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  1. Patience is the key to the success of a patrol, a troop, even a single Scout. Adults have to learn not to follow their instincts and come to the rescue at the first sign of trouble. Sometimes the Scouts even have to "fall flat on their faces" in order to learn. One thing I've seen done with a new PLC is to have the adults run the first meeting as an example and then turn the reins over to the Scouts for the next one. This can work well as training by example. But the Scouts must know beforehand that they are in charge, this is only an example to show how it's done. If the adults still do too much talking have them in separate rooms. PLC in one, adults in another, close enough to help "if asked." Far enough not to hinder the Scouts.
  2. Its Me: Somewhere along the way you've missed out on the magic that Scouting brings into your life. I have it and I can see it in many of my fellow forum members as I read what they post. You mention soccer and the chess club but neither of these can begin to compare to what Scouting (properly done) will bring into your life. Soccer may benefit the body thru physical activity and chess may benefit the mind thru mental exercise, but Scouting benefits the whole of a person. Not many things out there that do that. Like the others have said please don't force your son out because of what you feel. Step back and just be a parent. If the time comes that he wants to stop being a Scout on his own, fine. But let that decision belong to him. From a person who believes in Scouting
  3. Three OWLS in a row, Can't get much better than that. Some are old and some are bold but WOOD BADGE OWLS are good as gold t158sm SR-33
  4. "I wouldn't expect there to be any issues with a single scout changing councils, it's only having a whole pack leave one council for another that is sticky. " GS-CS: Please listen. I've been in Scouting for almost 30 years. MOST OF THE TIME COUNCILS DO NOT INTERACT AMONG THEMSELVES ESPECIALLY NOT AT THE LOCAL LEVEL. Please will all of you get over this, join in with the new pack and live happy ever after.
  5. I agree with Barry, if they don't find troop A suiting them they will probably drop out before they would transfer. If a boy finds they he doesn't like the troop he's joined he will generally assume that "they are all the same." Take the high road and do the Scout-like thing. Let your PLC make the decisions. If there is a conflict with times try to find another that would be suitable to everyone. If the PLC says no then that's fine too. Here's an idea - you said that your troop will be going fishing/boating the weekend that they've been asked to handle the ceremony. Why not compromise and ask the others to join you. They can be exposed to more of your troop and have the ceremony taken care of at the same time.
  6. Ho Hum... Standin' round waitin' on the Beavers again.
  7. What should be a very simple matter has been made obscenely complicated. GS-CS I'm sorry but you worry too much! COUNCIL APPROVAL IS A NON-ISSUE. No one at council will "get mad", they might bemoan the loss of a unit with 10 Scouts but that's it. If the CM of the receiving pack has a problem with this non-issue then show him this thread. Listen to what the good folks on this forum have to say - they know what their talking about. DO WHAT IS BEST FOR THE YOUTH, DON"T LET ADULTS GET IN THE WAY OF THIS.
  8. Have you ever been on a camping trip with half empty cans of (coke, pop, soda) sitting around and no one to claim them? Trying to suggest to the PLC that Kool Aid is the way to go now. (NO CAFFEINE)
  9. t158sm

    scout law

    If my memory serves me right David is correct. Baden Powell started Scouting to prepare boys for peace not war after the publication of Aids to Scouting. "Baden-Powell wrote these ideas down in a small manual entitled Aids to Scouting, which he intended for military use only. Much to his astonishment, his Aids to Scouting was immensely popular with English boys - but it had been written to prepare men for war! What he wanted was a manual to prepare boys for peace."(This message has been edited by t158sm)
  10. Too many times the committee thinks they are more than what they should be. The committee's job is to provide support to the troop program - they do not run the troop. In my troop the Scouts run the troop themselves. Discipline is handled by the Scouts themselves. First by the patrol leader, then to the PLC, then to the ASM over that patrol. If these steps are not sufficient then it is brought to the SM and handled at his discretion. Only a VERY SERIOUS matter would be brought to the attention of the committee. To me this simply falls outside the parameter of their responsibilities. By reading your previous posts it seems like the CC needs to step up and reign in the trouble makers. Scouting needs to be for the boys not for peoples personal agendas. If the CM's are not serving useful purposes they should not be reregistered. Don't just let anyone have a say in committee meetings. Only registered members in the troop should participate. Parents are welcome to attend and can be placed on the agenda, but otherwise are not involved in committee meetings.
