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  1. As others have said, the CUB LEVEL a boy is in is determined by his age, and/or, grade. All Cub Scout activity (including rank AWARD requirements) is AGE appropriate. If a Cub is held back, or advanced, a grade in school, it is up to his parents, and den leaders, to come to a decision on what is best for the boy in Cub Scouts. A lot depends on the Scout's maturity. BSA recommends keeping the Scout with his current, age consistent, den mates. However, the final decision is up to the parents.
  2. Cub Scouts - Boy Scouts - Two different programs.
  3. I could not find any "Webelos Fact Sheets". However, what I did find was the Webelos Handbook. In the front of the Webelos Handbook is the "Webelos Scout Parent Guide". On pages 10-11 (in 2008 printing) is the section titled - "The Webelos Experience" which includes a bullet pointed list of the ways the Webelos program is different from the other Cub programs. This includes information on who signs off on a Webelos work.
  4. Sorry - Not possible. Your BSA Council has no say in how a den is run financially. They can NOT dictate what can, or can not, be charged in dues at the Pack, or den, levels. BSA units (Pack/Troop/Team/Crew/Ship) are OWNED by their Chartering Organizations (CO). The CO agrees to use the BSA program, but their financials are their own. Bottom line - how would a council ever know what a Pack is charging for it's dues, much less a den? Just silly.
  5. We do a Halloween Foodraiser, collect at Thanksgiving, and participate in the Council Scouting for Food in May.
  6. I never understood the big "controversy". It is simple - Cubs can not earn awards for past, or future, levels. They earn the pin for the level they are IN. A boy who graduates from kindergarten, and joins a Pack that June is a Tiger Cub Scout. If his Pack earns the Pack Summertime Award Streamer, and he attends a Pack activity in June, July, and August, he would earn his Tiger Summertime Award pin. That Tiger Scout becomes a Wolf Cub Scout on the following June 1. He would then be eligible to earn his Wolf Summertime Award pin for activities attended that summer, as a Wolf Cub S
  7. You have control over membership in your unit only. Your council has control over the boy's membership in BSA. Report the physical violence (as per youth protection rules), and other actions, to your Council SE. It is up to them to take it from there.
  8. What is your Charter Organization (CO)? Who is the head of that CO (Charter Organization)? Are they at all involved/interested in the operation of their Pack? I suggest you talk to the head (IH-Institutional Head) of your CO. Tell him/her what is going on, and invite him to the meeting. If you can get the IH on your side, the IH trumps the COR/CC. I will be REALLY surprised if your DE shows up. They might, possibly, send your District Commissioner instead. Either way, if your CO/IH wants you gone there is nothing you, or the DE, or the parents, can do about it. Note - There MUST
  9. No Pack sign-in for Pack meetings. Keeping track of who attends is up to the den leader. The den leader then includes that on their award list for the next month. We award segment patches to the Scouts for attending the Pack meeting that are in the theme of the meeting.
  10. So, I take it that if you were a merit badge counselor you would have no problem with putting your email address out there for the ENTIRE WORLD to see, and send junk mail and/or porn to? Merit badge counselors CAN be contacted. It is up to the District/Council Advancement Committee to keep a list of current counselors. Some will publish it openly on their District/Council website. Some have a "locked" space on the website that only folks with the correct code can access. Some only have hard copies that can only be gotten from the Council offices by the unit leader (Scoutmaster). I su
  11. How do the taxes on these grants work? Since your unit is owned by your CO, are the grants in your CO's name?
  12. Even if you go with the green numbers on the Webelos shirt, you may still end up having to change them if the Webelos does not go to the Troop owned by the Pack's CO, or if the CO has two different unit numbers.
  13. For the Webelos requirements there is no -earn the pin INSTEAD of the loop. What is being said is to re-earn the loop (which ever loop), but for more interest, and because they are now 4-5th grade, to encourage/help them to go a bit further, and also earn the pin. For some loops (like baseball) it might be easier to accomplish both the loop, and pin. For others, not so much. It is all up to the boy how much time/effort they are willing to put in. Most will simply stop at re-earning the loop.
