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    First Year Programing Question

    Hi, Thanks for your responses. We have had 2 Scoutmasters in the past 2 years so how things have been run, may not be how things will be run. Previously, the NSP stayed together and moved on together. Then the Troop had a year or so of mixed age patrols. Now we are sitting with 2 NSP patrols, and I am not sure what will happen. My guess is that they will move forward together, otherwise by numbers they would overwhelm the existing patrols. And I am not sure that the older guys want to be split out with a lot of younger guys. I realize that you can do the Tenderfoot, 2nd and 1st class requirements together. The problem arises due to sheer numbers. I don't know if our Troop Instructors could do a knot session for example, where 3 guys need lashings, 4 need bowline and 2 others need taut line. I like the idea of having the Patrol Leaders decide what their patrol needs in terms of instruction and refer that to the Troop Instructors. I guess I was curious if anyone else had had a large influx of new scouts and if you handled things any differently? Actually it is a nice problem to have... I appreciate your input!
  2. Hi All, Our Troop has 2 NSP with a total of 18 new scouts. We have 2 existing patrols beyond the NSP. As the new scouts move through Tenderfoot and into 2nd and 1st Class requirements, there has been a divergence of who needs to work on what for advancement. I realize that this would occur, since those that attend regularly will have greater opportunity to learn and apply their new skills. My question is: How does the PLC and Troop Guides plan for instruction with the new scouts if you have 18 boys that are in so many different areas? The new scouts have almost doubled the active Troop size. There aren't enough Troop Guides to do instruction for all the different levels. Does the Troop aim for the middle? What happens to the guys that are advancing quicker or slower? I hope this post makes sense. Any suggestions would be great. Thanks in advance.
  3. WDL Mom

    Lost Training Records

    Thanks for everyone's suggestions. I think that I will propose that he "update" his training and share his expertise with the other new tiger den leader. If that doesn't work then I will pursue the shorter individual version where I can update him on the changes. I would also want him to update YPT as well. Either way he would get some training... which is the whole point!
  4. Hi All, I am the Pack trainer for a Cub Scout pack. We have a new Tiger Den leader that was involved with the Pack in the past, before any of our current leaders time. He claims to have had "all" the training. I have checked with the Council office and they only have record of him having taken two Commissioner courses. The Council a number of years ago had a "black hole" issue where many training records disappeared. He no longer has the training cards. What to do? I would like him to take the course and refresh and perhaps share his experience with the other Tiger Den leader. What is required in this situation? Does the Council force the issue or is it the Chartering Organization? Any suggestions to presenting this in a tactful way? He isn't going to be happy...
  5. WDL Mom

    Help! Bears Behaving Badly

    Hi, Been there! I have a den of 12 Webelos II's. We have been together as a group since Wolf. They are a HIGH ENERGY group. If you don't have something for them to do, they WILL invent their own activity! Some things that have worked for me, your mileage may vary... 1. Divide and conquer. I NEVER have any activity for 12 boys. They can't/won't sit and listen. I split them into 3 or 4 groups. They rotate to 3 or 4 different stations. These stations are manned by parents, ADL and a Den Chief. It is much harder to cut up when you are in a group of 3. Plus you get to pick the groups, and can eliminate the obvious conflicts. These stations last 10 minutes tops. If it is fun, they want more, and I can use it at another meeting as a gathering activity. If it is dry or not fun, then they aren't stuck there long. 2. Be consistent. Kids this age are creatures of habit. Pick a discipline strategy and maintain it. They may behave the first time and push it the second. They need consistent adult behavior to guide them. This isn't easy. We want a quick fix that works and we only want to do it once. My boys don't work that way. 3. Make it fun and get excited about what you are doing! For example we were working on the Food Pyramid last year... boring! So, I gave each group a bag of groceries and told them to organize the food and present to the group. THEN we talked about the Pyramid and how it is organized. Of course we had a relay race putting the food in the "correct" order. Then we ate most of the food... 4. Learn what your guys like and try to include it in each meeting. My guys like, camping, food, dodgeball, fire, building things, tearing things apart, tag, geocaching... These types of boys are a challenge to channel, but a joy to behold. I never have to "motivate" someone to participate, they want to be there! I look forward to their bridging into Boy Scouts. I think they will be a natural when it comes to boy led, because they want to do, not sit and listen. I just remind them to use their powers for good not evil... Good luck and hang in there!
  6. WDL Mom

    Wind Chill Guidelines?

    Thanks for the replies. I have visions of 10 and 11 year old boys on the elementary playground with their snow boots and pants, stocking caps and mittens. I just don't feel that their gear is sufficient for the conditions. Not to mention their (and my) lack of cold weather training. I don't want their first Boy Scout experience to be miserable! I called all my parents, almost every one of them thanked me for canceling. Makes you wonder what it would take before they would have pulled them on their own?? Kind of scary having that level of trust/responsibility for other folks kids... Everyone stay safe and WARM this weekend!
  7. Hi All, My Webelos II den was scheduled to go to Klondike this Saturday with a Boy Scout Troop. We are looking at single digit temps for a high with wind chills down to -20. I played the "bad guy" and canceled the trip for the Webelos. No winter training and gear that isn't substantial enough for that type of wind. Our District has NEVER canceled Klondike. At what point does this become sheer stupidity? At summer camp they restrict activities due to heat index, what is up with wind chills? I checked through the GTSS and found no information about temperatures. Is there a guide in the Scout Camp rules? (Don't know what the doc is called...) Is it common for Districts to NOT reschedule events due to adverse weather? Please tell me this isn't "macho" stuff where you tough it out... Yours in the Deep Freeze Deb
  8. WDL Mom

    what do you collect for pack dues?

