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  1. Basement, are you seriously suggesting that if someone even disagrees with the BSA they get kicked out?
  2. As an Eagle, I applaud them for their courage. But while agreeing with their stance, I personally would not send my badge back. Especially with the little impact it will have on their decision. It seems to me an idealistic but pointless gesture. I feel the media has gotten all over this and tries to demonize the Eagles that haven't sent theirs back yet. I realized early on in this that if I quit every group that I am in that I have political disagreements with, I wouldn't have a church, country, family or friends. Just my take. What is yours?
  3. You guys make excellent points. and it seems to be systematic. Whether they get their Eagle at 15-17 the result is still the same. I was wondering how often Troops manage to hold onto their Eagles, and I seem to have the answer.
  4. Besides Eagle Palms, what ways are there to continue Eagle Scouts to stay and contribute back to the Troop? Or should they? I seem to be one of the few Eagle Scouts in my town who actually continue with the Troop into adulthood. Is it better to just let them walk than try to keep them on? I was wondering what some of the wise men here thought. Sentinel.
  5. Dean, it sounds like your troop has had some tough times. Continue to support the Scoutmaster, show solidarity with him in public and disagree with him in private. He needs every bit of help he can get. Culture changes with the Boy Leadership will take patience and a few years, unless you get an exceptionally mature Boy in top leadership very soon. I highly urge you, assuming you have the time, to get trained and become an ASM yourself. I hope your Boy enjoys Scouting and sticks with the program. Best of luck, Sentinel
  6. I think this debate has ended personally. I don't think ANYBODY on this forum can offer a new viewpoint, and it's getting to the point where people are getting personally insulted over things. There isn't anything to be gained by continuing this debate. Perhaps in a few years when the new guys take over, we should have this conversation again, until then, we'd be better off using our time, energy and passion more constructively. Yours in Scouting, Sentinel
  7. Haha. All valid points you raise. We have a few adult leaders who have sons in our Troop and some of the local cub packs who spend a majority of their time with the cubs. Certainly that Troop to Pack support dynamic would be very helpful. As for recruiting non Cubs, how would you recommend going about that?
  8. Howarthe: in the Boy Scouts, trying to bring Cub Scouts to your troop, nothing helps better to bring Cub Scouts to your troop then having a Den Chief in the Webelos den. Your comment seems in line with recruiting new boys to Cubs, and from that angle, non of my advice would be very helpful, since I havn't been involved with Cubs for about 7 years now.
  9. I think the differences help the uniqueness of the program. Furthermore, why fix something that isn't broken?
  10. A great American hero, regardless of her orientation. God Bless her.
  11. I would say "Not all members agree with the policy, and we do what we do to help our young men become the leaders we need for tomorrows world. Thank you."
  12. With Boy Scout troop recruiting the best tactics IMO are: Den Chiefs Invite Webelos 1/2 to go camping with the troop in the fall before they cross over. Den Chiefs Send an adult leader to some cub meetings during the winter. Den Chiefs Did I mention, Den Chiefs?
  13. I support Homosexuals in the BSA simply because I believe my faith governs my actions, and that is all. I respect those who are further to the right of me on the spectrum who hold to their religious beliefs and support the ban. I hold those on the left who do not support the ban in just as high regard. It has been hard for me personally to endure the constant coverage of this, the hateful comments, and the probing remarks of people who know me, and know of my strong connection to the BSA. I think and hope eventually like everything else, this issue will be settled in the marketplace of ideas. Not by heavy handed government intrusion. I think this debate has gotten a little too heated for many of the members involved, and we should perhaps let these threads die down. There has been plenty of eloquent statements, and clever arguments, but at the end of the day, few people here are going to change their opinions, and this thread is starting to mirror our Presidential race. Just my two cents on the subject. God bless the BSA.
  14. Thank you. I'm majoring in Political Science, so I can appreciate a debate on politics, ethics and morality and delight in the subjects, but I was surprised that Scouting topics are receiving such little love in comparison.
  15. Not trying to start anything, but why is this sub forum ridiculously more active than the rest of the sub forums on this website?
  16. Blanc, my troop has it's info and point of contact on there. I was just commenting on my area in general. But it's nice to see all the troops around.
  17. lots of troops in my area that say "Contact the council for info" that's kind of a downer.
