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  1. Cause it would be "helpful, friendly, courteous, kind" to people in your area who would also like to enjoy the outdoors.
  2. I run a web site called Backcountry Secrets (http://www.backcountrysecrets.com). The idea of the site is to get people to share points of places to hike, bike, canoe, swim, etc. The problem I am running into is that everyone who visits the site only consumes, no one shares. I have considered doing competitions for prizes. For example person with the most submitted points over a specified time wins something. I've also considered doing something like, "Next 20 people to submit 50 points gets a $25 Applebee's gift card." Do you have any suggestions for me as to a campaign
  3. I've been watching equipment for the last little while to see when good sales really happen. It seems to coincide with the times that shops ARE NOT advertising. They always seem to advertise heavy before holidays, but yet the prices always seem to fall pretty well right after the holidays. Anyways, that's my two-cents on it. (Find and Share places to camp, hike, bike and more http://www.backcountrysecrets.com)(This message has been edited by Mapper)
  4. Well the campout was a TON of fun. Even though it was cold outside we really enjoyed it. The coldest it got outside was 7 degrees, but inside the tipi it was 43 degrees when we checked the thermometer at about 11:00 PM. The scouts didn't want to leave until it became lunch time and they realized we didn't pack lunch. (Falls right in line with the add-on to the scout law, "A scout is always hungry") The tents weren't even that bad. We were only in there to sleep and my sleeping bag and pad worked great. insanescouter I have some pictures, but I'm new here. Is there somewhere to
  5. Thanks to everyone who has provided me with great feedback. This has always been a question of mine and now I know the answer.
  6. When I was 14 I remember being called out for membership in the OA. I remember I was supposed to go on a campout a few months later to learn more about the OA, but the campout was cancelled and never held again to my knowledge. I am 27 now and am wondering if I am truly a member of the OA, or since I never did the campout part am I not?
  7. It's been nearly 10 years since I was a scout. This weekend I volunteered to go camping with the local troop. It's supposed to be about 3 degrees Friday night so it should be a cold one. We are headed to a local tree farm. Luckily we have a tipi to hang out in most of the night. A local company called Backcountry Secrets is letting the scouts use it ( www.BackcountrySecrets.com ). The scouts will be sleeping in the tipi where it should stay about 40-50 degrees. As for me and their leader, we'll be in a tent nearby hopefully not freezing to death. I'm excited for this trip, a
  8. Hello world, I'm new to this site, as of today. I would love to be in scouting, but right now I have another calling. My brother was just made scout master of a California troop near Bakersfield. He is having troubles finding places to camp. We are originally from Idaho and know of many great places around here. (If you need places in Eastern Idaho, check www.BackcountrySecrets.com.) I told him I'd see if I could drum some spots up online. I am curious if any of the rest of you have had similar problems? Also, if you know any good places near Bakersfield, please let me
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