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  1. Okay, now that John-in-KC acted in behalf of all the beloved Bobwhites, I'll continue in Gilwell order and sing for us Eagles (even though Huntr already did - I think he was just overly excited after finishing his ticket the day before) I used to be a Eagle, and a Good Old Eagle too, But now I've finished Eagling and I don't know what to do. I'm growing old and feeble, and I can Eagle no more! So I'm going to work my ticket if I can! Back to Gilwell, Happy Land, I'm going to work my ticket if I can! SWScouter
  2. A fellow wood-badger Craig Idso, is the Chairman of CO2 Science. It hosts another web site about increases of CO2 in our atmosphere and its impacts. I think a lot of its funding/revenues may be from industry. See http://www.co2science.org Ignoring climate changes, plants tend to thrive in our higher C02 environment. It the CO2 is there, the plants will take advantage of it. SWScouter
  3. Gern, I certainly hope nobody would think the little baby is a sin! Perhaps the sexual act, having been performed while not married is a sin, but the little baby is a miracle given to us by God. Earlier I mentioned how I think we should discuss these topics with the scouts, and that we are actually tasked to as adult leaders in scouting. How I meant doing that, I think Eamonn explained really well in the Working with Kids forum in the Do We Know Too Much thread he started. We as leaders hear and see things and at times we need to take some kind of action. Eamonn's examples of the act
  4. I justs turned 47 about two weeks ago. Early this year a SM about my age died in his sleep. He was a great guy. A bit later one of Grand Canyon Councel's DEs died. He was close to my age too. Around February, a CM was killed in a car accident. He was about 36. Last month a District Commissioner was killed in a motorcycle accident. Scouting is starting to seem dangerous; I might need to change my avocation. Seriously, it is amazing the impact the death of someone actively involved in scouting can have beyond the circle of friends and family. Our efforts do touch a lot of people, more than we ma
  5. Steve, I read your blog sporadically. I don't subscribe to any. I subscribed to the National Commissioner's podcast. It's rarely added to. SWScouter
  6. LisaBob wrote, "No I think that goes way too far. Looking at it from the perspective of working with youth, it is the parents' or guardians' job to deal with youth sexual behavior - NOT the BSA leaders' job. Looking at it from the perspective of adult volunteer leaders, the BSA can darn well keep its nose out of the bedroom. This is a volunteer organization, not a religion and not a cult, and the BSA doesn't/shouldn't expect to regulate these most personal aspects of people's lives." I guess I don't understand nor follow this. Here we are, as volunteers of the BSA, tasked to "prepare youn
  7. Trailblazermom brings up a good point. A lot of glues are oil soluble. I suggest trying baby oil, as it won't have the solvent that WD40 has and will probably work fine too. SWScouter
  8. Scoutldr, Everytime I've had back problems I've noticed it is because I was negligent in keeping my core strength up. When you're able, I recommend working up to a morning regiment of 30 proper sit-ups. Chin glued to chest, arms behind head (but no pulling), knees bent. Sit-ups are a series of three, 1st straight, 2nd right elbow to left knee, 3rd left elbow to right knee. Try some ankle weights draped over your ankles to help keep your feet on the floor. To start, you may want your arms crossed in front on your chest instead of behind. This will strengthen both your abdominal and lumbar
  9. I'd go with something really simple, such as a wooden nickel with the pack number painted on it. Use 1/4" slice of 1/2" PVC hot glued on the back. You could even stamp the pack number on instead of paint. Something like that can be whipped out pretty darn quick. One thing though, if you give these out each year, what are you going to do to make the slides different each year, or are the cubs just going to get the same thing each year? Will a Webelos scout want yet another of the slide he's received for the past several years? Now you're back to the same problem you're trying to solve, a d
  10. Camp Raymond, of Grand Canyon Council in AZ has an OA night. Basically, if you wear your OA sash to the dinner assembly, you get called to the chow line before the rest of the campers. I'm still trying to decide if that's a good thing or not The camp also has OA reps available for unit elections and there is a call out ceremony during the week. SWScouter
  11. Yes, "that's no bull," uttered Tom (Probably was in Boy's Life as a Tom Swifty)
  12. Touche Merlyn. What an idiot. Scouting really is for wooses now that those morons got rid of skill awards. Now I feel better. Oops I didn't mean to click on submit...
  13. John-in-KC, you are correct that the, "National Council Advancement Literatures says nothing about a limit on the number of merit badges a Counselor may choose to support." However, as Ed points out, it also says that councils can stipulate what qualifies a person to be able to counsel a merit badge. There is nothing stopping a council from disqualifying a potential counselor based on how many MBs that person is already a counselor for. You can decide whether this is contradictory (as Ed once again mentioned) or not. Personally, I think that this gives the council the authority to decide who c
  14. Ed, I agree, 50 mile road and dirt rides are hardly comparable. I for one would welcome a Mt. Bike option for the Cycling MB. ASM915, a day may contain 24 hours (or not, remember March 11) but a 24 hour time period isn't necessarily one day. Day is dawn to dusk as opposed to night, or midnight to midnight as defined as civil time. Look it up in a dictionary. It seems that defining words a la Clinton to suit our needs instead of following the spirit of the requirement is not doing anyone any good! I may also go so far in saying that it is not showing very much scout spirit either. Pac
  15. Sometimes I just don't understand the Boy Scout advancement requirements. For example, a scout has a choice of earning one of the Cycling, Hiking, or Swimming Merit Badges for Eagle. Looking at these three merit badges and considering the swimming requirements for Second Class and First Class, I don't understand why any scout would ever earn Cycling or Hiking for the requirement. Here are the requirements dealing with doing each activity for any distance: Cycling: 8. Avoiding main highways, take two rides of 10 miles each, two rides of 15 miles each, and two rides of 25 miles each.
  16. In 1979 I dove head first into the world of competitive cycling. Cycle racing pretty much consumed my life and was my passion for many many years. I met my wife cycling and my best man and I raced the day after my wedding. I haven't raced since 1999 but cycling is still a big part of what I am. I no longer ride as much, as far, or as long as I would like but I still ride frequently. I don't know what the numbers are for registerd bicycle racers. I have a feeling that the numbers are dropping just like they appear to be in scouting. If they are not dropping, I think they are shifting to an
  17. FScouter, turn the page for, "the rest of the story."
  18. Okay, I am now all crittered out That was so fun I think I'll shout No raven or crow It's time to go And hopefully catch a big brown trout SWScouter
  19. There once was a big old buffalo It's fur was so shinny it did glow What a big beast It liked to face East and just stand there'n watch the grass grow
  20. There once was a hibernating bear The fox patrol walked into its lair With crap in pants They fled like ants That bear really gave them a scare
  21. There once was a nervous antelope Earning it's beads there's no hope Don't just lick it Finish the ticket Instead it ran off and did high COPE
  22. There once was a decrepid old owl It's stench, oh how terribly foul It needed a pink pill and some metamucil Oh what a pain, its aching bowel. Absolutely no disrespect was meant to those wise owls among us
  23. There once was a grand old Eagle Watching it soar was truly regal It liked warm fleece It was the uniform police But it's uniform was barely legal (I used to be an Eagle)
  24. There once was a skittish bobwhite. Neither here nor there, what a plight! In front is a fox. Behind is an ox. The only thing left to do is take flight.
  25. There once was a feeble old fox. He looked but couldn't find his scout socks. He looked in the drawer. He looked on the floor. But for some reason he didn't look in the box.
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