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  1. Sounds like a power issue to me. If the ASM was provding constructive input, why would one not want him there? If someone were being disruptive or trying to monopolize the meeting, that might be a reason to deal with it on an individual basis. Troop operations should be an open book. With the exception of some of the issues mentioned that call for privacy or discretion, I see no reason to exclude a parent from the committee meetings.(This message has been edited by the blancmange)
  2. I don't have any experience with this specific bag, but being an Alps product, it is probably good quality. But I just can't see any conventional rectangular bag being comfortable at or near 20 deg. It's impossible to seal off drafts around the neck and there is a lot of empty air space inside the bag that requires energy to keep warm. But if you're taking cubs, you're probably not using it near that temp, and it may be just right.
  3. are we doing it right? Yes any suggestions? Provide them with a list of neighboring troops where they can receive this level of "service", preferably those troops with reputations as eagle mills. Seriously, I would not want parents expressing anger towards volunteers in my unit, particularly over something over which the volunteers have no control. (This message has been edited by the blancmange)
  4. I don't profess to know the inner workings of the National executive board, but suspect most of the actual decision making comes from the pros. I also suspect Gates "gets it" a lot more so than our current CSE. Consider some quotes from his Jambo speech: I believe that today, as for the past 100 years, there is no finer program for preparing American boys for citizenship and leadership than the Boy Scouts of America. I have served eight presidents. I have traveled the world and had many extraordinary experiences. I have met many remarkable people. But, at this point in my life, I can tel
  5. I'd vote for the Rowe-Gates ticket in a heartbeat! Ditto. That's a great idea, and not all that far-fetched under the current circumstances. What else is Gates going to do, sign on with some stuffy think tank?
  6. Our meetings are posted on the Troop website and anyone is welcome to attend and provide input. The only time we have had non-committee member parents attend is when the committee is considering more significant issues. I suspect, for most troops, encouraging members to attend is a bigger issue than coming up with reasons to prevent someone from attending.
  7. >>>>>The Rattlesnake Roundup was a little too much?
  8. We have a small pack and don't have two distinct dens for 4th and 5th graders. Our pack has several summer activitities, but we do not have regular meetings over the summer. So at our last meeting a couple weeks ago, I sat down with all of the incoming and returning Webelos had a brainstorming session about what they want to do. We looked at the list of badges and discussed which ones had to be done for Webelos and AOL, as well as which ones interested them. They had some questions, like which one can they build rockets for (scientist, fyi). I have a list of local trails and campgrounds, a
  9. >>>>> Much of this is outside what the guideline call for. If councils would simply follow the rules much of this would be eliminated.
  10. The one thing I hate about my supplex shirt is that if I leave it in the dryer for more than a few minutes or don't hang it immediately upon taking it off, it looks terribly wrinkled. Also the collar is a bit too soft and never looks "crisp," even if I do iron it.
  11. Field uniform is also referred to as Class A uniform shirt and leather shoes. I was doc'd points when our new unit commissioner did his uniform inspection because I had tennis shoes on... That is a made-up rule. The only official guidance on shoes is that they be "neat and clean"
  12. Only CC's, COR's, and SM's or CM's are able to change the information online. If you are in one of these positions and still can't do it, I would contact your council office, as I believe they have control over this access.(This message has been edited by the blancmange)
  13. The BSA does not indemnify the CO from legal damages should they be sued by a parent of an injured Scout. They most certainly do. Read your charter agreement. http://cubmaster.org/charterpartneragreement.pdf Specifically, the 5th bullet item in the right column. This liability program is administered by the BSA and is self-insured for the first million. In the Florida case, all of the attorneys are on BSA's dime and any settlement or judgment will come from them, too. The Oregon situation involved abuse and church policies, and is not comparable.
  14. Not the solution you are looking for, but Southwest's website is showing Hartford to Midway for $181 on July 17th.
  15. I would punt. Since this is a district or council event, I would ask whoever is running the event and be guided by that answer. Being on the charter is not explicitly linked to liability insurance. Although I can't find it right now, I know there is an allowance for prospective scouts who have not yet turned in an application to "try out" scouting. Liability insurance covers scouters and volunteers. Whether he would be covered by coucil-provided accident insurance is another issue.
  16. To make tacos even easier for a group, try "walking tacos." Use individual size bags of tortilla chips, Doritos, Fritos, etc. Crush them slightly in the bag, and cut the bag open (hint: cut the long edge of the bag, rather than the crimped end to make a larger opening - easier to eat). Add taco meat and regular taco toppings. Eat with a fork.
  17. Glad to hear your preparations are going well. I realize you are only using them because they are what you have available for your training trips, but just for discussion I wanted to point out that frame style packs are not the best choice for canoe trips. While they are the most comfortable for carrying loads on long hikes, they are very difficult to pack efficiently into a canoe. The evelope shape, duluth style, but made from modern materials including a hip belt, is still the best trade-off between capacity, ability to pack into the canoe, and ability to carry. It sounds like that is what N
  18. What would your reaction be if somebody took a nice, high-quality tan shirt and used it as a Boy Scout uniform, applying patches, etc. to it? If it was a scout in my unit, I would discretely find out if he had difficulty acquiring a real one, and if so, the troop would help him. If it was anyone else, I would think to myself, "hmm, interesting," and that would be the end of it.
  19. See the FAQ's on the national website: http://www.scouting.org/scoutsource/HealthandSafety/Resources/MedicalFormFAQs.aspx Subtract 6 pounds for each inch under 60".
  20. Sorry BDPT00, I honestly didnt know what you were saying or who you were responding too, Ducks in a row? I thought I was quoting the news article. I think part of the confusion is that no one else has seen the article to which you are referring. Could you post a link? I would be curious to read it.
  21. I haven't seen what our council will be charging yet, but based on the reported fee of $900 and $3500 example above, where does the extra $2600 go, especially if national is providing most of the non-personal gear? Travel is obviously the most significant expense. Are they flying 1st class?
  22. Well, all of the crews in my local council are outdoors focused, so that is the basis for my assumption. Regardless, it still seems counterintuitive for anything but a dormitory-style setup. Do you put adults in youth's hotel rooms? All the other guidance I have seen would say no.
  23. Regardless of the exact date, I think the important point to take from these answers is that the change corresponds to the end of the school year rather than the time a cub earns his rank badge. In other words, a Bear who earns his badge in January or February cannot begin participating in Webelos events.
  24. Strange how they use the word "house" with a program that is primarily an outdoors program. How does the adult leader "housed" with each gender requirement work if you are backpacking and using 2 person tents? Obviously you can't have an unrelated adult in a tent with a youth, but according to the policy, you also can't have 2 youth members in a tent without an adult ????? (This message has been edited by the blancmange)
  25. I'm not Lutheran and hadn't heard much about this, but the topic piqued my interest. I'm curious about the basis for th question, as just looking at the group's website, i don't see anything consistent with non-beleif in the resurrection. In fact, I quickly found this statement: 2. The Gospel of Salvation We believe and confess that all human beings are sinners, and that sinners are redeemed by the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. God alone justifies human beings by faith in Christa faith that God creates through the message of the Gospel. As ambassadors for Christ, God uses us
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