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  1. Dear Fellow Arrowmen, I was recently elected lodge chief in my lodge, and predecesor and I have been reviewing the requirements for Journey to Excellence for the lodge. We meet many of the requirements for the highest level, except for one: obtain positive growth in the lodge. Our lodge is contracting, but only slightly. It's disappointing. I object to this requirement for two reasons: 1.) it is not something the lodge can control. We don't control the number of Scouts entering the Order; 2.) It would be against the principles of the Order to admit people who are not yet ready. In order to obtain Journey to Excellence, a lodge should be pushing electing as many new members as possible. I, quite frankly, believe that's wrong. I recognize that Scouting and the Order are falling out of relevance in society and becoming smaller, but do we really need to sacrifice our ideals and principles to save it? If so, I want no active part anymore. I feel I have two options, since we can't fix this problem. One would be to let the lodge not earn Journey to Excellence. That would be extremely disappointing, as we have earned Quality Lodge for as long as we the Vigils can remember. To not earn Journey to Excellence would maar the record - and I don't want my time as Lodge Chief being remembered for that. My second option is much more drastic - I want to write to Nationals my objections for this requirement, possibly with a petition of Arrowmen from the Lodge. What do you think I should do? Thanks, Joe