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  1. It depends on your mood. If the coast interests you, then Morro Bay SP, Montana de Oro SP, Oceano Dunes SRVA, and Gaviota SP are all within 3 hours drive. If you like desert camping (not in summer, of course) then Red Rock Canyon is nearby. In the Sierras I'd look in the Lake Isabella area, and in the Tehachipis to the south I'd look around Frazier Park. We had family reunions at some little horseshoe shaped campground just west of Bakersfield (Lake Webb?) that might work in the "off-season".(This message has been edited by SequoiaWDL)(This message has been edited by SequoiaWDL)
  2. I'm in the same boat with you...formally visited 2 troops, and spent some time at various events with several other troops. Here's off-the-top-of-my-head observances I made at the events: Troop A: Event is an "Activity Pin College" of sorts, with 75 or so Webelos hosted by single Troop. Unit has been around about 35 years, outgoing SM was scout on original charter. About 20 boys, mostly younger boys. After brief greeting from new SM, the boys take over the event. I notice young patrol leaders struggle keeping some of the unruly Webelos in line. Since they don't have a feeder cub
  3. Strange. I'd just soon not have retailers associate their month of commercial avarice with the Celebration of the Lord and Savior anyways.
  4. This is the link to our Council map, our district (Golden West) is the tiny one in the middle. I don't understand how this Council got carved up this way, ancient population distribution patterns I guess. There are only 14 Boy Scout units, 5 or 6 are small LDS units, and 2x Cub Units, 1 Venturing Crew, and 1 Ship. The cool thing is the council office is about 2 miles from home. http://www.seqbsa.org/districts.htm
  5. Joined as a Wolf in 1976. My mom was my den mother the 2nd year. Our den was made up of boys in our neighborhood, not based on age or rank. Mom did her best to make it fun with trips and such. The big events every year were Marching in the Christmas Parade, and District Scoutorama. We didn't sell popcorn back then for fundraising, we sold Scout-o-rama tickets at a buck a pop. In three years we went camping ONCE. My Girl Scout cousins went a lot more than that. My Brownie sister did more camping. The one camping trip was memorable for all the wrong reasons. There were 8 of us as I re
  6. Sorry, no slight intended. Our particular store is an extremely chaotic, high traffic environment. Really not well suited for Cub age boys, anyway. BTW they did donate $40 in sausage to our cause, so that was pretty cool.
  7. Sounds like a great time...but why no Webelos I on the overnighter?
  8. We've never run a spaghetti dinner before, but I did stay in a Holiday Inn last night...and we have had a few successful Pancake Breakfasts, too. Different grub, same concept. We moved it up a few years ago from May to March to avoid losing boys and parental help to little league. Step 1. Committee picks date and clears it with our meeting place (school cafeteria). Chosen one fills out facilities request form with school district. 2. Once date is set, order tickets. Coordinate with local pizza parlor and printing place as our ticket comes attached with pizza parlor coupon (value
  9. Webelos II leader, and (for one year only) CC. We have 2 den meetings 60-75 minutes long, followed by paperwork, info sharing, and achievement tracking. One pack meeting per month. School in our district runs early August to early June, we meet at the school (PFC CO) so our summer break is pretty short. We also have monthly outings or events, some we do every year: January-day at the snow; March-pancake breakfast, & pinewood derby, May-Minor league ball game with campout after; June-pack swim day & BBQ, daycamp, Webeloree; August- roller skating; October- raingutter regatta
  10. Took the pack camping to Morro Bay State Park. The group camp is isolated from all the RVs in the main camp, lots of space, some nice hiking trails, nice weather....wait...forecasts said that. What really happened was a nice steady rain. So we rigged up some tarp shelters, made coffee and cocoa, and still managed to have a great time...even the first time campers (there were a few). Sunday morning we hiked up 611' Black Hill. Pointed out poison oak, tip-toed around trail scat, heard wild animals rustle the brush (was that a growl?), then reached the top for a 360 view of the whole area. O
  11. Saturday was our Council's Day of Training. I attended Boy Scout Leader Specific training. Since I'm a Webelos II leader I still wear blue tabs, and so I was asked repeatedly if I was in the right class. I was also informed the IOLS portion of SM/ASM training was "planned" for the same weekend as our District Webelos/Boy Scout campout. Can I be two places at once? Sunday was spent doing pack busy work: getting a few Pack Meeting items together and last second planning, trying to collect Popcorn orders and money.
  12. At our Council Webeloree at Chawanakee last September my son woke me up at 5:30am for the 6am adventure hike. I could still taste the previous night''s Raviolis, was nauseaus and I wanted to take some alka-seltzer and go back to bed. But I crawled out of my sack, laced up my hiking boots and followed my son and the stream of other sleepy hikers to the trailhead. The full moon was hovering in the western sky and lit our trail to Shaver Lake. Fog formed off the lake and rose into the icy air. My son was yakking to any sleep-eyed kid who would listen. I told him to talk less, and listen to t
  13. boyscouttrail.com has been a great resource for Cub songs, skits, and games. http://wtsmith.com/rt has had some useful advice and project ideas.
  14. I'm sorry to say I hunted down the article and read it. Rubbish. Myopic. I think you meant high school journalist. Is this rags demo real outdoorsy types or fenced in suburbanites? And am I an inadequate leader because I'm not and expert outdoorsman?
  15. Wow! And to think I was impressed with Camp Whitsetts (West LA Camp in the Southern Sierras) next week photo turnaround! http://www.whitsett.org/
  16. I wonder how many people can recall the name of any of their school board members, know who they are voting for when SB members are up for election, or name their Superintendent...
  17. Methinks those of us in the early part of this thread may have used the term "marching" a little loosely. I've been to two Day Camps, 3 Webelos camping events, Camporee and several other Day-Camp-like events, and NEVER have I seen boys marching lock-step or heard a cadence from any den...and the only ones I know aren't appropriate for any scouts of any age (thanks dad). And this thread now has 6 responses on a topic concerning the 2-5 minutes between events at Day Camp. Every night before retreat Our First Sargeant....(you fill in the blanks)
  18. Two years ago I had 11 boys (Bears) in my group, with easy 50-100 yard walks between stations. As long as the station instructor(s) had their act together, the boys were well behaved. Restlessness abounded, however, at the inevitable logjam called the shooting range. Last year I got the privledge or herding 18 Webelos around a giant riverside park with lenghty walks (1/4 mile to shooting range) occasionally with only 1 or 2 chaperones, and sometimes no parental help. Forming the boys into 2 lines and marching them station to station at least made it managable...until two had to use t
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