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  1. While it's a summer camp, Camp Buffalo Bill in Wyoming has a neat high-adventure program in place...it offers white water rafting, climbing, & some COPE stuff mixed together. There's another "way cool" place with rafting, canoeing, kayaking, etc., but I need to look up the name & location. Also, for something very different, what about travelling to Montana for the re-enactment of the Battle of Little Big Horn? A troop-designed trip... If you contact Mt. Rushmore, you could participate in a closing flag ceremony at the lighting of the faces...
  2. What about painting rocks with orange/red/yellow florescent paint, use black light, create a walkway of hot rocks? we often have OA do a ceremony. google it...you'll find SCADS of ideas!
  3. I developed the following in response to a request from some local units. There is probably a lot of information you don't need or care about, and some I'm sure is from my personal bias and/or from the area viewpoint. However, this is how Den Chiefs are handled around here. In the end, Den Chiefs are appointed or approved in some manner at the troop level. A Pack can't "appoint" & if a Scout serves in this capacity without the approval of the troop, it is not official & shouldn't serve towards time in office, etc. You are welcome to cut & paste and use any of the following. Good Pr
  4. We had an ASM who was a great prankster...(funny pranks, not detrimental). Monte was also the "early riser" of the group & often had the coffee going by 4:30 AM. As SM, (& gullible) I was often on the receiving end of his jokes. One weekend right after duck hunting season opened, we were camping close to home. Monte couldn't stay with us, but did come out to help with the program. Saturday morning, about 4:45, I heard a duck quacking & quacking near my tent. Finally I yelled, "Monte! Knock it off!", knowing he was practicing his duck calls nearby, like he had the prior day. The ruc
  5. Our Scout office has embroidered fleece blankets...i think they are the same ones you are looking at in the catalog. They ARE fleece...not felt.
  6. That is the game plan. However, in my district, we can't get the PACKS on board. We were working for this BEFORE it was a position, and we simply can't get the volunteers to do it.
  7. Once upon a time, our troop held two BOR's in one night and the BOR failed to grant either boy their advancement. The ONLY reason given was that neither one had on a neckerchief. Well now...the troop has their own neckerchiefs. The committee has taken on the job of making sure there are plenty on hand. We were out. They hadn't ordered more in several months. These were fairly new scouts. Do you think THIS SM let that ride, or do you think I explained to the committee they couldn't add to the requirements? (Those of you familiar with my postings can answer that in a heartbeat! ) Biggest arguem
  8. Library glue works quite well & lasts a long time. Ask at your local public or school library for a squirt...saves having to transfer all that information.
  9. Those saluting are to quit saluting, but remain at attention.
  10. Yes, their equipment is expensive, but well worth the extra $'s. Our troop has several of their items. Check directly with companies and see if they offer discounts to Boy Scous. For example, Eureka & several other tent companies (I can't recall their names right off the top of my head) offer a discount for tents & repair parts. Cabela's offers a discount for Troops. I would imagine REI & the like would also, if you spoke to the right person.
  11. Technically, a boy can "cross over" or join Boy Scouts anytime after he meets eligibility requirements by age, school grade, or AoL. If a Webelos wants to earn his AoL before he crosses over, he needs to stay a Cub until that is completed. Technically, he can earn his AoL before the rest of his Webelos den does, as long as he fulfills all the requirements. Technically, the Pack cannot withhold this award from him, even if he earns it before the rest of his den. So...IF a family was so inclined, a Webelos could earn his Arrow of Light early AND "cross over" early...and no-one could nay-say the
  12. Ours like "Cheers & Applauses" -- can be done for each den that gets awards. Also, they like audience participation stories -- make a certain noise whenever the reader says a certain word. Run-ons are fun too -- they never know when these will happen. We try to have a special activity at each Pack Meeting, too -- maybe donor awareness or a bicycle rodeo for example.
  13. Can you get ahold of a phone number for the company? We order aluminum poles direct from the company that makes our tents -- either replacement poles/parts or entire pole sets. For personal tents, my family calls the company and orders ultralight poles directly. You get what you want & they actually fit the tent. Also, many tent companies will offer a discount to BSA troops. Ma
  14. To be quite honest, our troop selects the camp we want to go to, then "go with the flow". However, in most of the midwest (and many other parts of the country)we are in a total fire ban, so patrol cooking is out for many camps. Fire bans come in many degrees. Some just say "no 'open' fires", but we are often limited to no gas lanterns or cookstoves either. We have one council camp that doesn't have a dining hall...we had to develop an enclosed shelter area with a concrete pad. ALL troops have to go to that area to cook. It kinda' loses the "patrol cooking" flavor... Why this degree? The standi
  15. Welcome! Boy Scouts is addictive! I've enjoyed it very much...as do most all the members in the forum. There's lots of wisdom to be gleaned from these pages, plenty of laughs, and always something to be learned. Enjoy! Ma Scout
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