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  1. The newer BSA wheels have definitely been a nice change, for the most part. Unfortunately, Revell has jumped in and has started producing wheels under a BSA license. These are made in China and the feedback that I have seen on these so far is not so good. It is like taking a step back to the older wheels. [rant] I understand trying to keep costs down, but BSA is an American organization and increasingly the stuff you buy from BSA is being made in China. It seems that they should make more effort to provide things made in USA. [/rant]
  2. There are some good suggestions here. I would like to throw out a couple of good resource websites that might help. Derby Talk - Forum for anything and everything relating to building the cars and running the races http://derbytalk.com GrandPrix Race Central - Ideas, information and resources for running the races http://grandprix-race-central.com
  3. Is this thread about how to slap together a Pinewood Derby Race at the last minute. No!!! Some recently resurrected old PWD threads on this forum and lots of personal experience dealing customers purchasing last minute race software from my company got me to thinking about that. Putting on a good race takes time and planning. Some packs may try to slap a race together at the last minute, but that often doesn't lead to good experience for the racers or their families. So many different types of problems can crop up and need some time to get resolved. It is better to start the ball
  4. We appreciate the feedback on the GrandPrix Race Manager software. Early on with the software we received lots of feedback from users that they wanted to run their race one way or the other and not be locked into a certain way. It definitely has been a balance trying to provide that flexibility but not making the software overly complex. As each new version has come out, we have been working on simplifying tasks and making things more intuitive but still giving our more advanced users more freedom to customize. However, the flexibility that the software provides does mean that users ne
  5. The user can do a Google search on this site, if they are having a problem with the site's search feature. site:scouter.com "Pinewood Derby" This will search the site for the phrase "Pinewood Derby".
  6. packsaddle, I'm not sure why you are bumping a bunch of old Pinewood Derby threads.
  7. @sbemis1: I used RaceView for a few years That company is no longer in business.
  8. @The Blancmange: Lots of options for scoring and brackets. To clarify, GrandPrix Race Manager does not support elimination brackets. The only form of elimination supported is if you wanted to run multiple rounds, but within each round everyone will race an equal number of times.
  9. These new wheels are starting to show up at more scout shops. Still, it is very hit and miss to find them. So far, people have only reported having found them in black and yellow and just in the wheel/axle sets, not in the car kits. Packs, districts and councils should take a look at their rules and see if there will be issues with these new wheels. The new wheels are significantly lighter, slightly smaller in diameter and have coned hubs.
  10. Here's some photos of the new wheels and axles http://derbytalk.com/images/gallery/wheels/NewBSA1.jpg http://derbytalk.com/images/gallery/wheels/NewBSA3.jpg http://derbytalk.com/images/gallery/wheels/NewBSA4.jpg http://derbytalk.com/images/gallery/wheels/NewBSA5.jpg Old axle (longer) next to new axle (shorter) http://derbytalk.com/images/gallery/wheels/BSAAxleComparison.jpg http://derbytalk.com/images/gallery/wheels/BSANewWheelDia.jpg http://derbytalk.com/images/gallery/wheels/BSAWheelPackaging.jpg http://derbytalk.com/images/gallery/wheels/BSAWheelPac
  11. I got an email from Pinewood Extreme, one of the online derby suppliers, about some forthcoming changes to the official Pinewood Derby kit. The statement from Pinewood Extreme is below (bad grammar and all). "BSA NATIONAL SUPPLY RELEASES ANOTHER VERSION OF THE "Offical Pinewood Derby" Wheel. The new wheel is changes everything. New Molds, New Internal Design, Lighter at 2.6grams, Smaller Diameter, Reduced and Tapered Hub. There is a new Axle nail too!" Personally, I think changes to the wheels and axles are well overdue. I think the amount of work required on them has disc
  12. ScoutMomSD - "I have been to Highlands Ranch, did a project with Centura years ago. Its a pretty sanitized version of Denver. Even the garage sale signs have to be pre-approved." Not sure where you got your info. No one I know needs to get a garage sale sign pre-approved. Highlands Ranch is like many areas, it appeals to some but not to others. Same can be said for SD ;-) I lived there for 16 years and would rather live here. HR has great schools, is close to everything, low low crime, four great rec centers to take advantage of, and property values are holding up pretty well (can't say t
  13. I am definitely in the camp with those that believe that once a car passes inspection, it should not then be later disqualified for something that should have been caught at inspection. That would be punishing the cub for the inspector's mistake. Instead, you make a note of that problem and address it for next year's race.
  14. Looks like we've got two topics thrown together here. First, on the Subaru commercial... Buffalo Skipper - "Looked like a BestTrack to me. I imagine they enjoyed the quiet plug." Actually, it was a Micro Wizard track and timer. I heard from the owner of MW that they had it all overnighted for the shoot. Shipping must have been rather costly! Hopefully, after they shot the commercial they donated the track and timer to some deserving group. On the uniforms, I have a feeling that Subaru didn't want to pay any licensing fees (especially to BSA), so they tried to make the boy's un
  15. Unless BSA has updated the little insert in the kits, I read the following: "Important: The Race Committe should decide on rules and race procedures, then have them printed and distributed to all participants at least two weeks before the race." The so called "Official BSA rules", consititue a small paragraph on the sheet included in the car kits. Many feel that these are quite insufficient, so they put out their own rules, which BSA looks to officially condone. I do agree that the sheet does not state a required spec for wheelbase. With a rather inexpensive tool (Pro Body To
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