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  1. Turns out this man actually committed suicide: http://www.cnn.com/2009/US/11/24/kentucky.census.worker.death/index.html(This message has been edited by the blancmange)
  2. >>> I thought the pocket was for cigarettes? Gee, in our troop iPods are just as forbidden as cigarettes......
  3. "Hmmm....has anyone in your pack completed BALOO training? didn't anyone know that cubs don't tent camp below 40 deg" Please show me where that comes from. One night at our council Webelos resident camp last summer was below 40 and they didn't send anyone home. Most boys didn't seem to mind. Heck, if my wife would let me I would keep the house that cold at night.
  4. Sounds like it is a good thing the boy is in Scouting. I would leave the situation alone. Sooner or later the boy will go home and ask, "Dad, why don't you stand during the pledge like everyone else?"
  5. Since this was only on Fox, does that mean this is straight from the Republican Party? Right-wing propaganda? :-) Could be??? Or maybe the video footage is from another hostage incident: http://www.freep.com/article/20091111/BLOG36/91111029/Did-Fox-News-use-fake-footage Seriously, kudos to the Scout for showing such bravery. (This message has been edited by the Blancmange)
  6. I've used several of these recipes with success. The site is canoe-oriented, so some of them might use ingredients that are a little heavy for a longer backpacking trip, but many are just right. I, too, try to avoid pre-packaged trail foods, even though I usually throw one in for an emergency or spare if something else doesn't work out. http://www.quietjourney.com/recipes/
  7. John-in-KC wrote: Take your Den Chief. He's part of your leadership team. If you do not take him, you need to have a business conversation with your Cubmaster and his Scoutmaster about why you are relieving him of his Position of Responsibility for cause. Is he really that bad?? He's there to help your young people learn. Let him help teach cooking to your young men. Let him help teach tent pitching. Let him help with first aid, or a game. Sheesh. I've re-read this thread and have no idea where these comments are coming from. In my original post, I indicated that this was the first
  8. Thanks for the replies. I didn't mean to suggest that the DC should have to bring a parent, but rather was considering the fact that this is a Cub outing, rather than Boy Scout outing, and while he may be a leader, he is still a youth. Perhaps I am just overthinking this. Two of us going are registered and trained Cub leaders. The DC is very gung ho about his new position and I want to encourage him.
  9. Our WEBELOS den is planning a campout. As it is WEBELOS den camping, each scout will have a parent with him. This is the first year I have had a den chief and would like to invite him, but was not sure if it would be appropriate, as he would not have a parent along. Particularly, how would we handle sleeping arrangments, where each WEBELOS was to tent with his parent? How do others handle this?
  10. This scenario begs the question, if the PL is removed, who will replace him? One of the scouts who was involved in the original incident? What does that teach them - if you want a POR, all you have to do is sabotage the person currently in the position? As was pointed out - all of the adults on the trip were apparently aware of what the PL was doing and did not take issue with it. Certainly seems illogical to take such a harsh step.
  11. Generally speaking, do NOT remove the internal frame! I learned that the hard way. I have a pack with 2 metal bars inside which had become bent awkwardly due to poor packing in a move. I removed them from the sleeves to reshape them and have never been able to get them completely back into the sleeves. The pack is still functional, but the bars have a tendancy to start to pop out.
  12. If indeed this was your only legal problem, and it was 12 years ago, you might consider applying for a pardon or expungement, depending on what is available in your state. Talk to a lawwyer who practices criminal law near you.
  13. Body fat % testing is pointless for someone whose BMI is in the normal range. The only logical use for this test in this context would be for a very muscular individual, who is actually quite fit, but whose BMI shows them to be overweight. Unlikely in an adolescent. I suppose it could also show an unhealthy low body composition, but it doesn't sound like BSA is too concerned about that. If you belong to the Y or a fitness center, they can probably test body fat % for you.
  14. The application doesn't ask about mental health issues or commitments. As for the child support this is (at least in the states I am familiar with) a civil contempt proceeding rather than criminal. On their face, these things would not appear to be disqualifying. However, if I were the person conducting the check, I would at least want to know more about the commitment to be sure that there are no ongoing issues. There is a "catch-all" question at the end of the background questions where this would arguably fit.
  15. I like it too, however, I just finshed sewing everything on my centennial shirt with the bellows and don't feel like doing that again for a while. I had to laugh when I read "ease of care" and "dry clean only" in the same description, though.
  16. Thanks, guys. I think I just wasn't reading the requirment carefully. I agree with the "bling" commments. We finally got most of our pack into uniforms and now they are anxious to get "stuff" on them.
  17. I think they're sharp. Bought them for both my sons & me. They are a pain to sew on, however, since you have to go around twice.
  18. We planned and held activities in June, July, and August, but unfortunately did not meet the 50% attendance requirement for the summertime pack award. However, We did have about 6 boys who did attend all three events. My question is, can those boys be awarded the individual pin even though the pack did not qualify? Thanks.
  19. I'd didn't suggest that they be banned. I'm not naive enough to think that is possible. But there are plenty of legal activities that we don't teach at summer camp or as part of merit badges. I've been around the water, in small powerboats and canoes, for most of my life. I've seen my share of boaters who ignore the rules of right-of-way, slow or no-wake zones, and those who come too close to other vessels at high speed, just as I've seen my share of crappy drivers on the road. The difference with jet skiers is that the bad behavior seems to be the norm rather than the exception.
  20. Jet skis are an absolute nuisance and Scouting should not encourage their use. I know someone is going to jump all over me about teaching responsible operation, but responsible operators of these things are so few and far between that I think misuse in inherent in the nature of the machine.
  21. But our big brother troop doesn't lend anything. They offered to rent us stuff to the tune of $10-20 per person per weekend. That's pretty hokey, unless there is some history of damaging or not returning equipment. Go ahead and pay them the money and then charge them admission when they want to have a crossover for your boys. By the fact that you call them a "big brother troop," I presume that you are chartered to the same organization. Maybe they think they have a monopoly on your boys and don't have to do any "marketing." I'll bet you could find a neighboring troop that would be more acco
  22. Forgive me, but as far as I know, a person does not get put on the Abuse registry until/unless they are convicted of a crime. I think you are confusing the abuse registry with the sex offender registry, which is for convicted sex offenders. Abuse registries are generally maintained by your state's Department of Human Services, or equivalent. People are placed on the registry after someone reports alleged abuse and DHS determines the report to be "founded." There is an administrative appeal process, but the level of proof required is nowhere near as high as in a criminal case. There ar
  23. Beavah's advice is sound. I used to fall squarely within No. 1, until I figured out that the kids just learned to smile and nod during my lecture, and then I ended up doing the job. It never worked.
  24. Here is a recent, real news story that shows scouting in a bad light. It discusses the salary paid to a local SE both immediately prior to and after retirement. A closer reading of the story reveals that the salary was in line with both BSA and other non-profit salaries. The public comments are what are even more troubling. http://tinyurl.com/mhvhgn
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