    Hi, No dues here either. We charge the registration fee and Boys Life if desired. Popcorn sales cover everything else. This includes things like their scout book, neckerchief, all awards, den materials, etc. Camping or ballgames or extra events may have an additional cost. No den dues either.
  9. WDL Mom

    Give me your best Team Building Game

    Tarp Fold: Use a large tarp that goes under a larger troop tent. Put 6-8 boys on top of the tarp. They must turn the tarp over without anyone falling off the tarp. After they turn it over, then they have to fold it as small as possible without anyone falling off. After about 4 folds the group can step one guy off per fold. Works well as a race with two groups.
  10. Hi, Try Google and type a search for Recycled crafts.... A ton of sites come up. Here is one site from the list. It is hard to know what to suggest, when you don't see the actual size... http://www.makingfriends.com/recycle.htm Hope this helps.
  11. WDL Mom

    Webelos/Boy Scout Camp Out

    The Troop wanted the Webelos I to participate during the day until after the campfire, but only Webelos II could camp. The Troop wanted them to have something to look forward to when they become Webelos II's. Let me tell you, when the wind starting blowing at 2 am. I was wishing I was a Webelos I leader... It got cold.
  12. WDL Mom

    Being Prepared...

    Hi All, We had a joint Webelos and Boy Scout camp out this weekend. I went over the equipment list with my son. He is responsible for packing his own stuff and has gotten better at it. As we were loading the car, he commented that his bag was too heavy. So I decided that maybe I should take a look. First thing out was a pair of swim trunks and goggles! Apparently he remembered that this camp ground was the same as Day camp this summer and figured they might go swimming! The day time high was 50 degrees... Did he have all the listed items - yup. I won't detail what else was in his bag... I think he will have a tough time when it comes to backpacking, he is a serious packrat.
  13. WDL Mom

    Webelos/Boy Scout Camp Out

    Hi All, Our Webelos II den participated with a local Troop in a joint camp out. It was a lot of fun and the Troop did a wonderful job. Thought I would post the details in case anyone else was looking for ideas. The Boy Scouts camped out Friday night at a local camp and set up tents and equipment for the visiting Webelos. The Webelos arrived Saturday morning. The Webelos and their parents could set up their own tent or use Troop provided tents. The troop also had sleeping pads and heavy weight sleeping bags as well. During the day on Saturday the boys did the following events: Morning Activities: Amoeba Tag Obstacle Course - crawling under a series of ropes to retrieve items to create a stretcher with blankets and poles. Compass work Scavenger Hunt: using a compass they had to go into the woods and find the fixings for lunch. Lunch: Roasted hot dogs with chili and cheese. Each scout cooked their own food. Afternoon activities: Tarp flip: 6 boys stand on a tarp and have to flip it upside down and fold it as many times as possible without anyone stepping off the tarp. Tank Dodgeball: one partner is blindfolded. The other partner steers the tank and picks up tennis balls. They toss tennis balls underhand and try to hit the other tanks. Once you are hit 3 times you are out. Hike - scouts had to search and rescue a lost scout in the woods. I don't think they managed to find him... Dinner: Dutch oven Spaghetti with all the fixins. 3 flavors of dutch oven cobbler - Webelos got to help make the cobbler. Evening Activities: Flag retirement ceremony Germany Spotlight: which seems to be like a form of flashlight tag. Webelos I were able to stay until the evening activities were done. Webelos II were invited to spend the night. The event concluded after breakfast Sunday morning... eggs in a bag and donuts... Kids had a ball and are really looking forward to Boy Scouts. The focus was on having fun and getting to know the older scouts. The food was excellent, best I have ever had on a camp out. Anyone have things that they have done/heard of that would be good to include in a joint camp out?
  14. WDL Mom

    Fundraising Question

    Hi All, As a follow up... We found out that the base percentage given back to the units is NOT 27% it is 25%. Which seems low to me, but, what do I know? In order to get up to 30% you have to jump through a series of "hoops". Will we be able to increase our sales by $1? ... maybe. Our Pack leadership did discuss looking elsewhere for fundraisers. However, in our community the popcorn sale is well received and publicized. It is unlikely that we could earn as much in another effort. I guess we just have to live with it.
  15. WDL Mom

    Fundraising Question

    Hi, The following paragraph is the response from the DE: "The 3 percent in question is the bonus commission that Units earn by completing the 3 requirements: Attend Popcorn Training, Meet Sales Goal (last year + $1), and turn in money on time. The bonus commission provides an incentive for Units to push themselves to improve over their previous performance. In previous years, requirements for commission have been different (sometimes including recruitment, FOS, other Scouting things, etc). As a bonus commission, its designed to be a reward, not a penalty. The Council Popcorn committee decided to reward those units who increase over last year. Please note that this increase is not a percentage larger units dont need to sell thousands more than they did last year, just $1." My Comments: I am glad that it is a dollar amount and not a percentage. I guess I am wondering if it has always been 27% and not 30%? My impression was that it was 30% last year. Where would one get this information? Is the Council allowed to change the base amount provided to the units? Wouldn't that be mandated by National? This gets frustrating. We ran into similar "issues" with the increase in our FOS goal last year. I don't mind helping raise money for the Council and helping support the Council camp. I don't mind doing my best and trying to improve. I really dislike being jerked around. Guess I am getting old and crabby.