  14. First you do realize that B-P explicitly stated several times scouting is not the Military, right? Second, all for seeing someone develop a new award. But if your going to call out an organizations uniform standard as not high enough and then intend to implement "shoulder cords" in contradiction to those very standards I think your a hypocrite. I also need to observe that this program is about Knot tying, a skill so basic to scouting that not being able to tie them means one does not advance in rank and you think people should be given uniform decorations for that? Third, If you like
  15. NeverAnEagle - Again, that is a Charter Organization (CO) releasing their charter, on a BSA unit, including the unit number. The CO OWNS the unit.. If the unit folks want to split from the CO, that is their choice, and can be done. However - if the Co decides that it still wants that BSA unit (just without the dissident members) the CO can hold onto all unit funds, unit equipment, and the unit number, for use by IT'S unit. The CO holds the charter (permission from BSA National to have a BSA unit) - NOT the people, in the unit (including unit leaders or Committee members). At th
  16. My goodness. Your Troop seems to be lax on teaching the Scout Oath and Law also. Perhaps you should have them implement a new award where they stop you once a month, and have you prove you know what they are, what they mean, and that you actually do try to live by them. Unfortunately, from your comments here, you seem to be sorely lacking in the Courteous part, along with a few others. Young man, being on an internet board, and feeling that you are "immune" to consequences, does NOT excuse the above behavior. Especially on a Scout forum, from someone cla
  17. If a Scout is wearing a rank patch, you SHOULD EXPECT that he has completed all of the requirements to actually EARN that rank. If the Scouts in your unit are not earning their ranks, then yes, that is very sad. However creating more awards (that very possibly will also not be properly earned) is not the solution.
  18. Since it seems that you mean that you do not take Scouting, or at least BSA uniform standards, seriously at all, I have to wonder why you are a member of the organization.
  19. Actually, if he is motivated, he can earn BOTH his Webelos badge, and his AOL, in a minimum of 6 months (not nine). That would put him finished in March, 2014. If he turns 11 before then, all the better. He can join Boy Scouts when he turns 11 without having earned AOL..
  20. You state that parents will/can not attend Committee meetings because they have kids at home. Are all of your families single parent households? If not, one parent can stay home with the kids, and one can attend the meeting. When are your Committee meetings? Perhaps changing the time/place will make them more convenient for at least one parent per household to attend. Gotta say though, if you can't recruit some new Cubs, with parents that are committed to help the Pack "go", you are simply wasting your time beating a dead horse. I highly recommend telling folks that flat out at
  21. I never used Scout Track. The management program I used in our Pack was ScoutManage, so I have no idea what Scout Track calculates or how. However, I assume that there should be some kind of lock out process so that parents can not go in and back date stuff. You should also be able to access some kind of report that shows what was awarded, when. Look on the 'Net for a Scout Track support forum. You need to have a discussion with your committee, and Cubmaster. You need to nail down the particulars for your specific Pack. Such as, what awards are in the Pack budget, what awards you should b
  22. As long as it is promoted, and organized, by the Pack, of course it would count.
  23. You said you are the new Cubmaster, did they also get a new Committee Chair? The Committee Chair should be the one filling Committee Member positions.
  24. Actually the list of Cubmaster responsibilities at KDD's link is - exactly - the same as the list in the 2010 Cub Scouts Leader Book. The "norm" in most Packs is for the Cubmaster to work with Scouts and program and the Committee to work with administration. The "norm" is also that folks do what they have to do when/if there are not enough volunteers to go around. Wearing multiple hats is usually the "norm" in many Packs, but that does not make the additional duties official Cubmaster responsibilities. As I said above, a unit (any unit) works better when all of it's leaders work togeth
  25. Where does BSA state one of the Cubmaster's jobs is to "monitor" the den programs? In BSA's list of Cubmaster responsibilities (see KDD's link above), it states - - Plan and help carry out the Cub Scout program in the pack according to the policies of the BSA. This includes leading the monthly pack meeting, with the help of other leaders. - Work with the pack committee on program ideas - Guide and support den leaders It should not be necessary for a CM to "monitor" any den unless requested to do so by the den leaders, or because of some kind of major problem within a spe
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