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  1. I would image pony beads? That's usually what the kids get at Day Camp at each activity. Even those tri beads would be good, you know those ones that kind of nest? http://www.ebay.com/itm/like/321683320178?lpid=82&chn=ps This seems like a good deal too, then they kind of get to pick their bead- http://www.walmart.com/ip/25388937?wmlspartner=wlpa&selectedSellerId=0&adid=22222222227018175097&wl0=&wl1=g&wl2=c&wl3=42972668192&wl4=&wl5=pla&wl6=81464981552&veh=sem
  2. I like the necklace idea. Everyone loves wearing beads and is a great topic piece for other leaders- "Why do you have those beads?" or "Where did you get those beads?". Great idea! Like you, we don't typically meet jointly. We have a beginning meeting with everyone to discuss Council events and such then we break out. BS side does what they do and we do what we do which is usually a discussion and maybe some reading materials that go along with the discussion. I like the guest visitor idea. It'd be a great way to advertise too how easy it is to get someone to come to a meeting and the kids g
  3. I've been in that same boat! Someone volunteered to run a Roundtable once and it was painful. We made those colorful window hanging things and it just hurt being there. Trust me, I am all for crafts, but I can find this stuff on Pinterest, or I'd rather pass a finished product around and have her say "It was super simple- you just need blah, blah and blah and it takes about 20 minutes. Our Tigers and Wolves loved it!" Or whatever she had to say. Our RT is definitely more discussion driven. We like to know what everyone is doing, where you're going, tricks on how to get parent involvement,
  4. We've tried that and it went over really well. We were actually thinking of each meeting featuring 1 adventure from each rank and ideas on how to do it, places to go, etc. Does that seem along the same lines/something you as a Scouter would feel inclined to go to to get some ideas?
  5. We have our length down pat. A lot of fun people show up so we usually go over an hour (not by much) but it's because we get off topic or whatever. There has not been 1 complaint about the length of the meeting, only how the content is getting old, which is why we're trying to revitalize the topics and bring some new ones in.
  6. That's usually why it seems after each topic there's an open discussion. It goes over well and as you mentioned, it gets the current questions answered because the question can't wait a month or however long.
  7. From what we can tell, no one feels that way. We have regular people that show up but once their child moves onto Boy Scouts they start going to the Boy Scout breakout session. So there's a natural loss of people just because Cub Scouts is no longer needed. Some of the activities you mentioned were good ideas but seem more like the boys are there to do it. Did your RT have the actual Cubs come along too?
  8. Our Roundtables are definitely short and sweet and used to be full of opinions and ideas but since the topics have been used over and over again, it's sometimes a drag. My sister and I attend Roundtable monthly (except in October when they review rechartering) and even though it can be a drag, we still go because we want to be there. It's hard to find more than 10 people who want to be there and want to actually engage in a really good Scouting conversation. BSA does have ideas to follow and not to 'bash' the BSA (because trust me, I love them) they can get so boring. It's not what people
  9. My sister and I agreed last night to take over the Cub Scout Roundtable break out session. We feel like we've done all the topics known to man and are looking for some topic ideas. We know some topics will naturally come up with the new program but we obviously need to plan ahead. Any ideas? We are also trying to get more leaders to come to Roundtable. Our district has the highest attendance in the Council but it feels like it's always the same people. I know there's a common misconception that RT is for Committee Chairs and Cubmasters only, but that's not true. Our topics benefit everyone. A
  10. There are 9 Webelos 2, 13 Webelos 1 (our group), 6 Bears, 6 Wolves, and 6 Tigers. It's a shame because they have fun when someone is running the meeting and I don't understand why a parent doesn't observe this and say something.. I know everyone is busy, trust me I know all about that, but to not step up and let this be taken away from your child... It's sad.
  11. Unfortunately we did try this and we had no success. Maybe if we got a new group of kids in addition to the current ones some of those parents would step forward but all these parents just look at us like we're crazy for even asking. These parents won't even come to Committee Meetings or anything. We're hoping that if we still don't have a leader but recruit more kids maybe this eventually will be a success but as of right now, the parents just aren't motivated enough.
  12. We actually did do this! It worked great with the parents my sister and I have in our group and the 2 groups above us. The Tigers, Wolves, and Bears... not so much. We didn't do the point system though because sometimes we can't reply on the same parent coming to meetings, etc. We also tried a sign up and saying "Okay, let's make this a group effort because we can't run all these groups alone.." and all the parents just sat there and offered nothing.
  13. I'm sure this has been posted here before and I apologize for reposting if it has been... But here's my Pack's situation. We are a thriving Pack and have changed the Pack so much over the past 5 years. Our Cubmaster (who has been CM for 5 years) is leaving in February when his son goes to Boy Scouts and I am taking over. His Webelos 2 Den Leader/Unofficial Asst. CM is also leaving with his son. Now we've expected this as I'm sure many Packs do. But our Webelos 2 Den Leader's wife is the Wolf leader and she's leaving on not-so-good terms. AND our Tiger leader just quit because he's moving (he
  14. Cubmaster 205, I've e-mailed the ceremony along to you.
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