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  1. Having been at summer camp for 7-8 years now, I think I can throw my .02c in. First and foremost, have a staff that is trained in the MB they are going to teach. Have a syllabus for 4-5 days, and use it. I had scouts dismissed on day 1, supposedly complete on an Eagle required badge. This is unacceptable. Decent food, in sufficient quantity. One camp we were at was starvation rations. Will never go back. We ended up going into town for food, and providing a 4th meal in our campsite. Have a staff that is excited, fun, helpful, and friendly. Snooty, aloof staff doesn't cut
  2. Simple. If we don't have enough seats to get us all there, we don't go. (this has never happened). We're not going to pick and choose who doesn't get to go. We've had parents drive, drop off and go home, to return on Sunday to pick up the boys. In addition, before they join our troop, we let them know that we expect them to help with driving at least twice a year.
  3. Interesting take. My troop has a similar situation; we camp 10x per year, summer camp, etc. The way the JTE is written, we have to improve or grow. We've already grown, fast, in the past three years, and we can't add months to the year to camp more. Have you formed election teams to hit every troop? It's a bit late, but perhaps you can get to the troops that didn't hold elections. The SM is the individual that decides if a scout is ready or not. Go for it. Do your best. Don't let anyone say you didn't get there for want of effort.
  4. The other side of this issue is the leaders. While one just commented that a Scoutmaster may have a calling, and many, if not most do, I can tell you that many if not most ASM's do not share the same enthusiasm or calling (from what I've seen). I had more than one tell me that they didn't sign up to be a social worker for a sociopath. I can't blame them. You can lose as many leaders as scouts, if a toxic scout is allowed to run HIS program.
  5. I'm on the outside on this one. The instructors took the gear without permission (QM's fault?) because the patrols hadn't secured their gear locker? (QM's job? ) No, that would fall to the PL or PQM. If the patrols don't care enough about assigned gear to take care of it, then they should do without it. Let them provide their own gear, unless and until they show responsibility for caring for it. Often I've seen the QM made the scapegoat for cleaning, drying etc. the gear. It is his responsibility to see that it is functional, ready for use, and to make requests of the committee
  6. I had a similar situation a few years back. Discussions with the one involved parent were to no avail. The solution was to require that the dad to attend each event with his son. No exceptions. Even then, the boy was a menace, and I ended up giving him the boot. I took my case to the SE, and he advised me how to proceed. It was a long process, over a year. In hindsight, too long. I should have been more decisive, sooner. Afterwards, a half dozen parents told me they were on the verge of transferring their sons because of this one boy. Don't sacrifice the unit for the one.
  7. "I'd suggest yeh start by havin' your SPL or PLC go over the roster each year at recharter time and tellin' yeh who should be dropped from the roster because they haven't met their commitment or duty to the program as an active member. Adults too" Really, you would do this? And I guess you have, since you suggested it. How did that work out for your unit? What did you tell the parents of the scouts deemed "not worthy"? Sounds like a Star Chamber to me.
  8. "A Scout who doesn't camp isn't a Scout. " Sorry, but I disagree. One of the finest Eagle scouts from my troop, who is now a minister in Atlanta, a missionary for two years, an excellent Troop Guide, did not like to camp. He Eagled with the minimum number of nights camping. He participated in every camporee the troop attended. This scout learned and lived the scout oath and law. And he did it without a sheath knife or a cotton Coleman sleeping bag. His younger brother may join us next year, and I am looking forward to that.
  9. "Over the 4 years he never once did any of the following activities with the new troop: camping, scout camp, day trips, service projects including Eagle projects other than his own." Show me this requirement, please. "Additionally, he attended less than 30% of the troop's meetings in those 4 years." Show me a percentage attendance requirement. "As a final chance to make up for his lack of participation," Whose definition of participation? Not the official definition. " his scoutmasters met with him several times in the year before his 18th birthday and asked that
  10. This has already been answered, but what requirements did this hypothetical scout not meet? There are no % attendance requirements. You can not add any. If this scout is to be believed, he seems to be a well rounded young man. I would not want to be the Scoutmaster and EBOR that gets overturned at National if he was held back.
