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  1. Cradle of Liberty Council cost was $1,295, and included: Jambo fee, coach bus transportation, 2 Centennial uniform shirts, 2 Centennial uniform pants, 2 pair Scout socks, 1 web belt & buckle, 1 hat, 1 daypack, 1 duffle bag, 2 council t-shirts, 1 set Jambo shoulder loops, 2 JSPs, 2 Jambo troop patches, 2 world crests with Jambo circle patches, 2 Jambo participant patches, 2 patrol patches, 1 Jambo nameplate, 1 messkit, 1 waterbottle. Council also provided each Jambo troop with new tents, tables, dining flys, and cooking gear (stoves, pots/pans, cooking utensils). I have to admit bein
  2. scoutmomma, I'd be curious to see a written reference to the "hour of his birth" requirement. How would council even know what the hour of a Scout's birth is? Ask your contact to show you the requirement - always the safest policy when someone describes what seems like a very odd rule. I don't think I've ever seen any official rule that dealt with the hour of someone's birth. Regulations always deal with the date of birth. LOL. I've never seen such a written requirement either, and doubt it exists anywhere. This scout and his parent were making this case but that doesn't mean
  3. I was under the impression that the submission of the Eagle application was how the council would know that all requirements had been satisfactorily completed, thus the need for the "unavoidable paperwork." Otherwise, how would the council know that all had been completed prior to the Scout turning 18? My home council time-stamps when the application is turned in, for instance. Otherwise, why would they need to do that?
  4. My understanding has always been that the Eagle application with all paperwork and signatures must be turned in to the local council office by close of business the day before a Scout's 18th birthday. I just learned of a Scout making the case that said application is on time if turned in the day of his birthday but before the actual hour of his birth. Based on my prior understanding, he is mistaken. But if he is correct, I'd sure like to know.
  5. So there really was an appeal? In a word, yes.
  6. Personally, I am glad to hear this.
  7. For my son, it was High Noon. Sparked a very interesting conversation with his MB counselor about community involvement.
  8. If it helps, this is the theme that Cradle of Liberty Council has been using for a year. I have to admit that I was skeptical when COL rolled out this theme last year but since their membership numbers are up, National decided to use it too -- at least that's what they told us at Roundtable. You could take a look at the COL website at www.colbsa.org, or call the Council to ask about how they use the Words to Live By theme in Cub recruiting.
  9. I just got back a little while ago from our Troop's first Eagle Court of Honor in several years. Very nice ceremony, with several local dignitaries attending and many very nice letters and certificates from local and state officials, the Governor, our Congressman and one of our Senators. Afterward, all the Scouts in attendance lined up and, one by one, shook our new Eagle's hand. At the reception afterward, I pointed out to our new Eagle that there was an Eagle Scout Mentor pin with the presentation materials that he was entitled to give to an adult leader who he felt was very helpful
  10. While I really don't know how things are set up, but a lot of the areas that the BSA is involved in does to me seem to be for profit. I'm thinking of Scout Stuff and Boy's Life Magazine. These seem to me to for profit. They of course might be set up as so to not be part of the BSA. Having non-profit status does not mean that you're only allowed to break even. A non-profit with revenue excess to expenses generally will either plow it back into the program or else place it in a contigency fund or endowment.
  11. The Lama by Ogden Nash The one-l lama, He's a priest. The two-l llama, He's a beast. And I will bet A silk pajama There isn't any Three-l lllama.* *The author's attention has been called to a type of conflagration known as a three-alarmer. Pooh.
  12. My understanding is that the only decision that has been made is that Cradle of Liberty Council's executive committee has voted not to open Treasure Island for camping in 2009. Period. There has been no decision at this time about TI's long-term future, including selling it/keeping it/executing a conservation easement/etc. The camping committee has requested input, presumably for ideas about what to do next, and apparently will be making another report to the executive committee in the spring. I would hazard a guess that if CoL were to sell it, it would not be to a developer, as there
  13. Seems to me that only new uniform components and insignia should be worn on the new uniform and only old uniform components should be worn on the old uniform - but I could be wrong. Does anyone here know the official BSA position and where I can find documentation for that? The printed brochure from BSA that introduced the uniform states the following: "Loaded with pockets (some big enough to hold your Fieldbook), zippers, (converting pants to shorts), gadget loops and more, you'll want it all! However, each piece transitions to mix and match with your current uniform."
  14. As I've noted in the past, Cradle of Liberty is my home council, so I do have a stake in this. My son's troop was slated to go to TI for summer camp four summers ago (2004), when the first flood hit, and we ended up going to Ockanickon. Council rallied the troops, as it were, over the next year, raised money, and restored the camp in time to open for business the following summer (2005). Then the next flood hit, wiping out all that had been restored. Undaunted, Council repeated the process, raised even more money, and restored the camp again to open the following summer (2006). Unfortuna
  15. Lieberman may be a liberal... *choke* *splutter* Lieberman is a liberal....???
  16. My son picked "High Noon" and had quite a lively discussion with his MB counselor about it.
  17. Thanks to both elfdream and click23 for the added information. The conversion chart certainly does seem to reinforce what elfdream was told.
  18. OK, let me be clearer: the old uniform has sizing for men's pants and shorts and women's pants and shorts. Different sizing for men and women. The new uniform, so far as I can tell, has only "adult classic fit" and "adult relaxed fit" -- not men's and women's -- with an asterisk footnote: "All pants sizes are universal." So again, I ask, how is this universal sizing going to fit both men and women equally well in the hip/waist?
  19. I'd just like to know when they are going to put beltloops on the ladies' skirt. I'd still like to know how they figure "universal sizing" for adults is going to fit men and women equally well in the hip/waist.
  20. I'm from Cradle of Liberty Council too. Welcome aboard!
  21. If it's a partial and the Scout doesn't get all three parts, including the counselor section, then he wouldn't be able to complete it unless he went back to the same counselor. This would make it difficult for Scouts who come home from summer camp with partials. Anyhow, I was under the impression that the counselor only took the counselor section if the MB was completed.
  22. Cradle of Liberty Council has Resica Falls in the Poconos and Treasure Island, in the Delaware River, in Bucks County. Treasure Island is near Ockanickon, which is Bucks County Council's camp.
  23. Thanks for all the feedback -- it's very helpful. I think our SM is very much of a mind that the strenuousness of the activity is what makes it high adventure, which I think is why he seems to have a negative impression of SeaBase. EagleInKy said I agree that the sailing program is essentially a vacation. It's not a real "Scouty" activity. But, what's wrong with that? Our guys love Sea Base, and want to go every other year (with other high adventures in the off years). If it builds teamwork, positive memories of scouting, and keeps them engaged in the program, isn't that a good thin
  24. Here's a link from the Internet Wayback Machine: http://web.archive.org/web/20051218080426/http://www.pinewoodcars.com/history.html
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