  18. I personally wear whatever I've earned to wear or should wear. That means my Eagle knot and my religious award, my Triple Crown dangly thing and my OA lodge flap. I wasn't under the impression that those things were mandatory, I'm sure they aren't. As an Adult, if we show pride in our uniforms, the Boys will show pride in theirs. Besides, one can learn alot about a guy from his uniform if everything is in place.
  19. What do you guys think about it? What kind of working relationship does your Scoutmasters and SPL have in your troop? How active a role does your Scoutmaster have in dealing with the SPL? Does he wait for the SPL to come to him for help, or does he jump in and give advice? What kind of style is appropriate for working with the Senior Leaders? Does the Scoutmaster treat the SPL like his worker? Or is more of a coaching, mentoring deal? What role does ASM's have to play with working with the (A)SPL's? What methods do we have if we disagree with how the (A)SPL's are being coached? Thanks in advance, Sentinel
  20. I have a very strong supporter of allowing homosexuals into the BSA. However, probably 90% of the ones who want to be in the BSA, already are. Not a real statistic, just my estimation. While an issue, We've allowed the Media to explode it out of proportion. When the AT&T guy takes over, I think things will start to move in the direction of inclusion. To ensure it's Future, the BSA needs to get stronger in the inner cities, and with African Americans, Hispanics, and Asians. In my Eagle Scout class, the overwhelming number of Boys were white and from the suburbs surrounding Cincinnati. (I'm in Dan Beard Council). Cincinnati has a diverse population that is not be reflected in it's Troop Memberships or Eagle Scouts. I don't support allowing Atheists into the BSA at any Point. When they start allowing Priests to head American Atheist Society, we can talk. As for Girls? Why bring them into the BSA? The Girl Scouts is a fine program, and for Girls who want more Outdoorsy stuff, We have Venturing specifically for that purpose. That being said, If the BSA brings in Athiests, Homosexuals, and Girls, I will still continue in such an organization, because development of Youth is important, regardless of who they are or what they believe in terms of creed.... or lack of.
  21. If you cannot convince your Charter Organization to clean house, then I suggest you find a new place where your experience and talents are appreciated and utilized. A couple of my opinions if you don't mind: Committees role is to finance the troop, and to generally do background work in support of the program. Scoutmasters and Assistant Scoutmasters determine Program, because they are actually in the trenches working that program. Committee members rarely will have the knowledge of the situations on the ground in a troop, and in my opinion, should stay out. If they want to have a part in determining the program, they need to move positions. As for a parent who thinks the Scout Oath and Law is words. I don't even know what I'd say to that. The words I'd like to say to them are prohibited by that law, the words I'd say would not be kind, courteous, friendly, and certainly wouldn't be clean. Recruiting effectively is a function of Boy Leaders (Den Chiefs) and the Scoutmasters. You really do not need any committee assistance to recruit, unless you feel like you need the extra manpower. However, I'd have a hard time with bringing in Boys into a Troop where the Adults are so divided. Now for a question of my own. Do your Scouts know that the committee is politiking and in division? Do they know that adult members of your Troop are acting like children? ALWAYS expect your Boys to know more about the adult side of things than they should. How can we expect our Boys on our PLC's to work together if the adults don't set a good example in their work? (This message has been edited by Sentinel947)
  22. Snug. It sounds like a perfectly acceptable service project. As long as it doesn't conflict with BSA fundraising rules Blancmange mentioned. I think it does though. Even if it doesn't meet the fundraising rule, you have a remarkable child in your troop who can conceive a fundraiser like that. Furthermore, Star and Life Service Work does not have all the rules an Eagle Project has. For example Star and Life Service hours can be done for a BSA camp. An Eagle Project cannot be.
  23. Uniformity encourages pride. However a traditional BSA Dress Uniform. Khaki shirt, kerchief,slide, pants, socks, belt.ect. Are a wonderful goal if kids can afford it. I believe a full dress uniform tells a wonderful story about a Scout(er) that a Troop T shirt cannot. However. Uniforming is subject to financial constraints and the BSAs uniform code allows for that. To close my windbagging, its up to unit choice as to what "Full Uniform" is. The BSA would LIKE full "Class A" uniforms but doesn't require it.(This message has been edited by Sentinel947)
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