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  1. ntrog8r, I'm assigned to the Hiking, Fishing, Nature, and Cons-T6150 area. There's a lot of possibilities there. My concern is to have a job where I work directly with the scouts. I believe that should be the case but I sure would like some confirmation.
  2. I wish there was contact information on my dashboard. There isn't. The only place I could see where it might be added is the Staff Notes section, but on my dashboard, it is just TBD. Oh well.
  3. For the 2010 Jambo, I worked on staff in Action Center C for the Western Region. By this time in 2009, I had received lots of communication about my staff position and other info about Jambo, such as medical forms, etc. So far, for the 2013 Jambo, the only communication I've received is that I was offered a position and then, once accepted, to make a payment. I haven't received any other communication except for purchasing my council's patchset. I check my "dashboard" on the Jamboree website periodically, but I haven't seen anything there yet. I know what area I'll be working in
  4. My position is: Hiking, Fishing, Nature, and Cons-T6150. Whatever that means.
  5. I've had mine for months too. I really should get around to sewing it on a uniform.
  6. I haven't stopped by here for awhile, but I did notice the irony too. Just saying.
  7. So is there only nine of us going? There must be more. Let's hear where you will be working at Jambo.
  8. I thought it would be fun to hear where everyone will be working at the jamboree. I'll be working the Bikeathlon in Action Center C and bunking in subcamp 9. Man, only two months to go...
  9. I'm an avid geocacher. That's one of the reasons I haven't done too much on this forum lately. Here in Arizona, there's some really great backcountry caches that take planning and perseverance to get to. Those would be great for a troop to plan an outing around. The troop I'm involved with hid some caches several years ago before I joined. It takes some thought on a good place to hide a backcountry cache. What is a good destination that is worth the effort to get to? I also read in the latest Scouting magazine that a Geocaching MB is being developed and will be available later this year.
  10. Considering that scouts flying in sailplanes is this months Boy's Life cover story, it's probably ok.
  11. Pineapple Cobbler 2 cans crushed pineapple 1 pineapple cake mix pour pineapple in oven spread cake mix evenly over pineapple Personally, I'd skip the butter on all the above recipes. Who needs all that fat anyway?
  12. I was at a LLD (Lodge Leadership Development) this past weekend. If I remember right, the term regalia is to be replaced with NACA for Native American Ceremonial Attire. I did not make this up.
  13. This idea of witholding lodge flaps, etc. is disheartening to me. Look in your OA handbook. Near the front is the purpose of the OA. The first part reads: To recognize those campers - Scouts and Scouters - who best exemplify the Scout Oath and Law in their daily lives and by such recognition cause other campers to conduct themselves in such manner as to warrant recognition. It behooves us not to forget that(This message has been edited by SWScouter)
  14. My son's signed up to go with a troop out of Grand Canyon Council, AZ. The cost is currently set at $3000. The word is that should be very close to what it ends up being. This covers travel, food, and lodging, jamboree fees, etc. for three weeks. That's much longer than the jamboree. They will tour many places along the East Coast such as Boston Market, Independence all, Gettysburg, etc. The council has a payment schedule, $300 per quarter. I've already paid half the $3000. That reminds me, I need to remit this quarter's payment. SWScouter
  15. Not only can he become a brotherhood member, he can do it right away since the 10 months has already occurred. SWScouter
  16. Well when I got home from work, I see that I have a staff assignment, working the Bikathlon. Now I can sew the patch on. By the way, the $100 deposit is considered the first installment.
  17. Awhile ago I filled out the online staff application and paid my deposit. The other day I received the patch to wear above my right pocket with a note saying, thanks for paying 100 bucks, here's a patch to wear, be patient, we're still deciding if you will be on staff. I have mixed feelings about actually sewing it on and wearing it before I know if I really will be on staff or not... SWScouter
  18. GaHillBilly, are you picking nits just to be a nit picker or to be something else? To me it seems you are being overly pedantic.
  19. A scout told me that the swimming test was stupid. He wondered who makes this stuff up. I replied that if a scout can pass the swimming test, then he would know that if he fell out of a boat in the middle of a lake, he could get to shore. He could swim a bit, float to rest, or just swim a nice restful backstroke. But the scout would know how to get to shore and, more importantly, that he could get to shore. A lot of times, it's important to understand the reasoning behind a lot of the requirements. I think it literally would be the death of a boy if the swimming requirements were abandone
  20. Gold Winger wrote, "You'd be hard pressed to find a girl, or woman, who thinks that farting is funny." I wouldn't be. My wonderful wife finds farting incredibly humorous, especially in movies and such. Remember that scene in Nutty Professor (Well, one of those Eddy Murphy movies) at the dinner table? My wife was laughing so hard she was crying. When I hear her laughing loudly, It's most likely caused by some sort of scatalogical humor. Let me tell ya, it's a gas. I don't know, perhaps she is unusual. Now back to our regularly scheduled topic...(This message has been edited by SW
  21. Let's see if I can remember... I counsel: Computers, Cycling, Camping, Hiking, and Backpacking. The first is by vocation and the rest by avocation.
  22. For the past several years, a mass flag retirement has occurred during an OA ordeal at Camp Raymond, near Flagstaff, AZ. Last year well over 400 flags were retired. Many of them were large garrison flags and one was probably 40' or more long. None of these flags were cut in pieces before being placed on the fire. It would take several people to retire these flags. The flag would be stretched out, some needed people under the flag to keep it aloft. Then, on command, everyone would walk forward feeding the flag into the fire. Grommets from all flags are removed before the flags are retired and p
  23. WAKWIB, should we throw you on the grill before or after the flag?
  24. My ordeal sash, that I received around 1974 is much smaller than my brotherhood sash that I received in 2002. Both have been washed. I think the sashes made now are just bigger than they used to be.
  25. I just want to point out that bikers ride motorcycles while cyclists ride bicycles
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