  11. My troop makes an effort to have "outsiders" sit on our BOR's. They have a different take on things and can often ask good questions. We are proud of our program and want others to see it. We don't view "outsiders" as a bad thing. We are not cloistered and want our scouts to be able to speak and converse with adults of all positions. This is a great opportunity to do this.
  12. I wonder if it's cruel to award a boy First Class in 8 months from joining, because HE went on ALL the campouts and did ALL the things the other boys COULD have done but chose not to. Just posing the question.
  13. Oak Tree has a good run down. What you must have, IMHO, is a SM and CC/COR that share the same vision for what the unit should be. Failing that, you will always struggle.
  14. I think the point about the Advancement Committee member is true. As SM I try to make a loud point at committee meetings that the paper, ink jet cartridges, etc. all need to be repaid promptly. It is not a small thing to have to run down to the store and drop $130.00 on paper and ink for all the paperwork that has to be done now. I think if you can keep one for three years you've done well. Treasurer; needs to be done by a competent person. Find an interested lady (or man) that wants to help but doesn't like to camp. They can make a real contribution to the unit here. Ou
  15. Not only do I discourage them, the troop no longer will pay for a special ordered patrol patch. After $90 for a dozen last year, no more! If they want them, they can pay for them!
  16. Also good for corroding the contacts. That's hard to do otherwise.
  17. Some boys re trouble and need scouts. The issue becomes when you start losing other scouts because of the one you are trying to save. Been there. Because of this we have 4 pages of how we handle it. The meeting between parents and leaders must happen before he comes back. Sliding scale, the parent attends all events , suspension, up to ejection. Have a sentence which allows ejection without warning, if the action was intentional, premeditated, and injurious. Yes, been there. Deal with it, strongly, or your inaction will reward you with greater trouble.
  18. Engineer 61 says a truth that often is treated as the elephant in the room. Some boys are there ONLY because mom or dad says so. They are the reluctant scouts that, IMHO bring down the entire troop, in spiriit, in attitude, in percentages. Sometimes I think everyone would be better off if they just left. But I can't verbalized that.
  19. Yes, I need to double down on the super lightweight stuff. Have some, but not all, yet. I like my camp comforts, what can I say. I will track down these suggestions and see what develops. Some of these names I've not heard of, so that is a good thing. Thanks, all.
  20. Former SM did fruit basket turnover every six months. That was the first thing I changed. Allowed the bioys to move one last time, and that was it. (they could move if they wanted to, but none never did) NSPs that lose scouts over time are merged with legacy patrols. They choose, with leadership suggestion and help. (personalities and all).... It's working for us.
  21. 5'11" @200# 10-1/2 eeee or eeeee Try to tote less than 45#, but that's hard, usually 50#. Standard wooded trail hiking, 3 aeason. I prefer a light weight 8" boot. I've got Red Wing work boots, in insulated, steel toe, but they are NOT for hiking, I'll tell you. I have the New Balance Eeeeee tennis shoe, and it is ok for work. The smooth tread makes it a no go for any trail or wet activity. Merrill XW is to narrow for me. Prevost may have a trail runner that might fit, in EEEE. I'm going to give it a try, for the price it's cheap. I'll look at Asolo.
  22. I am on what appears to be a pointless quest; Good boots, hopefully light weight, that fit. I have a foot shaped like a concrete block. Quad E, or EEEEE depending on the last. Who makes such a boot? Thanks,
  23. I had three sscouts on two trees, and in the middle of the night the middle scouts' cheapo aluminum crab let loose, and there was a mighty "thud" and a groan. The bottom scout was smothered under the middle guy, (thankfully the smallest of the three). They laugh about it now, but it hurt then!
  24. Careful with that hammock. Use a climbing carabiner, or you might end up in a pile on the ground like some of my scouts! Agreed, the headlamp is a game changer for me. And the super light weight jackets and rain gear. But the big thing for me is the waterproof shockproof cameras.
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