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  1. They do give you a sample, but you have to look hard to find it ... http://media.boyslife.org/meritbadge/cooking/
  2. I would like to add that the only reason this has become my business is because it happened at a scout event at the school. If it had happened elsewhere, I would have told the ASM that this is not a Unit issue.
  3. Thank you all for your comments and replies. You have confirmed my belief that this woman probably should not have a place in the leadership of our Troop. The ASM and his family are some of our closest friends and I wanted a few other opinions before I made a decision. I wanted to make sure my personal feelings weren't clouding my judgement. And, like I said, there is quite a bit more to the story. I'd like to be clear that I am not questioning that she is hearing from God. That is something the ASM will have to discern for himself and since he is a man of deep Christian faith, I do not worry about him or his kids. His oldest son just earned the God and Life award, and the youngest was recently baptized (in the Jordan River no less) after earning the God and Church award. They will discuss as a family and likely learn great lessons from this. His concern was not even for his own kids, but for other kids who might not have the same faith, support, and personal strength. We are not chartered to a faith group. We are chartered to a non-sectarian private school. Our scouts include Christians, Catholics, Mormons, Hindus and Muslims. Something said to the wrong family and in the wrong context could actually result in the school revoking our charter. I would absolutely risk losing one scout if it means keeping the program alive for the other 29 boys.
  4. I am the COR of our troop ... An ASM came up to me yesterday and complained about what he felt were inappropriate comments made to him by another adult. The ASM who made the complaint was in the car with his two sons - 15 and 12 years old - when a woman in the troop who sits on the committee walked up to him and said, "You don't look very good. And God told me you were going to have a catastrophic event happen in your life in the next year that will cause your death." My question is ...what do you do in this situation. The ASM can handle himself, but was disturbed because she made comments about his impending death in front of his kids. There is a lot of background that I won't go into ... suffice it to say that our experience with this family has been less than fruitful or positive.
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