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  1. Can we get a dedicated forum as we had for the 2010 Jambo? I just returned from a two day trip to the site, and can tell you it's a beatutiful site. This will be a place the BSA can rightly be proud of. I'm really excited to be going to the first Jambo at this location.(This message has been edited by second class)
  2. I can't for the life of me see how anyone can look down their nose at a Cub Scout leader. If anyone earns their stripes, it's Cubbies. I've seen some old Eagle scouts do what you discribe, but it's rare. Knots, Woggles, chrome dangley things are the things that one another can know what you've done and where you've been without saying a word. I suppose it's one way of determining if you are "legit" or not. I have a couple of stripped shirts just to run undercover sometimes. There are a lot of un recognised leaders that I know of, because they have absentee COR's and CC's. That's
  3. Scouter, the engineer says the glass is twice as large as it needs to be.
  4. Our CO does a food drive and last time just came out and said if you wouldn't eat it, don't donate it. It was much blunter than that. However, with the risk of insulting your donors, it may just be better to toss the weird, out of date stuff before sending it on. Don't make a big deal out of it, but make it easier for the receiving food pantry.
  5. Could we have a show of hands of formers who have been to central Florida in July? I rest my case. lol
  6. In the thread of "how large is your unit", one person spoke of the large number of older scouts, and an adventurous program, which seemed to keep some parents at bay, given the large age disparity and the expensive program. So how is a troop to deal with this? Mine had the same problem, so after nearly shutting down the troop, we found something that works for us. Go find the moms of the scouts that dropped out of scouting because their son got "lost in the crowd". Develop a rapport with the super troop Scoutmasters. I can just about bet they would be glad to send you some of their b
  7. OGE, Fred, I appreciate the information, the link, and your outlook. Debating a position (either side) make defending a position easier, and more logical. The main point I was concerned with was if a handbook was required for the BOR. It has been proven to me that it is not. Thank you.
  8. Thanks OGE. You answered my question to Fred. On page 3, seventh paragraph, it states: "The scout must have competed all of his requirements for rank before the conference can take place." and "it is appropriate to review the scouts achievements and to discuss them without retesting. This may be the time to check his advancement record for the appropriate signatures." So, based on what I've read from these forum contributors, I am comfortable in my position that if I signed off his Scoutmaster's Conference, the Board of Review head should accept my word that the scout d
  9. Fred, it has always been my impression (and taught so by the previous SM) that it WAS the SM's job to verify the advancement items prior to the BOR. Not to "not believe" you, but can you point me to this in the Guide to Advancement?
  10. OGE, you forgot one- We need you to drive 5 boys one direction 3 hours, but you have to leave when the boys are dropped at the camping location. But be back ONTIME Sunday morning at 11:00 (if that's what the SPL said).
  11. New scout parents (non Cub Scout families), just like parents of Webelos that have bridged in need a soft touch to avoid the type of occurances that were detailed above. Some think the GSS is just a wet wool blanket over FUN, but I'd challenge you or them to list the fun stuff you CAN do within the guidelines. Some get hung up on one or the other things; I know someone who swears up and down that the BSA is a hollow shell, because of the supposed "no sheath knives" rule. (discouraged, I know). What's the harm I letting New Dad help Jr. set up his tent and share it? In a fe
  12. There is nothing in the regs that would you from wearing the fewer awards, to "uncluttered" your uniform. I think knots are important for another reason: they show your Chartering Organization that you care enough to go above the minimum to deliver the program. Knots are that acknowledgement. Wear them with pride.
  13. IMHO the only way a good program (and without drama) can be delivered is when the Committee Chair and the Scoutmaster share the same vision. If they don't, no good thing will result. If you can't discuss things frankly, openly, with honesty and mutual respect, there is no point in even considering the job of SM, and certainly not of ASM (all the work and none of the .... You fill in the blank). This troop sounds dysfunctional, and as ASM you'd have no power to change anything. As SM it sounds like you'd be in constant turmoil. Find somewhere else to give back.