  11. There is no such rule that I have ever heard of. If it's some kind of troop rule it sounds too strict. Here are two links that describe national election guidelines: http://www.coosa50.org/dnn3/Portals/0/CompleteUnit%20LeadersGuidebookfor2005.pdf http://www.natsihi.org/forms/election_kit/ElectionGuidelines.pdf Only thing that comes close is 15 nights of camping withing the last two years. Even so 15 nights of camping doesn't have to include all of the two years. (If 15 nights were accomplished in 6 monthes prior to election they would count.)
  12. CC: What does your son think needs to be done to improve this troop? Like Anne mentioned - are there other issues to be addressed? Bullies, put downs, roughness, etc. Depending on the type and number of problems switching troops may be the best option. How does he feel about this? Even though my experience as a youth was fairly close to what you described in this troop I can't recall ever wanting to drop out. The troop wasn't boy run, it wasn't adult run - it simply wasn't run at all. Half the time I remember playing football or frisbee all meeting long. I had a lot of learning and growing to do went I took over as Scoutmaster at the age of 22. I didn't have the experience of seeing other troops in action - we were always the outcasts that never took part in anything. I guess our saving grace was that we did go camping a lot. Never very far out and mostly at the old Scout hut we built. Still almost all of us stuck with it. Today I know what Scouting is really all about, and what if done properly and given a chance what it can do for people. Go to the meeting and tell them about the patrol method, tell them about boy-led, tell them about the aims and methods, tell them about all of us that are right there beside you. I wish you luck and will hope for the best. God Bless. BTW Anne - I've been told that I look good in a skirt too... JUST KIDDING
  13. I was asked this question the other day by a mother who had seen another troop with a female Scoutmaster. Her opinion was that it was simply absurd for a Boy Scout troop to have a woman Scoutmaster. BTW the Scoutmaster that she was referring to does an excellent job IMHO. I gave the reasons that I have seen from this forum (Only person to step up as SM) (To be more involved with sons Scouting experience) but I was a loss to further the answer by giving a personal motivation from my male perspective like she was asking for. Thoughts anyone?
  14. Glad to see that things are beginning to work out in your district Scoutndad. Hope things continue to go well for you. Just a note of interest though. I have personally known of units becoming dissatisfied with their district and changing to another district. I have seen this happened twice that I know for sure. Both units moved into the district that I am in and shared their situations with those of us already in the district. One unit moved in about 1990 and the other about 2 - 3 years ago.
  15. Hi Mr Mal: It's a great thing you're doing in coming back and helping your son's troop. Sometimes getting parents to help is like pulling teeth. Other times all it takes is asking. Hope you and your son have a great time.
  16. "The boy had allegedly made comments about past behavior relating to past drug use and other innapropriate activities." Doesn't look to me like past drug use was proven, just alleged. That's a huge difference.
  17. Vince: Sounds like you're grant is via Wal-Mart. Everything we've ever done in the way of their grants - VAP, matching and now the new community have been done using the BSA's 501©(3) number. Never had any problems with it.
  18. Some 25 years ago when I went to the ordeal these were the accomadations they made for me: All travel was done by vehicle Stayed in the health lodge that night Allowed regular meals with the members Other than these things every thing else was the same as I remember.
  19. Just heard today while shopping - "Customer needs assistance at the RIKE BACK"
  20. The course I attended had coffee mugs with a beautiful drawing by one of my close Scoutmaster friends. The course I served on had t-shirts and totes with the course number on the WB emblem. Next two courses had different types of jackets.
  21. LDS members are very much Christian. Myself Southern Baptist, but I have an Aunt and Uncle who are Mormon. Although I don't agree with their religious intrepretations much of the time, I know the the basis of our faith is the same.
  22. Hi Shane and welcome on in. Glad to hear that you're already making plans for the future. It's kinda tough to step into Boy Scouting straight from Cubs without knowing what lies ahead. Enjoy you're time with the Webelos, hope you have many special memories ahead.
  23. Anyone else notice the ads "Penn And Teller Tickets Reserve Your Tickets Now! The Official Vegas Travel Site " at the top of these pages?
  24. Welcome on in. Always good to have more Scouters join in the discussion.
  25. Hi and welcome to the forum, sorry it has to be under these circumstances. Whatever happened to innocent until proven guilty? As Scout leaders we should try to our utmost to help those that are considered "troubled" to overcome their difficulties and be given the opportunity to develop into men of character and integrity. Many times this will not be an easy task. To simply give up and remove any Scout who doesn't meet up to peoples expectations would be tantamount to failing at our job. Quite often these are the ones who are in most need of what Scouting has to offer. IMHO expulsion should only be considered at a last drastic well-thought out measure in which no other choice was left. Then only after hearing from ALL PARTIES and involving the District Executive would this outcome happen.
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