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  1. This sentence didn't read well... my point being, having separate but equal, with separate meetings/leaders/camping will be inconvenient, and the BSA wants "family convenience", so having two separate units will fail, and the BSA will integrate fully to make it more convenient.
  2. See Eagle94-A1's response. In order to have separate but equal, you need a whole second set of leaders/meetings/camping... at BEST, I believe you'll see a handful of girls want to sign up, not near the numbers of the boys. The level of infrastructure needed to run girl only troop will be nil, and the family will have to do double duty, which isn't "convenient" to the stated goals of the BSA, so they will be folded in on each other and become full on co-ed troops. All-boy option will be gone. You can bet on it.
  3. sounds good on paper, and im sure they might even try it... but logistically, it won't work, lack of leaders, lack of charter org space, convience of having the boys and girls all go to the same troop meeting, instead of going to two separate meetings during the week to further the "family convenience" approach, and when it doesn't work, they will go full on co-ed. Also, Cub Scouts is going to fall to the axe even earlier and be co-ed, so once that happens, it'll naturally give way to Boy Scouts as well.
  4. and when girls are allowed into the BSA... there will "NO ALTERNATIVE" for boys that would prefer an all-boy program.
  5. and they're celebrated by their community as well. http://abcnews.go.com/Lifestyle/atlanta-students-surprised-cheers-encouragement-1st-day-school/story?id=49133871
  6. and yet here we are, Scouters who were Boy Scouts, all successfully interacting in a melting pot in our adult lives. So the idea that the single-gender character development program that was the Boy Scouts (and Cub Scouts) of America was detrimental to that concept is rather baseless.
  7. I love how CSE said there was no rush to make a decision...
  8. A scout is Trustworthy, and Obedient... unless they don't want to be. Real example you're setting there. If that'd the product the BSA is selling, that's more of a reason to quit than "family scouting".
  9. I agree with you. Every person has their breaking point and I'm close as well. I was just remarking that that line does stick with me.
  10. The heinous and glaring sexism on display here. Why isn't this school focusing on the family? http://abcnews.go.com/Lifestyle/atlanta-students-surprised-cheers-encouragement-1st-day-school/story?id=49133871&cid=social_fb_abcn
  11. amid all this, and in lieu of BP's resignation, there is a single thing that makes me rethink walking away. Not to be too much of a nerd, but Kirk's line to Picard in Generations has always stuck with me. "Don't let them promote you. Don't let them transfer you. Don't let them do anything that takes you off the bridge of that ship, because while you're there, you can make a difference." In this instance, being a Scoutmaster/Cubmaster is definitely being the captain of the ship, and that's the one place, where you have a direct and indispensable connection to the boys you are guiding. You
  12. From everything I'm seeing and hearing, most people again, are not being trustworthy or obedient, and running Lions like Tigers Jr, full inclusion into all pack events including PWD, etc. Truthfully, if the answer to everything is always "people are already doing it" then what should those who follow the rules bother following the rules? Just run your program at your unit the way you want. Why bother having a standardized program at all. I'm sure uniforms will be the next to go before long.
  13. This is a straw man argument. Every boy that joins, joins up without a uniform. Once they're there, they're there. Run a good program and they'll stay.... but while they're there, there's a plethora of options to uniform your Troop. Used and donated uniforms, odd jobs around the neighborhood to earn cash for the uniform, allowance and birthday money used for the uniform.
  14. I'll let him speak for himself, but the way I read his last post, it sounded like his decision to resign was based on the secretive nature of the approach being used.
  15. As an Eagle Scout, I fully endorse this message.
  16. nailed it. Also, CSE talks about parents having less "free time" with their kids. Scouts isn't "free time", scouts is a commitment the same as traveling sports. Parents don't consider their kids traveling softball/baseball team "free time" either. Kids are in a plethora of programs that cram their days and nights... this is why there's less "free time"
  17. “In matters of style, swim with the current; in matters of principle, stand like a rock.†If standing up for what you believe in matters more to you than the line item on your college application, then the mission of strong character development was successful in my book.
  18. The "When did you stop beating you wife" method of surveying is dishonest and rather reprehensible.
  19. Not sure how old you are, but New Coke was bad because it tasted like liquid garbage.
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