  14. It all depends. Backpacking, certainly fewer is better. Camporee or car camping, all that want to, as long as they understand the rules. 1) only UNIFORMED leaders give direction to scouts. 2) Parents, leave the correction of your boy to others. (see note 1 above) 3) scouts do not enter the adult camping area. Period. (to much of "I don't like what my patrol is having for dinner, can I eat with you? "sure, son, we have plenty". NOT. 4) any adult can intervene to protect property and protect life/injury. These being stated, a 1:4 or 1:5 ratio is good. I don't get ratios of
  15. What I have observed is that scouts in the PLC limit themselves to what has been done before, where, and the like. They need to be pushed out of that rut with new ideas, from other scouts that have done different things. This is one of the reasons I like camporees. They provide a venue for scouts to mix with other scouts and share stories. I always try to invite the group next to us over for dessert and tall tales; everyone enjoys it.
  16. Thanks for all the replies. A teaching moment, indeed for some who read rules where none exist, except for tradition and we've always done it that way sort of rut. It never ceases to amaze me at how fast some attitudes about advancement change, when their kid is up and gone.
  17. Someone once told me that "Sometimes to pass the torch, you have to drop the torch". Do what you can to get the best 2 or 3 people trained up, as much as they'll do, then give them 6 months notice that you're outta there. There are fewer things that bother me than cub masters that stay on "for the boys" when the FATHERS of these same boys stand by and do little.
  18. We drink bug juice or water, period. No sodas, even when car camping. Why? They bust the food budget. Had a scout sneak a 4 pack of Red Bull one time. Not good. He was buzzing around camp like his hair was on fire, then crashed dead asleep right before supper. Woke up hours later, looking for food. We deal with it best by having a written patrol menu plan, shopping plan, and duty roster. These are reviewed by SM/ASM prior to shopping. Poor choices are discussed with the cook/patrol, along with suggestions for better tasting food. Had one reflection not too long ago, after such a
  19. As Lisabob said, the best recruiters are the scouts themselves. We have 1-4 scouts a year attend NYLT on their dime. Some attend NYLT over summer camp, due to cost. OA has its draw, but the part about "serving your unit first" is lost on many an adult and scout involved in OA. Something about two masters, I think? We have a fellowship weekend once a year for the fun time (and work projects are still available for those that choose to work). The best recruiters for Sea Base or Boundary Waters is a talk from two friends that attended. They'll have the entire troop talked into
  20. Especially those pesky Romans with SHEATH knives!
  21. So a scout presents himself ready for this Board of Review, sharp in uniform and sash. However, he's lost his handbook. Nowhere to be found. Hasn't scanned or xeroxed the advancement pages as we've requested many times. What does your Troop do in a situation like this? Hold the BOR without the book? Send him off to look for his book? What does the BOR do if he can't find the book? Is it reasonable to tell the scout to start over on rand advancement he can't prove he did?
  22. Yes, and it's a good idea. Younger me with good knees and strong backs are what a lot of troops need to help lead a few patrols into the backcountry. I had one go recently. Jump on it, it's great fun.
  23. Have you looked into the American Heritage Girls? the BSA signed a working agreement with them last year I believe. There is a growing number of these groups in my area.
  24. Well, when the majority isn't here for the boys, then it'll be time to roll up my tent. Until then, I'm willing to listen, learn, share and hopefully make a better program.
  25. With the discussions of huge amounts of money disappearing, and troops with less than $500 dollars, what is your "amount per boy" that you budget for each year? In our budget, a new scout pays 1/2 price dues for the first year, and we give them back 95% of that in the first week in neckerchiefs, handbook, slide, patches, etc. Our costs "per scout" run about $100 per year, and that is with us subsidizing some of the gas/transportation costs. We have little remaining at the end of the year in carryover. We don't have camperships nor do we pay for NYLT or Wood Badge. We try to k
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