I can hardly think of an statement with which I disagree more. The strength of the BSA program lies in its roots with local communities through the system of chartering partners. The relationship with the COs not only give the program stability, but molds every unit to the standards and values of the communities they serve. Local leaders, who understand both the core BSA program AND the strengths, abilities and needs of the Scouts and Scouters in the unit are able to deliver a much better program than one strictly dictated from above. Quite the
  18. Be careful what you ask for. On the one hand, it would be difficult to create job-specific training for, say, a unit treasurer given the differences in unit operations -- everything from a CPA using professional standards to cash in one envelope and receipts in another. On the other hand, look what a mess we have trying to get people to sit down for YP training every two years. Do you really want to add that many more hoops to jump through at recharter time?
  19. I would have gone with Isle of Skye, too. The whisky there is wonderful.
  20. Ultimately, this is a chain-of-command issue to be worked out between the pastor, the CC and the SM. I assume the pastor is the head of the Chartered Organization. If that's the case, I would suggest the troop accommodate his request that scheduling requests go through the SM. Without the CO, the troop program doesn't exist. I think it's a pretty good lesson for the Scouts to learn that their program doesn't exist in a vacuum. Everyone is answerable to someone and you need to remember who signs your check. That said, our PLC schedules troop activities, including ECOHs and work days s
  21. 1. Wash in soapy water 2. Dunk in boiling water 3. Hold over fire to dry vs. 1. Wash in soapy water 2. Dunking rinse water 3. Dunk in water with a sanitizing tablet Not sure I see a huge difference.
  22. With the sanitizer, you don't need boiling water. The sanitizer works in cold water. We teach the Scouts to heat one kettle of hot water and divide it among the three tubs, then adding sufficient cold water for the job. Using warm water help cut the grease and makes it a little more comfortable in cold weather.
  23. Not their job either. If these two need life coaches, therapists, ministers or exorcists, they need to look in the yellow pages.
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