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  1. Hey guys and gals. If there's one thing I know, scouters always have lots to say on anything to do with scouting. I was asked by our committee to find slides that could be purchased for the pack, so we would not have to purchase new ones every year for each new rank. The idea is that we give them to the boys as a graduation gift. So that is why I was looking for premade but "cool" ones and asked for your input. I too like the homemade ones, and we have made them for our den. Herein lies the problem: We wanted to give the same slide to all of the boys as a gift from the pack. There aren't
  2. I appreciate the quick replies from fellow scouters. I love to make homemade slides too, but I don't think I am going to get the other leaders to do this, even with their den. I could be wrong, that has happened once or twice in my lifetime. so I am thinking that I will be stuck with the job of making these for the 50 odd boys we have. No problem; I will fit that in between the 60 hours I work at my real paying job and the "one hour a week" I spend at my cub job. I have searched the internet and many scouting, kerchief, patch, hat and pin sites with no luck except the stock slides and collecto
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    Our pack is thinking of having our own unique slides instead of buying new ones every year. Where does one find such a thing? I can get patches, kerchiefs, caps, shirts; but no slides.
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