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  1. "I don't care a fig whether a Scout wears uniform or not so long as his heart is in his work and he carries out the Scout Law." Oldisnewagain1, can you point me to that reference? Thanks, second class
  2. Our pitch is 1) would you like to help support Boy Scouts The cost supports our council district and unit bla bla bla three bags full... Then 2) would you consider a donation to our troops, 3) if you can't do either of those, can you make a contribution to our unit.
  3. >>>>>The council camp just built a new cabin last year for use in summer by staff, but available to troops in the off-season. (Please be sitting down if you're reading this) It has ELECTRIC heat, RUNNING WATER, and OUTLETS at every bunk for charging the toys. I looked a member of the camping committee square in the eye and said "Are you s*****g me??"
  4. Years ago we were told the council next to us had the money but we had the boys. A marriage made in heaven. Not so fast. Now we're the side with the boys and support the entire council. Worked out well for them..... If there is no readily apparent need for your group to merge, rebuff them at every opportunity.
  5. As a SM, who almost had to fold a troop, then two years at 24-32 boys, to now 55+, each level has its own problems, worries and strengths. Someone here said "Quantity has a quality of its own". That is true, to a point. The perfect size is what the SM/CC/ASM's are willing to commit to.
  6. With 132 boys, you need to have 20 ASM'S and a full committee three deep. When you take a new boy, you hand his dad and mom the adult application and tell them it's a package deal, three for the price of one. You should go put hands on the dads and moms that are too busy to help (read, would rather be golfing, etc.) and tell them they are needed. Put these expectations on page one of your parents guide/troop bylaws book. IMHO, you need to be much more demanding of your scouts parents. It's their kid, afterall.
  7. My troop camps monthly. We provide the opportunity for a motivated scout to advance. We generally get new scouts to First Class in less than 2 years. I would have to do some research to see what our average time to 1st is. I had a boy do it in 11 months. A few years later, I had a boy do it in 8 months. And he did I it well. Never missed an event or meeting. Driven. But 5 months? I don't see it myself, but I suppose it is possible. Racing through the ranks does nothing for experiential learning. In that survey that was talked about last week, one of the stateme
  8. Agreed, $20 more, no biggie. But $15 to $40 , that would have been a big deal. Glad we got that straight and quick!
  9. A Cub Scout leader friend said fees are going to $40.00/year. Anybody else heard about an increase?
  10. Without using too broad a brush, a number of my (local) transfer scouts have been laden with "issues" . Twice we have had scouts join us, then immediately ask for a BOR. Since the second time of this happening, I have taken to slow walking new applications now. I / we sent one scout away, as he was midway through his Eagle project and got cross ways with his Scoutmaster. I have really felt abused by these scouts transferring to us, then asking for a BOR. It's like they have messed their bed and want to move down the hall. As for the Life scout, he was told we'd take him
  11. There is the Safe Driving pledge, that drivers are able to use as a good starting point. I'm all for training. I've got about all you can have. But at what point in time are we going to substitute a training requirement for common sense? I know what Ben Franklin said, but still. They walk among us. FYI, Sailingpj, in Alabama the boating licensing requirements are just as stiff as the auto testing is. And the DUI enforcement is the same, too. Drunk boating will cost you just as much as drunk driving.
  12. We have a mix of 2 man and we have 2 four man tents. I like to sleep when we camp. 4 boys to a tent makes that more difficult, and harder to get them out of the sack the next day.
  13. Well, some positions are elected,but many are appointed by the SPL, and the PL's appoint their APL's. I have found that it is much better to have a young, partially trained/experienced SPL that WANTS the job, than it is to have a 17 year old Life scout that would rather be on a date, or the football game, or the lacrosse field, or, well, you get the idea. So go with enthusiasm. You can always train them, but you can't provide them enthusiasm. They have to come with that.
  14. Good for the SM and ASM in helping facilitate their boys advancement. That's what they should be doing. They should also do so with the knowledge and support of the AC. Even if the AC isn't present, s/he should be informed of what is going to happen, or at least, what has happened. Ground rules for BOR's on campouts would help in the future. This is no reason to resign. Mistakes get made. Acknowledge them and move on. Strive to have a drama free troop. Don't participate in it. Gossip less. Shushh those that do. Be understanding and supportive. Praise more.
  15. "She also asked me if I wanted to be in the Leader survey list." I've been on that list for at least two years, and haven't seen or heard a thing from them. HELLO? HELLO? ANYBODY THERE?
  16. "As a Commissioner, would you honor the request to not contact anyone in the unit besides the CM? Knowing full well that there may be boys or families who want to attend other events, but will otherwise never get the information? " I would be greatly offended if a Commissioner was out soliciting my unit without my knowledge, my request and MY APPROVAL. Way, way, way over the line, IMHO. Where in the book is that a responsibility of a Commissioner? I may have overlooked it. Families may opt-in for emails and news. Put a flyer in the scout shop advertising that, if there isn't one
  17. The PLC chooses the activities in June. They decide if they are location specific, (I.E. we want to hike Shiloh NBP) or if they are location neutral (I.E. we want to do a wilderness backpack trek), choose the time of year they want to do that activity, and start plugging it into a calendar. This year we planned 3 years out, with Jambo in 2013, out of council summer camp in 2013, and Philmont in 2014. These events helped to drive an increase in hiking/backpacking for next year. Adults choose the dates, but not the events. There are too many things to consider; 6 school systems, 3
  18. Another solution in search of a problem. This form is cluttered and difficult to read. This is what happens when you have too much staff; they create change to justify their existence.
  19. Let the PLC decide.......... Wasn't that the refrain last week? There seems to be a disconnect on some issues..... Just a few days ago there was three pages on if they had to wear a uniform. I'm not going to get rolled up if a scout tucks it, sticks it under, or over. I'm glad he has it on!
  20. "You got it backwards. Field Uniform is the tan and green (Boy Scouts and Webelos using BS option), all blue (all Cubs including Webelos), and green and grey (Venturing). " I plead brain cramp. Perhaps this is why so many use the terms Class A and B!
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